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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Lofty's adventure, part two. Ponyville and back.

“Welcome back, Ms Lofty, how was your trip?” Station Manager asked on spotting her getting off the train. “Hang on, where’s your little princess?”

“She’s going to be staying with her Aunt for a while.”

“You found a relative? Tell me who so I can go give her a piece of my mind.”

“Princess Celestia.” Lofty says with a big grin. “Her Aunt is Princess Celestia.”

“You want to try explaining that?” Their head tilted and their expression had gone from stern to data does not compute, please reenter data?

“Well, as it turns out, Nova is the real thing. She is Princess Luna’s foal. She got caught in some kind of powerful enchantment during the fight with Nightmare Moon and is well, over a thousand years old thanks to being trapped in limbo all that time.”

“You don’t say?!” Their eyes had gone wide in astonishment, though the news was still playing havoc on every belief they thought to be true.

“Well, she’s still a filly, and it explains what she was doing way out in the Everfree on the same night Nightmare Moon escaped her imprisonment. Her reasons for being so closed-lipped about it all is she as likely reasoned no one would believe it and fear of how she might be received if they did,” Lofty offered. “And now I need to go tell the Apples we are not going to be available to help out for a while.”

“How’s that?”

“I get to be Nova’s Nanny.” Lofty informed him.

“But what about her mother?”

“From what I am to understand, Princess Luna has been reduced to that of a foal herself, doesn’t remember much from before, and quite likely isn’t fit to look after a foal. Part of why Holiday and I have been retained as Nova’s official nannies. The other reason is that we are still Nova’s legal guardians and Princess Celestia wants it to stay that way uncontested. Subsequently, I’m to look after her during the day while she is in Canterlot, so be sure to reserve me a first-class accommodation in the morning.” She then walked away with a big grin on her face.

By the time she had reached the Apple farm, Lofty had stopped several times along to way to have similar conversations.

“Oh, hey Lofty, where’s Nova?” Bright Mac called as she approached. He was sitting on the porch, there was a prosthetic brace attached to his right back leg that took most of the weight off his leg when in use, and he was under orders to take it easy. The damage had been severe enough that he’d never have full use of it again and the doctors were saying his bucking days were over. Lofty wasn't sure if that was just trees or if it included the other meaning and wasn't going to ask.

“She’s going to be staying with Princess Celestia for a spell.” Lofty offered with a big smile. “And all her educational needs are going to be taken care of as well.”

“That sounds like wonderful news, though I can’t but feel we are losing her. Can I take it that she is an alicorn after all?”

“She is indeed. Turns out the reason she was out in the Everfree isn’t that she got dumped out there, it’s because she was involved in the fight between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon.”

“Aaaa, you want to run that by me again a little slower.”

“Nova is Princess Celestia’s niece. Her mother is Celestia’s sister Luna. Luna was possessed by a pony of shadows. Nova didn’t understand what was going on, tried to stop the fight, and got caught in the crossfire resulting in her ending up in limbo for a thousand years. When she said she was one thousand years old she probably wasn’t far off the mark. Though how she could know still alludes me unless she was somehow aware of what had happened to her.” Lofty shuddered at the idea.


“Granted this is where we start getting into the area of subjective versus objective. She might be over a thousand years old by her birth date, but she’s still just a filly.”

“Eee-yup.” Bright Mac replied slowly. He wasn’t quite speechless yet. After all, it was plain to see that Nova was a filly. The idea that she was more than a false alicorn had also played on every pony’s mind as well. Being over a thousand years in actual age had not been calculated into the equation and Bright Mac’s mind was presently trying to play catch up.

“Anyway, Princess Celestia made me the official Nanny.” Lofty informed him. “She wants me to be there for Nova for the foreseeable future. That also means I won’t be around to help out.”

“Oh.” Bright Mac said sounding a bit disappointed. “Well, it’s not like I can’t keep an eye on Apple Bloom.”

“How’s that?” Pear Butter asked as she poked her head out the door.

“Hi Pear. I came by to let you know I won’t be available for a while.”

“What? But why?”

“Because Nova needs someone she knows to look after her in the day time while she’s in Canterlot.”

“Why can’t you do that here?”

“Because Princess Celestia wants Princess Nova to stay with her for a while.”

“Why didn’t you say no?”

“I can’t tell Princess Celestia no.”

