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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 3: First morning in Ponyville

I soon found myself hoisted up out of the bath, and brought up onto the porch where several towels were ready to dry me. Pear Butter and Miss Lofty proved too slow in applying said towels though. Without giving it a second thought, I did my best impersonation of a dog shaking off water. A few moments later I was a dry little fluff ball thanks in part to the unconscious use of magic.

“Well, that’s a fine howdy-you-do.” Pear Butter said a moment later.

“Now that I can see her, I think it’d be fair to say something’s not quite right here.” Lofty commented.

“Other than the fact that she just transferred all that water to us?” Apple Bloom protested.

“Sorry,” I replied.

“Pear Butter, a word with you.” Lofty prompted and then lead Pear Butter some distance away from me. She watched my ears twitch, zero in on them, and then chose to move a little further away. Like that was going to make much of a difference. Those extra-large multi-directional acoustic radars were a damn sight better than human ears and probably better than ordinary pony ears.

“So what’s the big deal?” Pear Butter asked once they’d settled on what they thought was a good safe distance.

“She’s got a cutie mark for magic.”


“Look at her. That’s not the sort of cutie mark one sees on pegasi.”

“Oh my.” Pear Butter’s jaw dropped. “You aren’t seriously suggesting she’s an actual Alicorn, are you?”

“She can definitely use magic, even if she’s doing it subconsciously. And don’t ask me how. Her horn hardly lights up when she does it.”

The two found themselves at a bit of an impasse in considering what to do with me. I would need to be reported to the authorities, but they weren’t too sure if doing so was the right thing. I might very well be a young Alicorn, though when it came to it only Princess Celestia knew for sure what a young Alicorn even looked like. I also had a rather predatory look about me. I was harmless enough, but how would the guards treat me when taking into consideration how xenophobic some ponies could be. How would Princess Celestia treat me if all I was to her was the Nightmare's daughter?

And then there were the silver horseshoes. They hadn’t really looked at them at first, but they couldn't help but note the fine craftsmanship on closer inspection.

When Bright Mac was brought in badly maimed by a Timber wolf, I was quickly forgotten.

Have I changed history as I know it?’ I thought to myself as Bright Mac was being bandaged up. No, this timeline was different, and yet I may well have just saved Pear Butter. Several of Bright Mac’s wounds were deep enough they had to be stitched. I didn’t see much more as I was herded upstairs with Apple Bloom. Once we were upstairs I asked Apple Bloom for something to tie up my mane. She not only agreed but even went so far as to braid it, if for no other reason than to distract herself.

When things quieted downstairs I was the first to dare to venture downstairs to find out what was going on. What I found was Lofty, of all ponies, and no one else.

“Miss Lofty?” I asked. “Is he going to be alright?”

“I can’t say.” Lofty replied. “They’ve taken him to the clinic in town.” She looked me over. “Come here, let's see what we can do with those wings of yours.”

“Um...” Apple Bloom said as she ventured downstairs.

“Every pony has gone into town.”Lofty offered with a half-smile.

“Oh.” Apple Bloom replied sounding defeated. “Is...?” She wanted to say it, but just couldn't.

“We don’t know.” Lofty offered. “They took him into town.”

Lofty quietly set about preening my wings and Apple Bloom decided to just sit and wait.

“You know, you never did tell me what you were doing out in the orchard in the dark?” I prompt.

“I was protecting the apples from sneak thieves.”

“And did you catch any?” Lofty asked with a tone of voice that made it clear she had no business being out there.

“Yes.” I offered. “She caught me.”

Granny Smith returned later that afternoon. There were chores to be done. Big Mac, Apple Bloom, and I were pressed into service, and Apple Jack had yet to return.

“Miss Nova.” Granny Smith said as she ambled up to me later that afternoon. “Under the circumstances, we aren’t going to be able to look after you. You do understand don’t you?”

My stomach growled. Aside from the apples from the trees and some grass I’d nibbled on earlier, I’d had nothing to eat.

“I understand,” I replied dropping my head.

“And you’ve had nothing to eat, come on inside.” Granny offered. “All that work, and on an empty stomach to boot.

And don’t fret as to what’s to become of you, Lofty is going to take you in for a few days.”

My prospects looking up, I managed a smile. I was after all, not but a filly dependent on the goodwill of others.


Thank you for the food.” I offered momentarily before digging into my offerings. I was indeed famished. There was no meat, but there were eggs and other dairy products available. Did I mention that I was famished?

