• Published 7th Nov 2020
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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 5: Life in Ponyville

When we arrived at the farm, minus Rumble who suddenly remembered something he needed to do, we were greeted with a lot of activity.

Who are all these ponies?” I asked.

Why that thar is preg near half the Apple family come from all over Equestria ta help out.” Applejack informed me.

Thee apples sure doth pulleth togeth'r in a crisis.” I said with a smile.

And there you go again.” Apple Bloom teased while her sister gave me a funny look.

Behold, thee gaze upon thy hillbilly talketh and I’ll gaze mine own fusty ponish.”

Ye wana try that one more time-eth?” Apple Bloom asked looking confused.

It’s been a long day,” I say letting my head droop.

The day ain’t half done, and if you want victuals, you’ll be doing some chores.”

Oh is that Nova?” Called a mare.

Yes mam,” I replied.

You need to get on inside. Ms Lofty and Mayor Mare are waiting on you.”

I’ll be right in, thank you,” I say, and hurry on along wondering if this meant I’d be getting out of work. There was that book I wanted to get into after all. “See you later Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie.”

Will I?” Apple Bloom asked.

Short of being whisked away by palace guards,” I call back.

Ha, ha, very funny.”

Inside I found Lofty talking to a tan Earth pony with two-tone pink mane and tail. “Hi, Lofty.”

Ah, dear, there you are. This is Ponyville Mayer, Meir Mare. Tell us how your day was?”

Hello Mayer Mare.” I offered, with a polite curtsy. No idea why I keep doing that, but for some reason, I thought it appropriate at this juncture. “It’s been a long day. I keep writing everything in old ponish.”

Oh dear.” Mayer Mare replied.

We were just discussing your future.” Lofty offered.

In the eyes of the law you are considered to be a special needs pony.” Mayer Mare began.

How exactly am I special needs?” I ask feeling just a little defensive. “Look, whatev'r it wast yond hath happened to me may has't me a dram behind the curveth, but I’m hardly special needeth.”

Oh dear.” Mayer Mare said.

She just does that when she’s frustrated or flustered.” Apple Bloom called from outside.

Of course it being a hot day, the doors and windows were open to let the airflow through the house. Not to mention flies and everything else. And yes, there were chickens in the bread pan picking out dough. Winona, Applejack's little brown and white border collie decided to come in to have a look at me and I called out to Granny, "Granny, does your dog bite?"

"Not my dog, you'll have to ask Applejack," Granny called back.

I let out a sigh. Winona seemed to be satisfied that I was alright to be there, turned, and walked back in the direction of chickens. I sure hope Winona doesn't do something I'm going to get blamed for. I decided to turn my attention back to the two mares waiting for me to say something. “I’m really not special needs. Just a little mixed up and underpowered.”

Well the thing is, even if you aren’t going to need help in the future, you are definitely at a disadvantage now.” Lofty offered. “Come. Sit.”

I slowly walked over to sit in a chair across from the sofa they are sitting on.

Because you are at a disadvantage, the Crown has decreed that ponies such as yourself be provided with an allowance to cover basic expenses. Administered by a guardian, and you get a scholarship to go to the school of your choice.”

Really?” I ask with a hint of excitement. I’d wondered how I’d pay for any of the things I wanted to do.

Did you have something in mind?” Mayer Mare asked.

I wanted to go to flight camp, and I want to apply to Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns.”

Dear, Miss Nova, normally you’d only be able to go to one School.” Mayer Mare offered. “Are you sure there isn’t something else you’d like to do that might be...” Here it comes. “..more attainable for some pony with your condition?”

I stretched my wings out.

She can fly. Quite well, but needs training so she doesn’t hurt herself.” Lofty offered.

Do, or do not,” I say softly as I held out my right hoof in the direction of the sofa. I close my eyes. “There is no try.” I concentrate. It’s not like I actually have to lift the thing. All I have to do is impress on Mayer Mare that I do have the ability to do magic.

I feel the tingling in my horn, my leg. I feel the stress of lifting. I slowly open my eyes to see… yes!

Before me are two very astonished mares sitting on a sofa that is levitating up off the floor some three horns distance in a pale blue aura.

And then my magic conked out with a big thump as the sofa returned to the floor accompanied by the sound of barking and frantic chickens.

What was that!” Granny asked as she stuck her head in the door. Lofty’s wings had shot out as well.

It’s alright, I just dropped the sofa,” I called.

Well what were ya picking up the sofa fer anyway?!” Granny asked.

Sorry, I won’t do it again,” I call to her. I had to smile. She just took me at my word and didn’t question what I just told her and seemed oblivious to the dog that was chasing chickens in the house. Trust me, I was sorely tempted to join in.

Lofty and Mayer Mare are just sitting there with their jaws hanging slack while oblivious to the dog chasing chickens in the back.

See that ya don’t,” Granny replied and went back to wherever she was headed in the first place.

OK … Alright… Ponies like you aren’t supposed to be able to do that.” Mayer Mare said once she’d regained her composure. “There’s still the problem of the funds only paying for one school. One vocation that is. Normally a pegasus would attend flight camp and move on to a vocational position from there. Pretty much the same for Celestia’s school. There is also an application process. First, we put in the request for an application. The request for an application must be accompanied by statements explaining why we think you would benefit from attending Princess Celestia's school. If they like what we have to say they will send out the official application and provide you a list of dates and times that you can come in to be evaluated. It's recommended that you go on the first day and be prepared to spend several days in Canterlot as evaluations are first come first serve. If they like what they see you can expect to receive confirmation either on-site or in the mail. On-site is usually best.”

Well then, we’ll just have to go see Princess Celestia.” Lofty offered.