“No, I suppose not.” Pear Butter replied with a hoof to her forehead. “Hang on, did you say Princess Nova?”

“Eyup.” Bright Mac replied.

“She’s a bonafide princess?” Pear Butter asked.

“Who’s a bonafide princess?” Granny Smith asked as she came around the corner of the house.

“Miss Nova.” Lofty offered. “And Princess Celestia made me a Royal Nanny. I’m to look after Nova during the day till she’s settled in. After that, I can’t really say other than Nova will be allowed to come back to Ponyville for breaks. - Princess Celestia is Nova’s Aunt. Her actual Aunt. Once Nova got over her initial trepidation and past her freak out she actually started calling Princess Celestia Aunt Tia.”

“And, and, and Princess Celestia allowed it?” Granny asked. She was stupefied. "Why I'd have given her what for. Disrespecting Princess Celestia like that. Give a pony wings en a horn and suddenly they start to putting on airs."

“Granny, they are family. You wouldn't expect Applejack to call you Mrs Smith would you.” Lofty asked.

“Mrs Smith? Land sakes no. Kind of sounds downright strange too.” Granny replied. “Like one of them their pulp fiction characters, like the wife of that pony who travels around in the blue box, or that company that sells freezer pies.” Granny shuddered at the idea of freezer pies. “Are they really family? I still can't cotton some pony not being respectful and getting away with it.”

“Nova got mixed up in the fight with Nightmare Moon. Princess Luna is her mother, though no pony knows if Princess Luna will even remember her. The Night Mare kind of did a number on Princess Luna.” Lofty informed them. “Seems Nova got caught up in the periphery of the magic that banished Nightmare Moon, and she wasn’t the only one. There's a lieutenant who'd got caught up in the banishment as well.” Lofty decided to leave off the part about Alice Mouse having been a Shadowbolt. "Nova, being a bonafide princess, is allowed certain liberties behind closed doors."

“Well if that don’t beat all,” Granny said kind of quiet like.

“I don’t think she really understood what was going on either.” Lofty offered. “One moment she’s right in the middle of the fight...”

“Right in the middle?” Pear Butter asked.

“From what they’ve admitted to.” Lofty replied. “..next moment, Nova was waking up in the ruins of what used to be her home. She didn’t want to say anything because she was afraid no one would believe a word of it. A little frightened about being found out too and what might happen.”

"Darn straight," Granny proclaimed. "Them night ponies rebelled again Princess Celestia."

"And Princess Celestia has forgiven everything, nor should you be holding a grudge against ponies who've never done a bad thing to you. Whenever she has been out here at the acres she has worked hard.

“Got that right.” Bright Mac offered. “And if you weren’t wearing that fancy bobble I’d think you were just trying to pull one over on us apple farmers.”

“Now Mac, you know I’d never do something like that. And if I was I’d be sure to let you off the hook once you’d bit down good and hard.”

“Well, can you help out for the rest of the afternoon till the youngster's get back? Mayhap just take a load off for a spell?” Bright Mack asked.

“Sure I can. Part of why I came out here. Might be a spell before I get to keep an eye on Apple Bloom or any of the other foals that get dropped off by hired hooves for you. And I can tell you about my day.”

“Well let me finish up what I was doing, and we’ll all sit a spell and have a listen,” Granny announced and ambled off at a quick trot. As she went she could be heard muttering about ponies not respecting their elders, running off on adventures, and not being where they are supposed to.

“And I’ve a mind to exercise my rights as a landed Baron just to make sure Princess Nova is being treated properly,” Bright Mac offered once granny was well out of earshot.

“You’re a Baron?!” Lofty exclaimed.

“E-yup,” Bright Mac offered with a twinkle in his eye. "It's a land grant from Princess Celestia, and that comes with a title. Just don't say anything about it in front of Granny. It just doesn't fit with her world view."


The next morning Lofty and Holiday got up at the sound of the chime on the mechanical timepiece and then stopped to stare into the darkness.

Lofty, you don’t suppose the clock is broken?” Holiday asked as she looked about. By rights, the sun should already have been up. Lofty got out of bed, felt her way to the bedroom door, groped around till she found the matches, and used a match to light an oil lamp that hung over the stove. It was a lamp on a counterbalance that made it possible to pull it down, and then push it back up once it had been lit.

“Clock out here says it’s six.” Lofty called.

