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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 6: The road to Canterlot

Miss Nova!” Sweetie called as she trotted on up to me. Apple Bloom was with her as well. School had just let out, and I was about to go to the courthouse to see if my scheduled appointment to petition Princess Celestia was still on. The harvest was winding down, so they wouldn't be needing me out at the farm either. Which was just as well as I'd become weary of Granny's snarky little comments. Not that she wasn't a loving pony, she just had a tendency to say things without thinking about what she was actually saying.

Hi Sweetie, hi Bloom.”

Did you get your date yet for testing?” Sweetie asked. "I've already got my application and test dates."

I’m to go see Princess Celestia tomorrow. If they don’t change it again. "I've got my test date same as you, but it won't do me any good if I can't afford to go.”

A pony would think they’d set a date and stick with it.” Apple Bloom offered. “You nervous?”

Yes. Very.” I replied. “And not for the reasons you’re thinking. The thing is...”

There’s a good chance you won’t be coming back. Isn’t there?” Sweetie offered. “You’re just like Princess Cadenza, and Princess Celestia will likely take you in herself.”

I suppose there is that possibility,” I replied with a sheepish grin. “Maybe that’s why she’s interested in ponies like me.”

Well then...” Sweetie began as she fished a parcel out of her bag. “I made you a little something. It can either be a going to see Princess Celestia present or a going-away present.”

Thank you,” I say as I take hold of it with my magic.

Go on open it.” Sweetie Belle prompted as Dinky joined us.

So is tomorrow the day?” Scootaloo asked as she approached us.

I was just on my way to the courthouse to find out. If it is, this may be the last time I see every pony together.”

Well, go on, and open up the present.” Sweetie prompted.

I gave her a smile, and slowly ripped the paper off the parcel. Well, I had to build the suspense even though I’d a good idea that it was more than likely a clothing item.

Please let it not be socks,” I say in a teasing tone.

Oh hush you.” Sweetie chastised.

Ooo velvet,” I say as the plush material is revealed to the light. The sun revealed the true color to be a deep midnight blue. I slowly unfolded it to discover that she’d made me a hooded traveling cloak with a silver border accented with crescent moons and stars with my cutie mark embroidered on both sides, with a silver lining inside. I put it on and then hugged Sweetie.

Rarity helped,” Sweetie offered.

Thank you. You’re the best.” I say as I release her. “I predict that someday you will become a world-renowned fashion designer.”

Darling, of course, I will, how could I not?” Sweetie protested while mimicking her sister.

You’ll get in Celestia’s school. Both you and who knows, maybe we’ll see Scootaloo there too. Wouldn't that be something? And I bet you’ll even get your cutie marks at the same time.” I offered.

I know we will.” Apple Bloom replied with a hopeful tone. “The cutie marks that is. “No way I’m getting in any school in Canterlot. Short of teaching potions when I’m older.” She lowered her voice conspiratorially, I’m taking lessons from a Zebracan Witchdoctor who lives on the edge of the Ever free.”


The next morning, saddlebags on my back, and my new cloak on, I am both surprised and delighted to find the whole school, and quite a few of the Ponyville residents there to see me off. Holiday and Lofty were going too, and equally surprised. Granted that Holiday was simply on her way to work. In a few short weeks, I’d gone from the stranger who wandered into town, to the home town filly about to strike out on an adventure. OK, they weren’t all there to see me off. There were quite a few, who like Holiday, had no issue with taking the hour and a half long train ride to commute to work. For many, it was a simple matter of economics. Most of the ponies getting on the train were low wage earners and simply could not afford to live comfortably anywhere closer.

I gave and received farewell hugs, and boarded the train. Holiday, Lofty, and I found ourselves a bench which we shared in an open passenger coach. The benches were meant for no more than two, but I was little, and commuter class was crowded. Sitting snug between the two mares was fine by me. Even if it did bind up my wings a bit.

Hey, what’s a pretty little unicorn like you doing sitting with those old nags?” Asked a white unicorn colt who’d wandered down the aisle. He was a few years older than me, blond mane, and had the look of someone who thought they were better than everyone.

Slumming. What’s your excuse for riding coach?” I replied with a sarcastic air. Lofty and Holiday were staring daggers at him. “You can afford to ride better than coach, can’t you?”

We’re her nannies.” Lofty offered with a smirk. Neither Lofty nor Holiday were anywhere near what I’d call old. But then I did have something of a warped perspective. I was also pretty sure that if this colt knew I had wings he’d be looking down at me worse than he was Lofty and Holiday.

Hang on, is that a moon amulet?” He asked.

Mmm, yes. Why?”

Those are illegal, give it here!”

Now see here!” Holiday protested as the colt attempted to snatch away my amulet with his magic.

Wrong move butty.

