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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 38: Testing is back on.

That night we had an impromptu feast with the staff and guards ponies to thank them for their many years of good service and to tacitly remind the nobles of what they’d become and how impotent they now were. The nobles made themselves rich on the backs of the common ponies but had no true power.

The next morning’s news headlines trumpeted Head of the Board of Education charged with treason. ‘In their drive to place themselves above all others, the board of education and backers seem to have forgotten what Princess Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns was all about along with the fact that the school is not within their control. The gross miscalculation on the part of the board and backers has been seen by Princess Celestia as both a power grab and an injury to Equestria as a whole. Under Director Nieghsay’s guidance, the school was turning away foals who by virtue of their own erratic manna flow can not safely attend other schools until they’ve learned control. Even princesses Kitsumi Nova and Sunset Shimmer had been turned away despite both having demonstrated raw power beyond ordinary fillies on multiple occasions’, read the paper. The article was surprisingly detailed in ways that suggested that the reporters at the paper had been investigating the actions perpetrated by Director Neighsay prior to our discovery.

I was delighted to find several cute shots of Scootaloo, Sunset, and myself just being fillies in the extra. There were shots of Cadance, Spitfire, and mom to include shots of Scootaloo and myself on our mother’s backs when the crowd had begun to press in on us. The two mares looked very much like any other young mare with a foal. Some pony had even followed us to the pond and had a picture of Scootaloo and me paddling about like duckies with the speculation that it’s possibly a pegasi foal behavior I brought forward with me. In addition to the two of us just being cute there was a really good picture of a wet Spitfire frolicking with the as of yet unknown pegasus Specialist the black and white of the paper not revealing the colors of her mane. I could only imagine how Rarity was going to react, or Dash for that matter. Spitfire on the other hoof had to go report into the Wonderbolts early that morning and likely wouldn't see the papers right away.

“Oy, Spitfire!” called a light powder blue Wonderbolt with a dark blue mane and tail as he approached the Commander. There was a paper under one wing.

“Lieutenant Soarin, what can I do for you?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you’d seen this?” He asked and pulled out the paper with it folded open to a soaked Spitfire frolicking with Dash. His shit-eating grin turned to confusion when all she did was smile. Soarin quickly refolded to reveal Spitfire with a filly on her back. “So who’s that?”

“My daughter. I’m a divorcee. Anything else about my private life you’d like to know about?”

“Oh, I had no idea. So what’s her name?”

“My daughter or the mare?” Spitfire teased.

“Well, um, now that you mention it…”

“My daughter’s name is Scootaloo, my ex is called Snap Shutter, there is a warrant for him for abandonment, and the mare is none other than Rainbow Dash. She’s the only pony in living history to have broken the sound barrier and did that when she was a filly. Aside from that, she’s a good friend of my daughter, and my running into her was pure coincidence. She and Commander Sparkle had made a couple of arrests the night before that looked like it was going to cause something of a shakeup in the local guard down in Ponyville. They were here to report directly to Princess Celestia in that she has an interest in the goings-on in Ponyville.”

“Ponyville? What’s in Ponyville?”

“Not what, who. Specifically Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Nova. Princess Luna, Princess Sunset, and Princess Cadance just spent a week down there too. And since that’s where my daughter grew up, I now live there.”

“Commander Spitfire,” called Captain Wind Rider as he approached the two. “Are you going to be available for the Flight Camp detail?”

“Yes sir,” Spitfire replied with a sharp salute. “Wouldn't miss it for the world. My own daughter will be there this year.”

“Hang on, little Scootaloo?” Wind Rider asked. “She can fly? Wasn’t she, that is didn’t she…?” He didn’t want to come right out and say it.

“Yes sir, we even managed to get into the paper,” She offered took hold of the paper, and showed Wind Rider the picture. “I finally got her back.”

“I thought you were on a detail for Princess Celestia?” Wind Rider asked.

“Scoot’s Aunts are Princess Nova’s guardians. Princess Sunset Shimmer was with us. Let me tell you, the trip up from the station the other day was mighty nerve-wracking on multiple levels. I’m to understand the pony behind that brouhaha was Sunset’s former foster mother. The way I see it, that mare has got some nerve blaming a filly for her own bad decisions.”

And of course in Ponyville Rarity was on the warpath. If for no other reason than because she’d just seen the picture of Spitfire and Dash in the paper.

“Rarity! Oh good, I’ve found you.” Twilight called on seeing Rarity.

“Have you seen the paper? There’s a picture of Rainbow Dash frolicking with Commander Spitfire.”

“Never mind Dash, I got a letter from Princess Celestia.”

“Oh darling, how is that more important than Dash in a relationship with Spitfire and she never said anything?”

“Rarity, by any chance did you look at the front page?” Twilight scolded.

“Oh, I never look at the front page Darling, and the Celebrity pages are a good twenty percent more fun.”

Twilight grabbed the paper, folded it back to the front page, and made sure Rarity looked at it.

“Oh my. Oh no!”

