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Cute little thing. Hoof worship isn't my thing but I liked their dynamic

Chastity isn't done nearly enough, i'd kill for more of it

Definitely need more stories with chastity devices. It's a shame that very little write about it... :fluttershysad:

We should try writing more of them!

This was very cute. :twilightsmile: so nice to see a denial couple that just loving and caring for each other. Hoping for more of this.

Peering over at Vinyl, she could see that there was a faint smile on her girlfriend’s face. Thank Celestia, she isn’t actually mad at me , Octavia thought. Seeing there was no cause for concern, Octavia decided to tease her girlfriend a little more. “What was that, dear?”

And it was this that turned the story from a hot one into an awesome one.

This kind of content is great. I think I would like to see you do some longer orgasm denial stories with trans mares.

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