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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 20: The seventh Element.

By the time dinner time rolled around all seemed forgotten. And then I found myself face to face with a glass of milk.

You’re not going to have an issue because you know it’s not your mama's milk, are you?” Lofty asked as she watched me. And now the others are watching.

I knew it wasn’t my mom’s,” I reply. “I just hadn’t realized I was taking milk from some other foal.” That wasn’t quite right, but then I just gave myself the best argument as to why I had to drink that milk. “But they, they had the milk to give, didn’t they.” I offered to amend what I’d said. Letting it go to waste because of some stupid human hang-up over something so basic and pure as mother’s milk… Hell, I’d been drinking cow boob juice all my life and that never once bothered me. I took hold of the glass with both hooves with a little magic assist and took a sip. It was that same wonderful farm fresh extra rich with all the good stuff I’d come to expect of Equestrian milk. Cow’s milk was for calves. The worst part is that I knew why I had this hang up. Not just because humans sexualized everything, but because formula manufacturers had run an advertising campaign that all but demonized mothers milk. They’d even gone so far as to convince medical professionals that their evaporated milk and chemicals were better than the real thing which in turn contributed greatly to the notion that the only reason for breast was to attract a mate. It would take decades for organizations like WHO, the World Health Organization, to even begin to reverse the trend. I, as a foal, had no more business drinking cow milk than I did as a baby human. Maybe as a predator, I wasn’t so limited. Face it, cats were happy with any kind of milk regardless of whether or not it was good for them. But when it came to optimal health, mare’s milk was for foals like me. And as far as I knew it was all completely anonymous. I took another sip and vowed to leave my past hangups behind me.

I think Apple Bloom’s ma...” Scootaloo began.

Scootaloo, if your about to tell me that Pear Butter donates milk, I don’t want to know.” I snapped. “Not that that would be so bad, but if I were to find out it was Mrs Baker, who gives me a hard time about having black stalkings, I doubt very much I’d ever be able to touch another glass of milk again.”

OK, I can see that,” Lofty offered, and then bust up laughing.

You know, I think I can too,” Holiday added. “I’d likely have the same reaction to Mrs Rich, what with her lording over every pony else. She’d likely say something like I should be grateful for the bounty of her bosom.”

Just the thought of it was enough to make milk squirt out of my nose, and we all bust up laughing.

I think I’m over my hang up now. Mom’s looking a little downcast so I lean into her. After all, it’s not that hard to guess what’s going through her mind. Though to be honest, if she was lactating that would be even more awkward so I’m kind of glad she’s not. I was just glad that I wasn't expected to drink from a bottle.

After dinner it was storytime, and I soon found myself cast as the storyteller. And of course, Sunset and Scootaloo wanted to know all about what it was like growing up in the old castle out in the Everfree. Of course, they’d never been there. That was for the older ponies.

Well, for starters the building that’s out there isn’t a castle, it’s a palace. Back before Nightmare Moon took my mom from me and I found myself out in the middle of a wilderness in an abandoned building it was a sparkling palace and the pride of the citadel that surrounded it. There was a sizable city out there. Seven walls surrounded the inner court from the outermost to the inner sanctum where the Palace of the Alicorn sisters lived. We also traveled to Canterlot, and to the Crystal empire quite frequently.”

You mean it was real?” Scootaloo asked with astonishment.

As real as Cadance is.” Lofty offered from her chair. She and Scootaloo were sharing a chair and we’d yet to hear if Snap and Mane were on their way back. Ms Holiday was none too happy about the situation either. “When those two saw each other in Canterlot it was like watching two sisters who’d been separated.,” Lofty explained in regards to Cadance and myself.

We knew each other. Just the sight of her face was enough to rekindle old memories I’d all but forgotten.” Cadance explained. “And then it was like a piece of me had been returned.”

From there it became Cadance’s turn to tell about herself. Except, there weren’t too many memories of the Chrystal Empire. She could remember going to Canterlot, and the Everfree, but the Empire was still mostly a blank.

Later that night we all piled into the big bed, Luna and I at one end, Sunset, Cadance, and Scootaloo at the other. Not like we didn’t end up in a pony pile. And the talk just naturally seemed to drift towards who we liked.

Who do I like?” I asked. “Well, I suppose Rumble is kind of cute.” I offered.

Just how is it you can say that without being embarrassed?” Scootaloo asked. She could tell I was being honest.

What’s to be embarrassed about? Why do p-ponies have to make such a big deal out of it? I can’t help but wonder how many relationships never happen because of teasing.” I protest only to find Luna stretching a wing over me to give me a hug. “Cadance what about you, who do you like? Captain Armor seems sweet and he definitely likes you.”