Celestia. I wasn’t sure if I was really ready for that. Even if it meant the possibility of being reunited with Luna. Then again, would mom even recognize me?

Mom… there I go again thinking of Luna as my mom. Maybe I shouldn't fight it.

Ya, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do.” That was going to be an interesting get-together and as I can hear Granny yelling at Apple Bloom I decide it's time I went out to help. “Say, why don’t I go help, Apple Bloom. That and if I don’t I’ll likely never hear the end of it.”

“No doubt about it,” Lofty offered. “That filly is an alicorn. She just doesn't have a handle on her abilities yet.”

“So what are we supposed to do?” Mayer Mare asked.

“We get her an audience with Princess Celestia.”

“In that case, I’d better go get a request off to Canterlot on the next train.”

"Mayer Mare trotted on back to town hall while I found Apple Bloom out in the orchard, and was bound and determined to learn apple bucking. Even though neither of us proved very good at it. Still, though, I had managed to keep up with Apple Bloom. As for Granny, Granny seemed to think the only reason Apple Bloom didn't have her cutie mark was that she wasn't applying herself enough. Never once taking into account that maybe Apple Bloom might need to find her cutie mark somewhere else. As for me, hell, I was worse than useless as far as Granny was concerned. I kind of got the feeling she thought that any pony, not an earth pony, was lacking in some way.

When Lofty and I returned home that evening, Holiday gave us the news that I was unregistered. Which is exactly what I expected. The news only helped to solidify that what was in my head was indeed correct as far as I knew. As for getting an audience with Princess Celestia, we’d been informed that we had been scheduled for next week, only to have the appointment time pushed back several times. Each delay coming a day or two before the time. Meanwhile, my flying was getting better thanks in part to tips from Rumble and I had memorized my magic primer within the first week. After that, the library had become a favored hang out. Twilight was there too, and always ready to answer questions. As to whether or not I was in any way related to Twilight, there just didn’t seem to be a connection other than the page boy bangs and identical stripes in our hair. That familial look was hard to ignore so Twilight made some inquiries of her family, but for whatever reason just didn’t clue into the idea that she should probably inform Princess Celestia about the young alicorn living in Ponyville. Granted that it was entirely possible she just dismissed me like so many others had and hadn't realized that false alicorns weren't supposed to be proficient in much of anything.

At least Bright Mac was doing better and would soon be out of the hospital. His improvements also brought about improvements in Granny's overall mood as well though she still had a tendency to make snarky little comments.

From there on life in Ponyville just went on like it always did. Though the townsfolk did like to brag up their new librarian. Which unfortunately lead to a bit of a confrontation when The Great and Powerful Trixie came to town.

Aw come on!” I shouted as I jump up onto Trixie’s stage. “She’s offering to do a traveling stage show. She’s not here to challenge any pony.” I protest in Trixie’s defense, and then as a side to Trixie, “Come on, haven't you ever worked a tough audience before?”

Not like this, no,” Trixie admitted.

Oh, I know, what if you did some tricks with a horn suppressor on?”

A horn suppressor?” Twilight asked. “I’m pretty sure that’s not how magic works.”

As a matter of fact Trixie does have a horn suppressor,” Trixie announced, ducked into her wagon, and reemerged a few moments later. “Well, Miss Princess Celestia's pet, care to verify that this is indeed a real horn suppressor?”

Where’d you get that?” Twilight asked perplexed. The guard didn't exactly give out horn suppressors.

The good sheriff of Dodge City was kind enough to present Trixie with a horn suppressor. Wonderful town, a shame Trixie’s new itinerary won’t allow her to go back there…. For a very long time. Now, place the ring on Trixie’s horn…” Twilight obliged and was quite stunned when Trixie proceeded to do a number of tricks.

It’s a trick, it has to be.” Twilight protested.

Care to try it?” Trixie asked.

A few moments later, urged on by the crowd, Twilight is now fumbling with the three-ring trick with a horn suppressor on. Granted that the trick is slight of hoof having nothing to do with any actual magic.

Nice tip there,” Trixie whispered to me as Twilight dropped the rings for the third time.

I wonder how long it’s going to take her to figure out what kind of magic uses neither horn nor wings?” I offered just loud enough for the ponies up front to hear. Eyes begin to widen in surprise and delight at the realization that a unicorn has been using Earth pony magic to do a magic show.

"To be true, it's all in the hooves," Trixie offered with a smug grin. Excellent tactile manipulation with the hooves was after all a trait of Earth Pony magic.

Wait what?” Twilight protested as she turned to look back at Trixie. And then pandemonium ensued moments after Snips and Snails announced that they lured an Ursa Major into town so Trixie can demonstrate how great and powerful she is.

That’s an Ursa Minor!” Trixie protested. Her years at Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns hadn’t been completely wasted. “I don’t know anything about baby Ursas!”

I’ve got this!” Twilight announced.

Not with that horn suppressor on you don’t!” I called. “Where’s Fluttershy, we need a lullaby!”

Author's Note:

I really see Granny as the sort who doesn't really think things through. Picking up a sofa is really nothing to her, and Apple Bloom can probably do it too. As seen previously granny can be a bit judgmental and prone to say things that come across with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Her initial reaction to Nova is one of suspicion and while her suggestion to throw Nova back in the forest might have been meant as a joke, it didn't really feel like it. And I've met lots of people like this. I'm tall, an old man comes up to me and asks me when I'm going to grow up. I was supposed to laugh at that having no idea what he's talking about. I'd an aunt who couldn't compliment without also belittling. We saw this sort of thing with the Equestria Girls franchise where they were forever belittling Sunset for the sake of cheap laughs.

Winona and the chickens was a last-minute addition. 🐔

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