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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 52:

We’d begun to gather several Cloudsdale Guards, none of whom seemed eager to take on our ghostly escort as we traveled along the length of the boulevard below us.

Um, Moonie,” Something I should have thought about earlier, “Any chance you can let mom and Lofty know where we are?”

Um… Ah, you should be within range,” Moonie offered and then vanished. With her went the music and escort.

Looks like we are on our own for a bit,” I offered, and then pulled up to get more altitude.

If nothing else you’ve forced them to act, but why?” Rumble asked.

I key the mic, “No one on board save one pony who is supposed to be dead, and moored to a basement on base. That means the base has been compromised, and the crew has likely blended in with the ponies at Flight Camp.”

Ah, is that a shield?” Scootaloo asked.

Sure enough a pink dome just formed over the base and we are headed right for it.

Dang it Cadance,” I spat out while dropping the mic, and then quickly turned the power down to idol the engines. We are still moving along at a fairly good clip. “Let’s see, set to feather… Ah, and reverse!”

I gave it a moment and then slowly reapplied power in hopes I wasn’t about to pull the ship apart. Had I been in an airplane I could have just pulled up, but this was an airship, and even attempting such a maneuver might not end well. I quickly snatched up and keyed the mic again, “Who put up the shield! I’m too close and too fast to divert!”

I could definitely feel myself being pushed forward as the ship slowed.

It wasn’t going to be enough. We were going to hit and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

Moonie…” I’d an idea but I needed Moonie. “Moonie, I need you.”

You rang?” Moonie piped up and I dropped the mic for a second time. “Sorry, but the shield cut off my projection.” I hadn’t known it at the time but the dispatcher had heard me calling for Moonie and misheard thinking I was calling for my mommy.

Any chance you can project a shield around the ship that matches the one we are about to hit? It’ll need to be an exact match. It doesn’t even have to be the whole ship, just where we are in contact with the shield.”

You want me to… ah, match the frequencies, make a hole, and we’ll pass right through,” Moonie offered, transformed herself into an adult, and began projecting a shield in front of the ship.

To be honest I had no idea why she needed a projection of her adult self to do it other than as a conduit for the magic.

Her energy beam formed a small glob in front of us and then slowly began to open a hole. I just had to hope it’d be enough as I cut the engines and feathered the props.

The three of us watch as our momentum drew us through the ever-widening gap Moonie was making.

Rumble, can you stick your head out the door and give us a shout when we are through?” I asked.

Sure,” He offered, took a step, gave Scootaloo a look, she reset the lever that opened the trap closing it. He offered thanks and trotted on back to where the door was.

You weren’t going to do it?” Scootaloo asked.

Something tells me neither of you would have a clue how to operate one of these things. Heck, I’m lucky everything is properly labeled as is.”

And how do you even know how?”

It’s complicated. Complicated as in how I knew how to rescue Sunset. I’ll try to explain it another time. Right now might not be such a good idea. I kind of need to concentrate. The thing is, I’m kind of an adult in a fillies body. Like I said, it’s complicated.” I was rambling and I knew it.

Scootaloo just gave me an odd look. Moonie was looking like she was struggling so I shifted the props to forward propulsion and added a little power. When I’d done that I placed a hoof on my amulet and started adding power to that.

Come on, just a little more… Scoot, can you check on Rumble?” I knew we weren’t through yet. Still, though, I was getting anxious. Had the guards flanking us decided to board the same way we had, it could be a big problem if they were to distract Moonie.

Ya, OK,” Scootaloo offered and went aft.

Something wasn’t right and from the sound of it, some pony had just grabbed Scootaloo.

Moonie, are we one hundred percent certain there was no one else on board?”

Moonie was concentrating too hard now to answer me. Heck, it was probably the guards, though I can’t for the life of me understand why they’d be so reckless as to come aboard while we were passing through the shield.

Cloudsdale guard, come out now, and surrender!”

Oh bucking great,” I muttered, let go of the amulet, and charged my horn. I could not let them interrupt Moonie. Not now, not when we were only halfway through. I turned to the door, waited, and blasted the first pony that dared to venture a peep into the bridge with that now-familiar ball of blue fire and lightning.