“You’re not in trouble, although you may be called as a witness once the trial gets going. Princess Celestia said that you are going to have to go back with Sweetie Belle and get her properly tested. Also, she wants me to come up to Canterlot and help. A chariot is being sent to pick me up. If you and sweetie want to come up with me you need to be ready as soon as they get here. I figure you’ve got about a half-hour. One bag each, no more.”

“One bag?”

“That or take the train, your choice. As is you’ll need to take the train to get home because I’m going to be in Canterlot until all the new and returning students are processed.” Twilight offered. “The chariot is for me. I’m allowing you to ride as my friend.”

“Yes, of course, she’s not going to dispatch a chariot for little old me.”

“Even Sunset Shimmer had to go by train. And to tell the truth, I prefer the train. It’s just that the fall out of cleaning house at the school for gifted unicorns is causing a big mess. What am I saying? It was Neighsay and his cronies who’d caused the mess in the first place. And they’ve tried before. I was never supposed to hatch Spike. That’s how they justified failing potential students they didn't want in their club. Do you have any idea what it’s like to have a baby when you’re still a baby yourself?”

“Kind of.” Rarity offered in a strangely quiet tone. “I get the picture. You got saddled with a baby dragon.”

“When I was sweetie’s age.”

“Oh, Twilight.”

“Well, not like I didn’t have help. It’s just that he’d bonded to me and that meant he had to spend a lot of time with me. Now forget about Dash, your priority is to find Sweetie, one overnight bag each, and meet me by the library in about fifteen minutes.”

“Yes, school, she’s probably on her way to school,” Rarity said and dashed off in the direction of the local schoolhouse.

“Twilight, you know they’ll wait for you?” Shining Armor offered as he walked up to Twilight.

“BBBFF!” Twilight all but screamed as she jumped into the air, spun to face Shining Armor, and tackled him with a hug. “But why are you back so soon?”

“I’m the interim constable pending the investigation into the activities of the local guard. Right now it kind of looks like the local guard was being a little too accommodating to the locals.”

“Is Dash going to be alright?” Twilight asked.

“Dash just did a double shift. That kid is a workaholic.”


“She’s the primary weather coordinator for the Ponyville area and adjoining regions. She works both day and night shifts and is literally on call twenty-four-seven. Personally, I don’t know how she does it.”

“Lots of little naps. At least now I know,” Twilight offered. “Now, I need to get ready.”

“Then I will walk with you,” Shining Armor offered.

“So, how are you and Cadance?”

“Not speaking.”

“What? Why?” Twilight gasped coming to a halt.

“She forcefully recruited me into their frolic session in the pond,” He offered with a smirk on his face. “..and then some pony called the guard on us.

“Oh, you!”

“No, really, they did. Captain Quortermane showed up while I was as yet still high and dry and since both Princess Luna and Cadance were involved he was at a complete loss.”

“That sure must have been something to see,” Twilight replied, and started walking again. “I’m guessing by that smirk on your face that you and Cadance are doing fine.”

“Well, yes and no, I’m stuck down here, and she’s going to flight camp. And now you are running back up to Canterlot.”

“Well, that’s what happens when ponies are selfish. Here I am in Ponyville to learn about the magic of friendship and because of a pony who probably doesn’t know the meaning of friendship I’m running back to Canterlot to help straighten out the mess they made.”

Rarity and Sweetie Belle arrived at the library a short time later where Twilight was standing by a golden chariot pulled by two pegasi guards.

“Oh good, you are just in time,” Twilight said as the two hurried over, each dragging along an obviously overstuffed suitcase.

“But where’s your suitcase?” Rarity asked.

“I don’t really need it,” Twilight offered as she stepped up into the back of the sky chariot. She had on a pair of saddlebags and that was it. She was followed by Sweetie and Rarity, the cart straining with the weight of Rarity’s bags.

“How could you possibly not need anything?” Rarity asked.

“About the only thing I’ll need is my vanity kit. Aside from that, I have things at my parent's house, at my room in Canterlot Castle, and my tower in the royal apartment area within castle precinct.”

“What are you, a princess?” Rarity asked.

“No, but as Princess Celestia’s protege, I sort of hold an honorary title of Her Majesty's Right Honorable Faithful Student Twilight Sparkle. Or just Lady Twilight Sparkle. The long-winded title is kind of provisional so long as I stay in Princess Celestia’s good graces otherwise I’m just plain old Twilight daughter of a minor lord who works as a government minister.”

Rarity’s jaw had hit the floor of the chariot.

“Rarity, you might want to close your mouth, you’ll catch flies that way. That is unless you want to catch flies.” Twilight turned to the waiting pegasi, “I think we are as ready as we’ll ever be, lets get going.

“Have you ever noticed Fluttershy eating bugs?” Twilight asked as the chariot was lifted into the air. “I’ve never seen her eat a fly, but she seems to like moths. I tried a butterfly once. Didn’t taste anything like butter. Kind of spicy though.”

“Twilight, you can stop now,” Rarity pleaded, as the chariot dipped now and then as they climbed higher and higher over rough terrain.

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