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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Are you ready to rumble!!!!!

Must we do this?” Princess Louise asked.

My dear, you know as well as I that we can not avoid this. There will be bloodshed, be it on the morrow, or the next.”

I object to this!” Princess Celestia pleaded desperately.

I can do Earth bending!” I shouted when I’d finally manage to get a word in. “And I doubt that mare knows how to fight.”

As desperate as she is…” Celestia admonished.

I could have disallowed Nova, but…” Tsuki said softly. “Fighting to prove innocence is a very old tradition. Old enough that we’d have to allow it.”

To maintain the family's honor in the sight of the populace a family member of age would have to fight,” Mom said quietly.

Do keep in mind we could have gotten Shining Armor-” Celestia began.


Mom’s protest left Aunt Tia speechless.

To do so would be to break my word to my son.”

Princess Tsuki gave me a week to teach Luna how to do earth bending.

It’s a capacity crowd at the Canterlot Olympic stadium, a white unicorn stands in center field in a white sparkly suit with a microphone held in front of him in his aura. He looks about, opens his mouth with a smile, and as he talks his words ring out over the packed grandstands.

Ladies and Gentle colts…” He pauses for just a moment. “Ladies and gentle colts, welcome to the main event.” The crowd roars with delight. He waits a moment. “For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching on HBO pay per view… Ladies and Gentle colts from Canterlot City’s Olympic stadium, llllllet’s get ready to rumble!”

The din of the cheering and stamping crowd resounded off the mountain peaks so as to be heard as far away as Manehatten even over the din of the throng of the city.

Even as the crowd quieted the sound of the song “Eye of the Tiger” could be heard blasting over the loudspeakers. Down on the pitch, Daisy was trotting out to center field. More than a few booed her arrival. And yes, I was one of them. Let’s just say I wasn’t happy about any of it. Mom had picked up the basics fairly quickly but should that horse of a pony land one kick I’d be looking for a new Luna.

The challenger, Ladies and Gentle ponies, weighing in at 140 stone, Mrs Daisy Bellis Woods!”

The announcement was met with much jeering, catcalls, whistles, and stomping of hooves.

Our defending champion…”

A hush fell over the stands as an outlawed song began to play.

Oh come tell me Sean O’Ferrell, tell me why you hurry so…” rang out the song as Princess Luna trotted out.

Weighing in at 71 and a half stone…” To the shock and horror of all her wings and horn were gone. A temporary condition, so I was told.

..for the pikes must be together by the rising of the moon…” continued the song.

It was surprising how many ponies seemed to know the anthem of those who’d supported the ponies of the night following the Night Mare’s banishment.

Princess Bucking Luna!!” Called out the announcer.

Once more the cheering rang out over the mountains, and Luna let loose a buck that would have made Applejack proud. Just to be sure every pony understood what sort of bucking was implied.

You are going down, bitch!” Daisy shouted. “Do you know why? Because I am the best there is, the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be!”

My one consolation was that reports from the compound Daisy had been given access to said that all she’d done was strength training. It just wasn’t looking like she could use any of the more lethal Earth pony techniques. Still, though, I worried.

You are delusional!” mom shouted back at her. “Look at me! I’m half your size and still better than you’ll ever be. You’re the sort that thinks everything is a nail to be hammered.”

And I am the hammer! I will hammer you into the ground with my own hoofs.”

Alright, alright, wait for the match to start!” Shouted Applejack as she joined them. She was wearing a black and white striped shirt. “I’m going to say this once on account of I don’t like one bit o’ this. I only agreed to ref so in as ta make sure it’s a clean fight. And it better be a clean fight. There will be no head butting, no eye-gouging, no ear-biting, no hair pulling, no spitting or attempting to blind your opponent in any way. You will not intentionally target any orifice or open wound. The pile driver is banned.”

I thought this was a fight to the finish? What difference does it make?!” Daisy shouted.

No mam. No mam! This fight ends when one combatant is no longer able to go on, quits the field, or I say it ends. You got that lil’ Missy?”

Ya, sure. I got it.” Daisy replied with an angry scowl on her face even as the Master of Ceremonies was making a hasty retreat to a grandstand. “If Princess Luna quits the field that’s it. You win. You gain your freedom, so I am ta understand. Not like you’d be welcome anywhere in Equestria.”

Like I care. Let’s just get on with this.”

Fine then,” Applejack offered. “Oh, and just to make it clear to you, Princess Luna has been stripped of her pegasi and unicorn magic and abilities. She’s all earth pony right now.”

Ha, like she could beat me with all her powers.”

Did you not hear what my daughter did to one of your flunkies?” Luna asked. She’d a grim look of determination on her face.

I seem to recall that it took everything she had to do it so why don’t you just bring it on. Go on, give me everything you’ve got.”

I don’t need it. Not to beat an Earth pony who spends her days in the sky. You lost your connection to the earth years ago or you would never have turned so rotten.”