“Poor thing was famished.” Lofty commented as she too partook in the smorgasbord that had been laid out on the table. Apple Bloom and Big Mac ate, but worry about their father was taking much of their appetite.


It was a quiet meal, and when every pony had finished, I thanked Granny Smith for her hospitality and left with Lofty.

“I’m going to assume you aren’t up to flying?” Lofty asked as we walked down the lane that headed into town.

I laughed, and then said, “Are you kidding, I’d be lucky to get off the ground!”

“Kidding? As in baby goats?”

“Um, no. As in joking.” I replied embarrassed by my slip.

“Oh. Alright.” Lofty offered. “Kids can be kind of funny.”

“Kid as derived from old Norse ponish kith as in kith and kin,” I say as I think out loud. “Or in this case the old ponish kid as into hoax or josh originating from a slang term to make a foal or goat out of some pony.”

“Ah, makes sense now.” Lofty offered. “It’s a bit like you are bilingual and the two languages are so similar you’re getting them all mixed together.”

“Ya, something like that,” I reply with a smile. She doesn’t know the half of it.


Thus it was that the two had funny little smiles as they entered the outskirts of Ponyville.

“Probably a good thing I’ve got you to escort me,” I said quietly to Lofty. Plenty of ponies have been giving me the stink eye. The town itself had the look of a quint old-timey town with lots of gingerbread and thatched roofs. It had a very welcoming feel to the architecture, not so much among the ponies. Granted that the Nightmare Moon incident probably wasn’t helping.

I’d forgotten just how xenophobic the residents of Ponyville had been at the beginning of the show.

“You’re a little different, but not all that much. They’ll get accustomed to you soon enough.”

We continued on until we arrived at the local guard station.

“Just to be legal, I need to report that we found you.”

“I expected as much,” I reply as I follow her in.

“Hello, I’m Guard Deskclerk, how can I help you?” The guard at the front desk asked. He was by all outward appearance, an alabaster unicorn, but then again, if this world worked the same way as the show, I wouldn't know his true colors until he removed the uniform. He was also the only one there at the moment, and he was also rather scrawny for a guard. He kind of reminded me of Barney Fife from that old TV LandTM show. Any time all heck broke loose the other guards made sure he stayed in the station house.

“I’ve come by to report a found foal.” Lofty informed him.

“Have you now? And what does this foal look like?”

“Um, like me.” I offer.

“Hey, don’t be a smart cookie, no pony like’s a smart cookie.”

I suppress a comment about Smart Cookie likely having lots of friends.

“She’s the found foal,” Lofty offered. “She wondered onto the Apple farm a little past noon today. About an hour before the Timber wolf attack.”

“Oh, young miss, you didn’t lose your family did you?” Barney, I mean, Deskclerk asked.

“She says she was out in the Everfree. Woke up out there, and doesn’t remember anything about her family.”

“You sure she’s not a runaway?”

“She appears to be a false alicorn, so I suppose we can’t rule that out. I’d imagine she just wants a loving home, and it’s entirely possible she got the same treatment that many other false Alicorns get.” Lofty replied with a cold edge to her voice.

“False Alicorn? I’ll have you know that Princess Celestia requires that all pegasi born with horns be registered.” Deskclerk replied. “Let me just fill out the appropriate paperwork, the Alicorn registration, the found filly flier, and we’ll find out soon enough who she is.”

“Kitzumi Nova Moon. House of Athelas.” I offered. “I know who I am, I just, well, let's just say I’m a little disoriented.”

“What was your last known place of residence?”

“I woke up this morning in the Palace of the Two sisters.” I offer. “And from there I made my way to the Apple Farm, and then here.”

“Palace of the two sisters...” Deskclerk repeated as he wrote it down. Stopped and looked at me.

“I missed all the excitement.”

“I think she means the Castle of the Two Sisters.” Lofty offered.

“Oh no, it’s not a castle.” I corrected, “It’s a palace. There used to be a fortified citadel around it. The main building is about all that’s recognizable now.”

“You know… that’s rather specific.” Deskclerk pointed out. “And to be out there today of all days.”

“Aaaah, that’s where I woke up this morning. Or last night. I’m not sure?” I offered. “There’s no battlements on the building, ergo not a castle.”

“She’s got a point.” Lofty offered. “Several.”

“Alrighty then,” Deskclerk replied. “Name: Kitzumi Nova Moon, family name: Athelas, last known place of domicile: The Palace of the Two Sisters, filly, age… do you know your age?”