“We didn’t just end the world by taking Nova to Canterlot, did we?”

“You know, I can’t believe you’d even say that. She’s a good pony and you know it.”

“Yes I know, I’m sorry. It’s just really strange Princess Celestia not raising the sun yet. It should be up already.” Holiday said as she ventured out. “Something’s just not right.”

“I’m going to Canterlot.” Lofty announced.

“What? Now?”

“Yes now. If anything’s happened to Nova I’ll never forgive myself for leaving her behind.”

“Well don’t go on an empty stomach, and don’t forget your passes, you’ll not get far without them.”

“Right, my passes...” Lofty said as she trotted back into the bedroom. “Where are they?”

“You put them on the dresser last night.”

“Found them.”

Lofty emerged from the bedroom a moment later, made herself a dandelion sandwich, and rushed out into the darkness while eating it. There were other ponies venturing forth but only so far as to gaze up into the heavens.

In the town square, a newspaper colt was selling papers with the headlines, Nightmare Moon sighted in Canterlot! “Read all about it!” shouted the paper colt who then shouted out the headline again.

“It wasn’t Nightmare Moon, just an illusion that looked like her!” Lofty shouted as she passed by. At least she sure hoped that was all it was.

She’d finished her sandwich well before she got to the station. And on arriving she found the train standing in the station.

“Which train is this? I need to get to Canterlot.” Lofty said as she approached the station master.

“It’s the sunrise express to Canterlot.”

“The sunrise express? Why’s it still here?”

“The sun hasn’t risen yet.”


Lofty turned to see a yellow balding stallion in a white shirt.

“Well is it going to get started any time soon?” Lofty asked the Station Master.

“Yes of course.”


“Just as soon as the sun comes up.”

“And when do you suppose that’s going to be?” Lofty had to remind herself that her hoofs hurt when they hit her face.

“Don’t rightly know, the sunrise has never been this late.”

“Did it ever occur to you to use a mechanical time peace to set the schedule?”

“We did.”


“Well getting one for each station and synchronizing them is a lot of time and expense. Hardly worth it when the sun comes up at the same time every morning.”

“Ow.” Lofty’s hoof had hit her face again. “Fine, I’ll just fly. I’ll probably get there a whole lot faster that way.”

“You sure about that. Seems to me, flying in the dark might be a wee bit dangerous.” The station master cautioned.

“Better than standing here hitting myself in the face.” Lofty muttered as she trotted away.

“Does seem a silly thing to do.” The station manager said mostly to himself now.

Lofty went down to the far end of the platform, unfolded her wings, broke into a run, leapt off the end, and beat her wings as hard as she could to gain as much altitude as she could as quickly as she could. Most of the landscape would be difficult to make out with the exception of the moonlight reflecting off the river and the outline of Mount Canterhorn looming up in the night sky. Lofty was confident that once she was close enough, the light of the city would be enough to guide her in. Once she was satisfied that she was at a safe altitude the routine was flap flap glide, flap flap glide, shallow dive to gain speed, use the speed to gain more altitude, pump her wings at the peek of the climb for a little more, and then it was back to flap flap glide. She figured she could do it in about an hour give or take. Likely a little over. Flying to Canterlot from Ponyville in the morning was grueling. Not so much because of having to be in the air for an hour, Lofty could hang on updrafts for hours, but because of the climb.

An updraft right about now would be a blessing. It was early morning before the sun was up. That meant the winds on the mountain were traveling down the mountain. And the winds over the land would be flowing down the valley to the sea. No, this was going to be an uphill climb all the way. Oh, what she wouldn't give to know Nova’s bottle rocket trick. Granted that she’d never gained more than three hundred horns altitude on subsequent attempts, she was getting the hang of it. Her real difficulty came in the form of maintaining control once she stalled out.

After what seemed like the longest hour of flight ever, the lights of Canterlot came into view.

Seeing fires in the lower quarter chilled her to the bone.

What could possibly be going on?

Then again, the lower quarter was where some of the poorest of Canterlot’s inhabitants lived. Here could be found squalid conditions in tenement housing that were often well overcapacity.

As Lofty flew over what she could see was signs of the Canterlot Guard attempting to quell civil unrest while the fire brigade frantically battled the flames.

Lofty was so glad she lived in Ponyville right now. Even if her wings were killing her.