The light went out, the car went dark… the sun was up, but the car went dark anyway. It was like we’d rolled into a big black cloud.

Thunder shook the coach.

Ha ha ha Mwa ha ha ha!!!”

Fiendish laughter filled the coach.

Moonie?” I whispered with delight as I clutched at my pendant.

I am Nightmare Moon!” Echoed the words of the Night Mare.

A mist formed in the isle and turned into none other than the Night Mare herself.

And I am here to punish a naughty colt!!!

The colt in question took one look, peed himself, and passed out.

Lightweight,” Moonie replied and vanished.

Everything was back as it was prior to the brat showing up.

The coach was deathly quiet for a moment, the moment broken by my laughter.

What just happened?” Holiday asked.

Anti theft spell!” I called out and went right back to laughing.

Anti theft spell?” Some pony nearby echoed softly and then started laughing himself. Our laughter leads to more laughter, and soon the whole car was laughing.

Here now, what’s all this then?” Called the conductor as he entered the car.

Sorry, you had to be here,” I replied.

"And who is this on the floor?" the conductor demanded.

"No idea came in her being all unreasonable," offered one of the other passengers.

"Threw a temper tantrum, and held his breath till he passed out," Offered another. To my surprise, everyone in the coach went along with it. The Conductor let out a sigh, and then went to get a porter, they returned a few moments later and the as of yet unnamed colt was removed, our tickets checked, and the trip continued on without any more rude interruptions unless I counted the porter who had to clean up after that colt.

First time on a train?” Lofty asked.

I guess I’d have to say yes. But then I’m thinking no, I think I’ve been on a train before, just not this one.” I replied. At least it’s the first time to Canterlot by train.

So, ah, you care to explain what happened?” Holiday asked.

Mom put an anti-theft spell on my pendant in case any pony ever tried to take it from me.” I offer.

Then you know who your mother is after all.” Lofty replied.

I’d had a number of lucid dreams in the past week where Luna came to me to teach me how to dream walk. At first, I thought they were just that. Dreams. After I heard other foals talking about nightmares they’d had, and how a dark mare of the night would come and drive the monsters away. I started to realize that they weren’t dreams and that Luna had access to the dream realm. The only problem was that her astral form never made any indication that she knew who I was.

It’s complicated,” I said quietly. “If we get to meet with Princess Celestia I may be able to explain better.”

Complicated.” Holiday said softly as I looked out the window.

The train soon left the valley floor of the Avalon river which flowed down out of the lonely mountain known as the Canterhorn. Higher and higher we climbed until Canterlot and the Celestial falls came into view. There before us climbed the towers of Canterlot and the ascending rings of the city. And then the train curved around behind a mountain, and we would not see the city again until the very last stretch of the line.

Far over the misty mountains cold,” I whispered. I knew that Canterlot city was but the tip of the iceberg of former Unicorn glory. I knew of the mines delved deep inside the mountain, and of the crystal caverns. As we approached the walls I could see banners and pennants flying on the wind.

Splendour was the city of Canterlot. Far greater than any memory or imagining of mine or artist.

Kind of takes your breath away doesn’t it?” Lofty offered.

It brings to mind tales of a similar lonely mountain rich in gold, and adorned in splendor. Such was the wealth and decadence of those who lived in the place that it attracted a great wyrm. A dragon of monstrous proportions who drove the inhabitants away and kept the wealth for its own hoard.” I offer as we slowly rolled into Canterlot terminal. “But then they didn’t have Princess Celestia.”

So what became of the dragon?” Lofty asked.

The children of the former inhabitants returned and killed the dragon to reclaim their ancestral home. But the wealth didn’t last long. Within a few generations, they’d squandered it all. But that was just a story.”

The train came to a stop, followed shortly by deboarding. Those in our car filed out slowly as they contemplated everything they’d seen and heard on the way. I stepped down from our coach and marveled at the splendor.

A pony could fit the entire palace of the sisters in this place,” I said in awe. My reverie is broken by the sound of a familiar colt insisting he’d seen Nightmare Moon. No pony was going to back him up, and it ended up making him look crazy. “Come on, let's get out of here,” I say on hearing some pony calling him young Lord Prince Blueblood. I pull my hood over my head. The train trip has left me weary. Perhaps it’s the inactivity of sitting so long crammed between two ponies.

I’ll see the two of you later?” Holiday asked.

I’ll be sure to swing by one way or the other.” Lofty offered and gave her a kiss before we split up. Holiday had to go to work. Holiday didn’t really have that far to go as she worked in a travel center not too far from the station where the business she worked at was located. As for Lofty and myself, we had several flights of stairs to climb to get to a tram that would take us to the top ring and the seat of government where Celestia’s castle was located. It was also expensive. But worth it.

From the tram station we’d but a short way to go.

Reason for visiting Canterlot Castle?” A unicorn guard asked us a short time later at the main gates.

