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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 9: One Vision

You’re going out?” Celestia asked. Moonie was presently riding on my back, and the amulet hanging from my neck once more.

Yes, to eat.” Alice offered. “A late luncheon, and perhaps she’ll get an opportunity to see Princess Luna tonight?”

Yes, of course, but the royal court kitchens are the best in Equestria.” Celestia protested.

Are they? How often do you eat outside the palace? Of those times who was doing the cooking?” Alice asked. “You’ve got the same group of cooks following you around wherever you go. But never mind that. Nova has similar dietary needs as a griffin. I’m half bat-pony, and the kitchens don’t exactly cater to our needs. Hers and mine. I’m also going to take a couple of the griffin recruits along with us.”

Griffin recruits?” Celestia asked.

Didn’t you get my memo?” Alice asked. “Being we are on friendly terms with griffins these days I thought I’d experiment with adding griffins to the guards. The day watch commander signed off on it being they’d be the one to train them. There’s only a dozen right now. Let me tell you that recruiting griffins is difficult.”

A diversified military is a strong military.” I offer. “But if we are on friendly terms why is it so hard to get recruits?”

I set up some stringent requirements, and griffin society just isn’t the pinnacle of culture it once was.” Alice offered.

After I banished Luna, there were members of the Griffin confederated kingdoms who got it into their heads that pony was the new it dish.” Celestia offered. “I might have taken out a lot of pent up rage on them.”

So you solar flared them into the stone age then?” I asked. Celestia hung her head.

And that’s not a denial. I shudder to think what she must have done?

Any griffin community suspected of murdering ponies was annihilated,” Celestia said softly. “Their entire economy collapsed and never fully recovered.”

I won’t hold what you did to them against you.” I offer. “I really can’t say I wouldn't do something similar under circumstances like that. Assuming it was in my power to do it.” I was pretty sure that if a nation was kidnapping and eating the citizens of the country I lived in as a human, we’d probably bomb them into the stone age. Bomb them, torch them with copious quantities of napalm, and flood their country with Kardashians. Public service, am I right?

And I’m guessing if you had tried to send aid afterward they’d just eat the aid workers,” Alice suggested.

I wanted to send aid to rebuild, but no pony would go,” Celestia replied.

Ya, can’t blame them.” I offer. “That twood be like sending me fried chickens.”

Come on you fox filly, let's go get you some chicken.” Alice prompted.

You two have fun.” Celestia offered and gave me a pat on the head.

I couldn't help but notice that she was looking much wearier than she had earlier.

Aunt Tia, before we go, would you be willing to tell me what’s wrong, or has it just been a long day?”

It’s alright. Nothing you need to worry about.”


Sunset Shimmer?” I ask. Sure it was a shot in the dark but the look on her face tells me I hit pay dirt.

How do you know about Sunset Shimmer?” Celestia asked.

When I was trapped in limbo I saw visions. Even saw myself living another life in an alien world. I saw Sunset Shimmer going through one of Starswirl’s mirrors.” Celestia just looked at me with a stunned expression. “Move that mirror someplace where it’s secure. Where no creature can gain access to it, and make sure there is a guard outside. In fact, I’d even go so far as to suggest putting a spell on it so that should she decide to come have a peek she won’t be able to duck back into it. You should never have shown her that thing.”

I knew she was too young, but… how do you know so much, how could you? Did Luna show you the mirrors?”

Like I said I had a vision while I was in limbo.” I offered. “No, mom would never have shown me something like that. She knew full well I would have taken it to be a challenge I needed to pass to please her. And I can tell you that there is a very strong possibility that Starswirl put a spell on that mirror specifically to bait creatures to go into it. I seem to recall that he or Clover the Clever used one of those mirrors to trap the sirens and dump all manner of dangerous magical artifacts in it. Might even be a good idea to send a team in to fetch Sunset the next time it opens and then find a way to undo what Starswirl’s spell did to her.”

I see,” Celestia said quietly. She is as reserved as ever. “I’ll take your words into consideration. - Now, hadn’t you best get going?”

Yes, let's get going.” Alice prompted. “Princess, I don’t expect we’ll be too late.”

I can’t just leave. I turn back to face Celestia. Sure she banished my mother, myself, Lieutenant Mouse, and destroyed our home in the process, but then again with power like what she has, the consequences of mistakes are just amplified.

Nova?” Celestia asked.

A hug before I go?”

Come here.” She said with a smile.

God works in mysterious ways.” I whisper as I hug her.

Pardon?” Celestia asks as I break away. “I hear music. Oh no!”

One mare. One goal. One mission.” I say in a sing-song way as I head for the door while prancing to the beat. And then I started singing on my way out the door, “One heart one soul just one solution...”

Oh no, Stop that.” Alice protests as I go into Queen’s ‘One Vision’. By the time we’ve arrived at the barracks for the griffins, I’ve got half the castle singing. The griffins look annoyed till I say the last two words of the song. The ponies just give me a baffled look and go back to whatever it was they had been doing.

Fried chicken?” One of the griffins asked while tilting their head. “You were singing about fried chicken?”