Lofty glided up to the front gates, landed, and then the sun went up.

“Seriously?” Lofty asked no one in particular as she gazed out over the east and the rising sun.

Smiles broke out on the faces of the guards. Those at the gate didn’t know what was going on but due to the late sunrise the entire guard force was presently at full strength with both night and day shift standing watch. Or in the case of the lower quarter, busting heads.

Lofty took in a deep breath, let it out slowly, and approached the gate.

The gate was closed save for a small door in the gate.

“Sorry mam, we are on high alert,” offered a night guard. This was followed by a familiar ping, and to her surprise, her pass glowed with a golden light as though a shaft of sunlight had hit it.

She looked at it momentarily wondering if it had been doing that all along, and she simply hadn’t noticed.

“Um, that pass gives her direct access to Princess Celestia. She can come in.” Offered the captain from the day before.

“Princess Celestia? It’s Princess Nova I’m worried about. I just flew in from Ponyville, made the climb against the night breeze, and believe you me my wings feel like they’re made of lead right now.”

“Princess Nova?”

“Didn’t pay attention to the briefing? We gained another princess yesterday.” One of the other Night Guards pointed out. “The new princess is the reason Commander Mouse went easy on us last night.”

“Alright, well and good, but we are on high alert.”

Just as he was saying alert, a bugle could be heard ringing out clear in the crisp morning air.

“There you go, that’s the recall.”

Another bugle call sounded.

“Officer’s call.” The captain offered. “Ms Lofty here counts as an officer of the Princess.”

“I do?” Lofty asked.

“That bugle call was for all officers to gather at the Armory. You might as well come with me, and then maybe we’ll find out what’s going on.”

“There’s unrest in the lower quarter.” Lofty offered as she fell in with the Captain and entered through the small door. Another tune was played on a bugle as they were walking away.

“So I’ve heard. Things’ll settle down soon enough. - And that’s the signal to dismiss the night shift.”

“You know I never got your name.” Lofty pointed out.

“Silverspice Morgan. My grandfather was a Naval Captain, but I chose the Royal Guard. I’m actually just a lieutenant. I’m in charge of the main gate during the day shift so I get to be called Gate Captain. Rather pretentious if you ask me, and confusing. Lieutenants can be gate captains and squad leaders, captains who are in charge of companies, commanders who are in charge of divisions, above which is the Captain of the Royal guard. Who is an actual Captain and equivalent to a colonel in the Army. Yes, there’s an army which includes an air corps as well.”

“So how am I an officer of the Princess? I’m just a nanny.”

“You look after those who are underage and in the care of the Princess and report directly to her. Part of the family, but not part of the family. Any pony below the rank of lieutenant has to do what you tell them too. It gets iffy above that.”

“Great. I’m in the Ponyville Militia. Technically all the residents of Ponyville are if they are of age and of sound body. I get an exemption when I’m already engaged in taking care of a foal. My primary duty is to the welfare of my charge. This often creates a situation where the mother is responding to a call while I’m left taking care of the little ones. In one of the more recent timber wolf attacks I was already looking after Miss Apple Bloom and her mother, Pear Butter, was going to go but Nova maneuvered the situation to make sure she stayed behind as well. For whatever reason, she did not want Pear Butter leaving the farm that day. I can only wonder what might have happened if she had gone. Bright Mac, her husband, was savagely attacked by a timber wolf.”

“Interesting. Only now you’ll be a protected pony to be kept safe. You won’t be doing any more Militia stuff unless it’s a command position. Well, let’s see if they are going to tell us what happened.” Silverspice offered as he opened the door to a large building in the lower campus.

“Gate Captain, that better not be your mare friend.” chastised a Sargent at the front desk as the two entered the large building.

“She’s the new Nanny.”

“I’m a little more than a nanny, I’m one of Princess Nova’s guardians.” Lofty offered.

“Ah, well I guess there’s no harm. The briefing will start just as soon as every pony is gathered.” The Sargent replied with a smile.

“So do you know what’s going on?” Silverspice asked.

“Right now your guess is as good as mine.”

“Well, it’s driving me nuts that I can’t just go straight up there to see for myself that Nova is alright.” Lofty pointed out.

“The Night watch didn’t want to let her in at all.”

“Sounds like something we are going to have to iron out.” The Sargent offered. “I’ll mention it to the Captain of the Guard. A pony would think that as a guardian of a princess she’d get equal consideration.”