Interrupt flight operations, and we all go down in a ball of flame!” I shouted. I didn’t know for sure the shield would come crashing down on us but I was scared to death that should Moonie’s efforts be interrupted that shield would cut the ship apart. And being the ship was not Pegasi construction it meant crashing down through the clouds taking everything along the way with it.

There was silence from the back.

Scootaloo, Rumble? Are you two alright? Are we through yet?”

Let me check!” Scootaloo called.

Moonie was flickering, so I quickly placed my right hoof to my amulet and gave her as much magic as I dared.

We’re clear!” Scootaloo shouted.

Moonie, you can stop now.”

Moonie’s glow faded, and then she shrunk back down to plush size and snuggled up to me in my chair. I on the other hoof feathered the props and then shifted them into reverse once more.

It took a few minutes to slow us down to a reasonable crawl. From there I turned her into the wind and applied just enough power to keep us stationary.

Once more I keyed the mic, “Tower be advised that we have injured ponies. And if you could be so kind as to guide us into land, that would be much appreciated.”

Care to tell me who you are?” asked the flight controller.

Just so you know, the crew of this airship are on base,” I repeated. “I tried to explain to you what was going on, but you wouldn't listen.” I let out a sigh. I did not want to identify who I was over the air. “I am Princess Kitsumi Nova Moon. House of Athelas. I and two of my companions managed to fall all the way through the cloud layer after taking a tumble. While wandering around down there looking for a way back up we found shenanigans in progress. I commandeered the ship to prevent their escape by that means and have in custody one Mrs Daisy Bellis Woods. A wanted fugitive presumed dead.”

Who got hurt?”

Bunch of city guards boarded us. Their actions risked bringing the shield crashing down on us. I couldn't stop this thing fast enough so I punched a hole in the shield. Never mind how. If I hadn’t we’d have crashed right into it. If I’d have let the guard interfere with the spell casting that shield would have cut right through us.”

There is a moment of silence. No doubt someone at the other end just let out a long low whistle.

You, um, kind of blasted them,” Scootaloo offered from the doorway.

Any chance we still have Rumble?” I asked her.

I think they grabbed him. He’s not back there. It’s just us and a bunch of out cold guards.” She paused a moment. “And some idiot tried to rush the gap. I saw them drop, but I don’t know how bad they are.

Tower, be advised that we lost one of our ponies, as in we can’t account for his whereabouts. I am to understand that there is a pony down. Rushed the gap in the shield as it was closing,” I said into the mic. My tone filled with worry. “Can you have someone check with the City Guard and let me know if Rumble Lane is alright? I’m more than a little worried. They boarded while we were passing through the shield.” If the shield had come crashing down on him… I tried not to think about it though I could at least be reassured in that Scootaloo hadn’t seen him.

We, we’ll do that,” the tower operator offered. Not like I couldn't hear it in their voice. If he’d been hurt - it’d be my fault for sending him. If he'd been caught in the shield when it closed up...

I looked ahead and saw a group of Wonderbolts headed our way to include Spitfire. “Scoots, your mom is coming.”

You alright?” Scootaloo asked.

I’m worried about Rumble. Never mind getting into trouble, I just hope he didn’t get caught when the shield closed up. What about you?”

I’ll be alright. We live right next to the Everfree after all. Not like I’ve never seen a pony get hurt.”

Is the door open?” Scootaloo was putting up a brave face but I could tell it was bothering her.

Ya, they can get in.”

Scootaloo looked out the window, turned, and went back to the door. As for myself, once again, I was spent. Who’s fucking idea was it to throw up that shield? OK, ya, I was blaming Cadance, but the reality was that I had no way to know.

Next time ... just blast it,” Moonie said softly.

Not so sure it would have worked,” I offered in kind. “Doing it might hurt the pony casting the shield spell. And if we’d have jumped…”

Mrs Daisy and cargo,” Moonie offered softly.

I’ve never teleported anyone, and where would I take her, she’s an earth pony. No, the base is a sky island, I could have taken her there. But what about all the ponies below the ship when it came crashing down. What about them? Cargo?” Pretty sure I was rambling again, and why did Moonie think the cargo was important?