Want to go?” Alice asked. “Just two though.”

Only two?”

As a reward for your outstanding performance I’ll be taking Galena and Glenda,” Alice informed them. Galena was a tiger and hawk combo, and Glenda looked a lot like a snow leopard Osprey combo. If she and I were to stand next to each other we’d just sort of blend together. “The rest of you, keep up the good work, and next time I’ll take every griffin.”

So what’s the special occasion?” Galena was just a little suspicious.

This here is Princess Kitsumi Nova,” Alice informed them. “She is Princess Celestia’s niece. And thanks to whoever her father was...”

So you don’t know either?” I ask.

Sorry kit, not a clue. - As I was saying… This is Princess Nova, and she’s not like most other ponies.”

She’s a fox type isn’t she?” Offered one of the male recruits. “My father told me about them. They’ll strip the feathers off a griffin, and deep fry em in seconds.”

He might have been exaggerating.” I offer. “Um, depending on the number of tails.” I couldn’t be sure if fox ponies followed the same rules as kitsune, but there was no reason they wouldn't. “I’ve only the one tail so I’m relatively harmless. Not really interested in eating creatures capable of asking me not to.”

Good thing chickens are dumb as rocks then.” Glenda offered with a smile.

Hey, Firegem, better watch yer back, or that little filly will have you in the batter.” Someone teased followed by good-natured laughter.

Come on, let's go.” Alice prompted, followed by the four of us headed back towards the gate of the keep.

The guards snapped to attention. I wondered if it was because they’d heard I was Princess Celestia’s actual niece, or if they were afraid of the Lieutenant?

We’re just going out for a bit to get the little princess here something they don’t have in the castle.” Alice offered as we went by.

So is it true, is she a goddess of some sort?” One of the guards asked.

I’d say I’m on the same level as Princess Cadenza.” I offer. “Still need to learn how to control the magic I’ve got. I’ll let you know when I’ve figured it out.” Considering who my mother was… I give them a toothy smile as I walk past. Wonder if I can control weather and lightning just by willing it to happen?

We continued on past the last of the tour groups and government buildings. A few ponies eyeball the mini Moonie on my back.

How well can you fly?” Alice asks me as we make our way out the front gates.

Well enough, I guess. I’ve been flying to school and back to build up stamina… just don’t ask me to do anything fancy. I tend to get going… Um… you know the reason I have the cloak on is so no pony sees my wings.” That last part came out as a hoarse whisper. Horse whisper…

What’s with the face hoof?” Glenda asked. “Oh right, I get it.”

She probably doesn’t. How am I to explain the difference between a horse whisper and a hoarse whisper? Does that make me a horse whisperer and will all that whispering make me a little hoarse?

Alright then,” Alice replied. “The tram it is.”

We got off the tram about halfway and took a streetcar from there. After the streetcar had traveled a few blocks we got off and walked down another road, and then down a long winding set of stairs through hanging gardens. Granted there are potted plants all over the city.

The alley we went down made me a bit apprehensive, until Alice stopped to knock on a door.

A speakeasy?” I asked as a sliding window opened in the door. Oh, sweet ambrosia… the smell of cooked meat had a hold of my snoot.

What’s with the filly?” asked a rough voice inside.

Chicken, I smell fried chicken,” I say excitedly as I flutter heavenward.

She’s a special kind of pony,” Alice tells who or whatever it is that’s behind the door, takes hold of one of my legs, and pulls me back down. “Come on, you know me, and I’ll vouch for the griffins. It’s not like you are serving anything illegal in there.”

The window shut, there was the sound of bolts shifting, and then the door opened.

Well, you know how some ponies can be.” Offered a dragon as he opened the door outward. Of course, he’s a typical adolescent to an adult Equestrian dragon who stands on his hind legs. I imagine they don’t start walking on all fours until they are well past middle age. I know the show did have some that walked on all four legs, but those were the really big dragons. Now I’m curious as to what age they start walking on their hind legs, and how big do they have to get before they drop back down to all four again?

Well you don’t have to worry about the night guard.” Alice offered. “Not unless I find out you've been serving sentient creatures.”

How’s… hang on?” the dragon asked.

She’s in charge of the Night Wing,” Galena informed him as we entered.

Chicken, chicken, chicken...” I chanted.

Alrighty then.” the dragon said as he closed the door behind us.

Nuqneh. Glad hospitality laj,” I say in broken Klingon as I walk past him.

Qua’be’,” he replied with a surprised look on his face.

A large grin, bigger than the one I already had, formed on my face. Dragons speak Klingon. And yes, I am a mega nerd.

Inside it looked about the same as any ordinary restaurant back home save the presence of griffins, dragons, and a peppering of ponies. We were shortly greeted by a griffin who was light gray on top, dark gray on the bottom like a puma gull mix.

Ah Miss Alice Mouse, I see you've brought friends.”

Gustave le Grand, I have at that.” Alice offered. “I’ve a very special friend who wants to try your famous fried chicken.”