Shining? Alright, I’ll admit it if he’ll just ask.” Cadance stated. “Before Shining there was a colt named Buck Withers. The more I got to know him the less I liked him.”

Buck? Ya, no, he just wants another trophy. Might be fun to hang around with, but definitely not herd material.” Sunset offered. “I’m just assuming he hadn't improved from when he was trying to ingratiate himself on me.”

Herd material she says!” Scootaloo exclaimed and started laughing.

Oh sure, laugh now, but when you get older you just may change your mind.” Cadance teased.

Just think about how close you are with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.” I offered.

Apple’s don’t herd that way.” Scootaloo protested.

Apple’s?” I ask realizing she hadn’t ruled out Sweetie.

Careful, lest you jinx it.” Cadance cautions.

Why do I have the odd feeling the two of you can both see glimpses of the future?” Sunset asked.

Not the future as such.” Cadance offered. “When I use my magic I can see red lines of energy stretching out in a type of web connecting ponies to each other. The hue of the red tells me just how close they are apt to get and what kind of relationship it’ll be.”

That sounds rather alarming,” Scootaloo whispered.

Enishi,” I said softly. “In Neighpon it’s called Enishi. The red lines of fate. They guide our destinies, our relationships, and bind us to those who are and or will be important in our lives. I’ve found I can see them too, but not so much as in how they connect to myself. These lines can be easily broken if an individual’s fate is tampered with.”

So do we have a connection?” Sunset asked.

Well of course we do,” I replied with a big smile. “We are all connected. Granted I can see all connections, and not just love lines. I can also catch little glimpses of possible future events.” Nor was I just blowing smoke as I’d discovered that looking through the blue flame of foxfire really did work.

Cadance lit up her horn and studied us for a moment.

I couldn't resist a little magic of my own and held up my right hoof. “May the Shin guide my light,” I say quietly followed by, “Yu, rei, chu, meiyo, gi, jin, makoto.”

What is that. Is that a spell of some kind?” Cadance asked.

What did you see?” I ask. I’m still studying the others. Cadance, well, no surprises there other than I’ve got a hunch the wedding will resolve with less stress. Scootaloo, however, for her there seemed to be a big change coming her way.

I saw your auras envelop each of you,” Cadance offered.“Luna’s was a mix of vermilion, orange, and blue, yours is blue and green. Sunset’s aura is much the same as her hair of yellow and red. Scootaloo’s is vermilion

Green? Well, that was news to me.” I reply as I drop my foxfire. “My magic is light blue.”

Curious, I wonder why?” Cadance admitted.

Mine is usually yellow unless I push it, then it will turn red.” Sunset offered.

The words I used evoke one of the seven virtues of Bushido and I asked for the guidance of the divine spirits if you like. The best way for me to explain it in a frame of reference you will readily recognize is that the virtues loosely correlate with the elements of harmony.” I explain.

So what’s my color?” Cadance asked.

Pink. A nice soft pink. Just like you.” I told her and gave her a nuzzle.

I’m going to sleep now,” Sunset announced. “I’ve seen enough.”

Are we all connected?” Scootaloo asked

Of course we are,” I replied. “Some tighter than others.”

Nova, your aura leans towards green because you have the green Harmony Stone.” Luna explained “I can’t help but wonder why Celestia never remarked on it? She’d always insist on being the one to hold it. Somewhere along the line I’d taken it from her and incorporated it into the amulet, thus hiding it in plain sight. I'd cast an enchantment over it to make it appear to be the same sort of stone as the small light blue stone. In a roundabout way, it ensured that neither of us would ever have all seven stones.”

Seven, there were seven stones?” Sunset asked. “Twilight and the others only have six?”

That’s because Nova still has the seventh. And the fact that she was transported from the past to the present with it still intact indicates that she is now the rightful bearer. That small blue stone in the position of the small star for your cutie mark is one your father gave me to pass on to you. Oddly enough it has properties similar to a harmony stone as well. Nova's father called it a Hōjo-no-Tama.”

What does it represent, I wonder?” Cadance asked.

The green stone is courage, empathy, willpower, uncommon valor,” Luna offered.

Ah… what?” I asked. I’m flabbergasted. Not only do I have a harmony stone I've got a Hōjo, a wish-fulfilling stone used by Kitsune.

Even as a little filly you were not afraid to jump right into the middle of the fight between your aunt and the Nightmare that had taken control of me. That or you were just being a complete idiot.”

Mo...om!” I protest.

That cutie mark on Moonie when she was for lack of a better word, rampaging, that was my mom’s cutie mark. She and my father were the first to use the elements after the tree of harmony grew and I can’t help but wonder if some small part of her is in some way responsible for that dressing down of Twilight and the other element bearers. Some small part of her is still in that stone.”

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