When you hear the bell, you may begin,” AJ stated.

Any pony got a pocket watch with a chime in it?” Luna asked under her breath. A moment later a bell rang, Daisy dug in her hooves to lunge forward, Luna jammed down her right front, pulled it to the left in a quick deliberate action, drew in all four hooves, and pronked heavenward even as Daisy slid past on her belly with a most perplexed look on her face.

By the time Daisy had gotten back to her hooves Luna was some distance away.

Nice move,” Luna taunted. “What’s that called, the Daisy slide?”

Ya right. Now quit screwing around and let me pummel you.” Daisy replied as she started walking towards Luna. She went into a trot, but the moment she attempted to go into a run Luna did something with her hooves and the ground went out from under her. A moment later Daisy had scrambled to her hooves and was after a pronking Luna.

The two went around in circles like this for a while and didn’t start to get interesting until Luna produced a sizable rock and launched it at Daisy. Caught off guard the stone hit her in the left shoulder with enough impact to stagger her. Luna used that moment to pronk around in a loop followed by pronking off Daisy's side.

Daisy went down hard but was soon back on her hooves.

She cheated!”

Nope, she didn’t,” AJ stated.

Throwing a rock at me – oof!”

A stone had erupted from the ground right into Daisy’s gut with enough force to lift her off her hooves for a moment.

Hhhhhh…” Daisy gasped. She looked over at Luna who had a shit-eating grin. “Hhh-how is she not cheating?!”

She’s using abilities available to all Earth ponies,” AJ informed her. “Maybe if you’d have spent your days making an honest living you’d know what she was doing?”

Daisy let out a cry of rage and dashed for Luna as fast as she could. Luna jammed both front hooves into the ground and pushed as hard as she could.

Seeing the large obelisk erupting from the ground right in Daisy's path was a surprise even to me. As for daisy, she’d lept into the air just at the last moment slamming all four hooves into the stone shattering it even as she rebounded.

I jumped up about the same time mom jumped back to try to avoid getting struck by the rubble from her own attack. Daisy was on the move, tacking back and forth in quick succession as she attempted to close in. This time she was quicker than Luna and it looked like I was about to become an orphan as Daisy reared up and readied to bring down both hooves.

Mom was a combat veteran though, and quick as a wink dove in under Daisy, grabbed her by the hind legs, reared up, and flipped daisy who landed hard on her back. Mom twisted around to ready for the next attack but Daisy just lay there trying to catch her breath.

Do thou yield?”

Daisy looked in Luna’s direction and rasped out the word “Never.” Not that anyone but Luna could hear her. Mom made a quick movement with her hooves on the ground causing a crack to open up under Daisy dropping her in.

Daisy began to struggle, but it soon became apparent that she was stuck.

Yield!” Luna shouted.

Go back to the moon!” Daisy rasped out.

Miss Daisy, unless you can get yer-self out of there, I’d say this fight is over,” Apple Jack offered.

No, no, no…” Daisy protested and started to cry from sheer frustration.

Just as she was about to work up to a massive temper tantrum the three ponies were enveloped in rainbow light. With a quick glance around I saw that my pendant had lifted along with our distinguished guests, myself along with them. Other ponies were being enveloped in light as well and soon the entire place was enveloped in rainbow hues. Daisy was transformed into a foal, mom grew by no less than two hooves in height at the shoulders, and Daisy was allowed to throw her temper tantrum while the crowd looked on in bewilderment.

Those who’d been lifted up dropped back down and the light faded. I looked to my counterpart, “That was unexpected,” she offered as ponies around us began asking each other if they’d seen what had just happened? No pony seemed quite sure.

Down on the field AJ looked at Daisy, and then at Luna. “I guess that makes you the winner ... what just happened?”

If I were to hazard a guess I’d say it has something to do with the magic of harmony,” Luna offered. “By the way, thou are going to be at the Gala this year, are you not?”

The Gala? Funny you should ask. Princess Celestia sent Twilight two tickets and we all pestered Twilight to the point that she sent them back.”

All? And she only sent two?”

Pinkie, Rarity, Dash, Fluttershy, and I’m ashamed to say, myself.”

I can’t help but wonder why she didn’t send you all tickets? You are all invited. And for that matter, I thought Spitfire was going to ask Dash?”

Well, that I wouldn't know about.”

Oh, don’t tell me the six of you have formed a herd?”

Herd? The six of us?!” AJ protested while turning red as Big Mac.

Sounds like I should have sent six tickets, to begin with,” Celestia offered as our little group joined them, and yes Daisy was still crying, though possibly not as loud as before. She’d exhausted herself and was just about ready to collapse. “Any idea what we are to do with Daisy?”

It would appear that the very Spirit of Harmony has ruled on this one,” Princess Tsuki offered. “Still though, I doubt anyone would give her much of a chance here in Equestria.”

Author's Note:

Yes, I know, it's been a while.

Not quite done yet. As for when I get the next installment... I'm still working on it.

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