“Not really,” I replied looking rather sheepish. “I’ll go with one-thousand and eleven or thereabouts.”

“Don’t be a smart cookie. Let’s see, you’ve got a cutie mark so that places her age somewhere between ten or twelve.”

“Estimated age eleven then.” Lofty offered.

“Works for me,” Deskclerk replied. “Where will she be staying?”

“Not going to lock me up till some pony wants to claim me?” I ask.

“I do that and I have to take care of you.” He replied. “And to be honest, little filly, pegasi foals with horns don’t often get claimed.”

“Now is that a nice thing to be telling her?” Lofty protested.

“It’s the truth, and something tells me she already knows that.”

“He is kind of right.” I offered. “I’d hate to think that ponies would abandon their own foals for being different, but then I don’t seriously expect anyone to come to fetch me.”

“Do you remember anything about your family?” He prompted.

“It’s possible my mother’s name is Luna.” I offer. Luna wasn’t that uncommon of a name, I hoped and telling them I was a Sparkle could easily end in disaster. Still, though, I wouldn't mind having Twilight and Shining Armor as siblings. “I might be related to the Velvet family.” I offered.

“She’ll be staying with me for the time being.” Lofty offered. “I sort of volunteered, and with Bright Mac in the hospital, the Apple’s weren’t going to be able to look after her.”

“Well, that should cover it then. Just be sure to take her to school, and some pony will be in touch soon enough.” Deskclerk offered. “Shame about Bright Mac. Sure wish they’d give us more trained guards.”

“Maybe this is the incident that’ll finally put a torch under the flanks of the bean counters in Canterlot.” Lofty offered. “Come on Nova Moon.”

“Just Nova is fine,” I say as I file out the door after her.

It’s getting late. I marvel at the speed of the sun going down, casting the world in darkness, a moment later the moon rose up along with my mane.

I sure hope no pony noticed that.

I breathe a sigh of relief a moment later when my mane dropped back down to normal.

We arrived a short time later at a small cottage in a col de sac of equally small cottages. Lofty opened the door, no lock apparently, must be nice, and was accosted moments later by a manila colored earth pony with two-tone orange mane and tail. Specifically, it was her lips she went for first.

“I was so worried about you!” Kiss, kiss, kiss.

“Holiday!? Mum!”

I decide to just go inside, and work on my wings while I wait for the two mares to finish greeting each other.

“I was getting so worried.” Holiday stated once she’d calmed down a little. “Why are you so late? I heard there was a timber wolf attack! And Nightmare Moon! Can you believe it, Nightmare Moon was real!”

“I brought some work home with me.” Lofty offered.

“You were foal sitting… you didn’t bring Apple Bloom home did you?”

“No, no, different filly. Where’d she go?”

“I’m inside,” I call. “Maybe it might help if you could impart some preening tips?” I was presently flat on my back with my wings spread out. I’d been reaching around trying to find my preen gland when I lost balance, and over I went.

“Who or what is that?”

“Nova Moon. Wondered out of the Everfree. Says she was in the palace of the two sisters.” Lofty offered. “Seems to have missed all the excitement.”

“Castle, it’s a castle.” Holiday countered.

“She’s been there. No battlements, not a castle.” Lofty countered and then went inside. I’d been on my back watching them through the doorway the whole time. “Come on, right yourself, and let's see what we can do with those wings.”

“She’s got some long wings on her. She’ll be a real heart breaker when she gets older.” Holiday commented as she followed, closing the door on the way in. The fact that she’s not too worried about the fact that I was out at the old palace suggests to me that going out there must be some right of passage for the locals.

I turned back over and decided to see if I could find that preen gland. I kind of knew more or less where it was supposed to be, the trouble was reaching the base of my tail without tipping over. And there I go again. Thump. My ears go back at the sound of suppressed laughter.

“You know at your age you should already have a handle on that.” Lofty offers as she sits down next to me. “Sit up again, and I’ll help you out.”

Having Lofty preen my feathers for me felt good and oddly familiar. I couldn't help but wonder if I was losing myself to this character I created, or if my whole life as a human had been nothing more than a dream?

That night I slept on the sofa and dreamed of life as a pony princess.

It all came crashing down when Luna and Celestia fought.

Author's Note:

The setting was originally back when the main six were still little fillies. The perfect pair still being alive is because I didn't want to throw all that out. It also created a sort of atmosphere where Applejack and Big Mac don't have to play the part of an adult all the time.

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