Hey, you alright?” Spitfire asked as she came forward.

I’ll be alright when I hear Rumble is alright. And had a nap in the sun.”

Rumble, he’s not on board?” Spitfire asked.

Let me guess, different frequency. Damn city guard boarded us while we were going through the shield wall. Stupid idiots pulled him out. Or at least that’s my assumption. Assuming he’s not still onboard somewhere and Moonie is in no shape to go looking for him.”

I’m sorry. We didn’t know what was going on. Some ponies grabbed the Neighpon Consulate's son.”

It was Cadance, wasn’t it?”

She says it’s safe when forming.”

And if this ship had hit it – boom! Any pony left on board along with any pony caught underneath.” I let that sink in. “Kenta would have been fine, I took their ship. Which I am claiming as prize, all salvage rights, and ownership by right of capture. They aren’t going anywhere.”

Alright… Listen, Moonie?”

If I go into standby Daisy wakes up.” Moonie offered.


The formerly former Mrs Daisy Bellis Woods. According to Moonie, and I’ve no reason to doubt her.”

Commander, we have got a locked cabin in the back,” Called up one of the Wonderbolts.

Daisy,” I offered.

Leave it for now,” Spitfire ordered. “Seems we have a special guest in there.”

There’s another radio in the navigator’s position back behind me on the port side if you want to talk to the tower,” I suggested. “I’m anxious to get our package delivered.”

You know, you’re supposed to be an officer to capture a ship.”

I’m a princess. Radio?”


Oh right. Any chance they’ll let me dock this thing?”

Hang on,” Spitfire offered. “She then keyed her radio and explained the situation as best she could.

I probably didn’t help matters, but I didn’t want the entire world to know my situation, and I didn't want to argue with a pony that was so quick to dismiss me,” I offered during a pause in the conversation. “I seriously need a call-sign that members of the guard will recognize.”

From what they are telling me, one of those idiots who followed you through got… Dear Celestia, Cadance is going to be devastated.”

You can’t just slap up a force field willy nilly… god I sound like Cozy Glow. Is, are they…?” I didn’t want to say it.

Wing got clipped is what they are saying.”

Oh. That’s, that’s not so bad. I mean, they’ll live, and hopefully ... they’ve enough left for a prosthetic. Rumble?”

They haven’t said.”

Tower control to Rogue One,” Squawked the radio. It’s someone new.

Tower, this is Rogue One,” I replied.

You are clear to bring it into Air-dock seven. I’m to understand Commander Spitfire is with you. She’ll be able to guide you in. All other air traffic has been advised to give you the right of way.”

Thank you Tower, Rogue One out.”

Zephyrus Boulevard?” Spitfire asked.

Is that the lane I pulled up through?”

You could have gotten some pony hurt. Care to explain?”

I was following Shadowbolts,” I offered as I applied more power to the engines. “I assumed they were Moonie’s doing. They were members of the guard from a thousand years back, and they vanished when I sent Moonie to tell mom where I was.

So where am I headed?”

Right…” Spitfire offered, stepped up closer, and pointed out reference points for me to guide on.

A short time later we were pulling up to Air-dock seven.

Commander,” I heard the familiar voice of Thunderlane. He sounded concerned.

I hazarded a glance back. Rumble was with him. “Rumble, where were you? I was worried.”

Nova, there are foals locked up in the cargo hold,” Rumble offered.

Cargo?” I asked softly as I gave Moonie a glance. I had to concentrate on what I was doing. Down below ponies were guiding me in, and what should have been routine was now anything but. “Scootaloo, I think the mooring release needs to be reset.”

I, ah, alright,” Scootaloo offered as I shifted the angle of the engines to bring us in closer to the landing area. With luck, we’d only need a few steps in place. Scootaloo reset the leaver, and a moment later the pony outside was giving me the cut-off sign.


No longer was there the familiar sound of the engines as I shut everything down. Once I was satisfied I let out a sigh and slumped down.

Author's Note:

As of this moment, there is nothing else loaded. I've some material that is more or less ready but still needs a once over.

Future updates will be no more than a week at a time due to my carpal tunnel acting up; which has made typing very painful. I just have to take more time away from the computer for it to clear up.

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