I’m here to petition Princess Celestia,” I answer as I pull my hood down.

Sure you are.” He said dryly.

But I am. It’s about an issue I have with a scholarship restriction.”

It’s the scholarship for a certain type of disadvantaged pony.” Lofty offered as she showed him her copy of the paperwork for the audience. It’s been nearly three moons since we filed the petition.

What? Oh, alright.” The guard replied. “I apologize. For a moment I thought you were one of them black and whites who keep showing up ever since that rumor started.”

Rumor?” I ask.

There is a rumor that Princess Celestia was hoping to find a certain black and white filly, and ever since then we’ve been getting ponies bringing us black and white fillies claiming they found the one she’s looking for.”

Nova, you don’t suppose…?” Lofty asked.

We did all the appropriate paperwork. If it was me she was looking for she’d have known where to look.” My tone hints at annoyance, anger, and hurt. Far as I knew she should have known I was in Ponyville, and just didn’t bother. Short of the petition, or the paperwork registering me never making it to her desk. The other option was that Luna didn’t remember me and Princess Celestia didn’t want to open old wounds.

And why would she be looking for you?” The guard asked suspiciously.

No idea,” I replied while shrugging my wings under my cloak.

Ahhh...” One of the pegasus guards said and walked over. “So, um, what’s under the cloak?” He asked.

Aren’t I a little young for you to be hitting on me?” I teas.

Oh right, disadvantaged pony,” the unicorn guard said as a light flicked on in his head. A big smile formed on the face of the pegasus.

Hang on, where’d you get the pendant?” The gate captain asked on spotting my pendant.

My mother gave it to me,” I replied. It even had my cutie mark. “Is there a problem? I already had some colt on the train try to tell me it was illegal.”

It’s not illegal, it’s just that they are a restricted item.” He said while lighting up his horn. A moment later he’d taken a step back thanks to a flash of static electricity. “Sweet Celestia it’s legit!?”

I let out a sigh.

Nova, is there something you should be telling me?” Lofty asked.

It’s not something I should discuss here at the gate.” I offer.

No, no, of course not.” The gate captain confirmed. He then leaned over to the unicorn guard and whispered, “Notify command that we have a possible pinnacle in progress.”

What?” I ask as I give him a confused look. Suddenly all the guards at the station snap to attention. “Mmmm kay.”

If you could just direct us to where we need to go?” Lofty asked as I hear the word ‘pinnacle’ being repeated.

Yes, of course, someone will be along shortly.” The gate captain offered.

Seems a lot of fuss over a scholarship request.” Lofty pointed out. “What’s a pinnacle anyway?”

An architectural spire, a peak, summit, at the top of one’s profession, apex, crest, head, crown...” I let my words trail off the last coming out as almost a whisper.

Oh,” Lofty replied and said no more.

Two more unicorn guards showed up and offered to escort us. Being I saw no other alternative beyond turning around and making a dash for it, Lofty and I did as requested. The guards directed us past several cues and checkpoints along the way. Past several government buildings, and up a long narrow walkway and through another gated wall. This time the gate passed through a small chamber that required a ninety-degree turn through another gate. Once inside we found ourselves inside a large court, or bailey, with an enormous keep at the far end and several large buildings with stained glass windows framing the open area. Everything looked very grand indeed.

Wow, it’s almost as fancy as the rail terminal.” I teas. I’m delighted to see a hint of a smile from our escorts.

Our escorts take us inside the keep to a reception desk where there is a young mare, maybe a little older than Lofty waiting at a desk. She is grey with a purple and white striped mane and tail. I know my pony form always looked a lot like a cross between Twilight Velvet and Twilight Sparkle, heck I designed her that way what with the page boy cut, and Twilight Sparkle's colored stripes in mane and tail. Granted that Nightlight Sparkle looked more like Luna, there was still a considerable family resemblance between Luna, the Sparkles, the Velvets, and myself. I wondered if the Velvet line was also related to Luna. After all, I did have a brother. I should probably say had. I had a brother. Hell I didn’t just lose my mother, and brother, I lost everyone back on Earth I called friend or family. Not to mention all my books and precious mementos. I try not to think about it. If I let myself think about it I’ll be overwhelmed.

Can I help you?” Twilight Velvet asked as the guards did a double-take between us. “And for that matter, should I know you?”

Distant cousins I’d suspect,” I said with a smile. “Kitsumi Nova Moon here to petition Princess Celestia.”

Alright, I’ll just walk your paperwork into Princess Celestia. There is a waiting area right through there where you can wait.”

Thank you,” I reply, and Lofty echoed me. We then walked over to the doorway that had been pointed out to us, entered, and found a place to sit. Though to be honest I was afraid to sit down considering how nice the furniture was. I’d no doubt everything was likely as old as I was.

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