“Seems reasonable to me.” Silverspice concurred. He and Lofty then went down a short hall that led into a large auditorium. A number of officers had already gathered, and weapons could be seen in racks along the walls along with training mats.

Lofty stood straight and ridged at the call to attention.

“At Ease.” Called another voice. Lofty and the others gathered relaxed and trained their eyes and ears on the ponies upfront. “Last night we screwed up big time.”

Lofty guessed the pony talking was the Captain of the Guard.

“We need to keep in mind that to protect Princess Celestia and Equestria – we must also protect the Princess from her own Faust dammed stupid stunts. Last night Princess Celestia went into that enchanted mirror to go chase after Sunset Shimmer. Yes, that’s right, Sunset Shimmer. The very filly that Shadowbolt was trying to warn us could be a potential threat. Well, Commander Mouse was right and we should have taken her warnings more seriously. Many of us saw the new Princess as a threat. Heck, she attacked a city guard last night. And saved our flanks this morning.” He let that sink in. “Princess Nova with the aid of Princess Cadenza opened that mirror when no pony else had a clue what to do. Princess Nova went into the mirror, and retrieved both Princess Celestia and Sunset Shimmer at great risk to herself.” He paused for a moment. “New rule. Princess Nova gets to have all the fried chicken she wants and may Celestia have mercy on any creature dumb enough to try to take it away from her.” This announcement led to general good-hearted laughter. “In other news Commander Mouse is actually a rather sweet loving mare under that rough exterior. I think of all of us she was possibly the most upset when we thought we’d lost Princess Celestia.”

He paused as the Sargent at the front desk rushed in and proceeded up to the front. He beckoned, the captain leaned down from the platform he was standing on, the two had a quick conversation, and then the captain stood up strait again followed by a very slow face hoof. And then he started laughing.

“No wonder Princess Celestia puts up with so much crap out of that filly!” The Captain said to the assembled officers once he’d regained some semblance of his composure.

“Seriously?!” One of the officers who’d heard asked.

“That’s the word from the guards keeping an eye on Princess Celestia.” The Sargent offered. “They are in the staff cafeteria up in the inner castle as we speak. Everyone present heard it so it’s not going to stay secret for long.”

“Come on, share.” One of the others prompted.

“Word is that Sunset Shimmer is Princess Celestia’s daughter.” The Captain of the Guard announced.

“I’m to understand they are discussing how to announce it to the public.” The Sargent announced. “To include an explanation of a drunken night of revelry as suggested by our newest princess.”

“That’s my Nova.” Lofty commented dryly.

“Who’s that?” the Captain of the Guard asked.

“That’s Lady Lofty, Princess Nova’s guardian.” The Sargent informed him.

“Lady?” Lofty repeated quietly.

The Captain of the guard looked at her and smiled. “The guardian of a princess is equal to the princess.”

“Seriously?” Lofty replied with an odd twisted smile. “I don’t think she has any actual authority though.”

“Fair enough, fair enough.” The Captain replied. Every pony was in good cheer at this point.

“She flew up from Ponyville to check on the welfare of her charge only to have the night shift bar her entry,” Silverspice informed him.

“I imagine that hasn’t been an issue in a very long time.” The Captain offered. “It didn’t come up with Princess Cadenza because Princess Celestia took custody in the absence of any legal guardian.” He paused a moment. “Now listen up. Tell your guards regarding what happened last night, that Princess Celestia got stuck in an enchanted mirror, and that the two junior princesses were able to retrieve her this morning. Further, Lady Lofty is not to be barred access short of an active assassin on the grounds unless Princess Celestia says otherwise. That is all.”

“What about Sunset Shimmer?” Asked one of the other officers.

“Sunset Shimmer is back and seems to be in Her Highness’s good graces once again. Until Princess Celestia makes some kind of official announcement we’re just going to wing it as best we can. One last thing to mention, I’m to understand that Commander Shining Armor successfully put down this morning’s unrest by using Beanie Baby toys. Apparently, those things will make a pony think twice when fired from a party cannon.” The Captain offered. “Now, can some pony see that Lady Lofty gets upstairs without getting lost?”

Author's Note:

his bucking days were over

So I was looking at that line and had to add a little extra because the double meaning hadn't hit me when I first wrote it. :pinkiegasp:

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