Ah, I see… I see a filly.” He sounded a bit skeptical.

Fox pony.” I offered and gave him a toothy grin.

Oh, well then, I guess it’s alright then,” Gustave replied. He then showed us to a table and left us with some menus.

Oh hey, chicken sampler,” I said delightedly.

Good evening, my name is Vermouth, and I’ll be your waiter tonight.

I want the chicken sampler,” I say with a big smile. Vermouth looks at me and then smiled.

We don’t get many ponies like you?” Vermouth offers. “One chicken sampler.”

I’ll have the sauteed Titan beetles and side of stewed mangoes,” Alice says. “And some mango cider.”

Oh, can I have the mango cider?” I ask.

That’s a hard cider dear.” Vermouth cautioned.

She means she can’t serve it to you because you are under age,” Alice informed me.

I’m over a thousand years old.” I counter. I love mango cider.

While that might be technically true, you’ve got the physical maturity of a little filly. I’m not dragging your drunk flank back and explaining how you got that way to your Aunt.” Alice said countering my counter.

Alright, you got me there.”

I’ll have the ham,” Galena said.

Ham… ooo, bacon! I’ll have a side of bacon with my chicken. Hang on, pigs…? I’m a little unsure. I mean pigs are fairly intelligent, but bacon. Mmmm bacon.”

Pigs aren’t really all that smart, don’t talk, can’t do rudimentary tasks so the government says we can eat them.” Vermouth offered.

Oh good, I’d sure hate to have to give up bacon.”

The waitress smiles at my answer. A short time later we’ve made our orders, and have to wait now.

You want an activity kit while we wait?” Alice asks.

Do they have those?” I ask. I don’t really need it, I’m just curious.

No, not really. Normally underage ponies aren’t allowed in here, but you being a meat-eating type, your an exception.” Alice explained.

Ah, probably think it might be traumatizing.” I look around to see a number of ponies casting glances at me.

Fortunately I don’t have too much longer to wait. Vermouth brings out our orders, oh the wonderful aroma. The delightful taste. I dive in washing it down with a little milk now and then while trying not to think of where the milk came from. What with my relative age I wouldn't even be a yearling yet back on earth and likely still nursing. Probably just as well I’m not. That would just be weird given I’ve got the mind of a human adult – mostly.

And how is your meal?” Guastave asks as he comes up to our table.

Pure ambrosia,” I say. “I can’t say when I’ve had a meal this good. You really know your stuff.”

Why thank… you. ??”

Between the sight of my wings protruding from my cloak – there is a horn on my head after all, and the ruckus at the door, poor Guastave’s mind went into momentary shutdown. He comes to his wits right about the time the local guard precinct comes rushing in.

This is a raid!” One of the guards ponies shouts.

Oh for Harmony’s sakes,” Alice mutters with a hoof to her face.

I’ll just be taking that as evidence of contributing to the delinquency of a minor,” a unicorn guard says attempting to snatch up my plate. I counter with my own magic, wrapping my front hooves around the plate while growling, and displaying both teeth and wings. A person pony would think he’d get the hint?

Something tells me you’ll lose a hoof if you get too close,” Galena suggested with a smile of sorts. It was kind of hard to tell with a beak.

Sargent, who authorized this raid?” Alice asked.

And you are?” the Sargent in the group asked.

Commander Alice Mouse, Commandant of Her Majesty's night wing.”

Commander? You got promoted.” I say momentarily forgetting my tug of war. My plate starts to slowly move away from me. “Put it back!”

Gentle ponies, she’s an exception.” Alice pointed out. Her tone was less than kind. “She eats meat!”

Ou-baka-tari!” rang out my battle cry.


I’m not really sure what came over me, but I would soon find Alice trying to pull me off the unicorn who was trying to take my chicken, and a short time later I was sitting on the floor of a demolished restaurant while Princess Celestia was glowering at me.

Nova, I’m to understand you teleported into the air and dove down on one of my guards attacking him as though you were not but a vicious animal thus causing general panic and mayhem?” Celestia asked. “While Moonie flew around in circles cackling.”

I guess?” I said with my head down, and ears drooping.

You guess?” Celestia echoed. “Did you really teleport?”

I think it has something to do with my cutie mark, but I don’t really have any control over it.”

I see, but you do have control over your actions do you not?” Celestia pressed.

Your majesty, things may have been a little on the rough side for her growing up.” Alice offered. Celestia gave Alice and me a surprised and even pained look. “Don’t get me wrong, even when she was at her worst, Nova’s mother loved her dearly and would suffer her no harm. It’s just that she might have encouraged aggressive behavior. As is, Nova was also, strangely enough, keeping with Griffin culture. Taking meat that is not freely given is a serious insult. Further, when a male takes from a female and she allows it, it signifies she’s his property. At least that’s the way it was in, well, our time. If she hadn’t gone after him, the griffins may well have seen that as consent to being his.” Several nearby griffins nodded their heads indicating they fully agreed with what Alice had just said and even approved of my actions.

Fine, let's just go home, and we’ll sort all this out tomorrow.”

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