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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 4: an Ill jest for Celestia and Nova's first day of school.

Princess Celestia woke with a start. It had been a long time since she’d had that specific dream. Banishing Nightmare moon wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part was a little black and white filly determined that they stop fighting. She’d placed herself right between the two at that critical moment, Luna coming to her senses just in time to make a desperate attempt to push the filly out of the path of the light of the elements.

When it was all over they were both gone.

Luna was back now, but no filly.

Celestia sat on the edge of her bed looking up at the moon beyond the open curtains. There’d been no sign of that little filly when the fight was over. Nor was there any sign of her once the smoke had cleared, and the rubble searched. Luna’s private household staff had fled, taking harmony knows who with them. Ponies had been hurt. Ponies had died. Later she would learn that the whole episode had been orchestrated by certain nobles who only saw Princess Luna’s removal as the key to more power. They paid dearly and Celestia nearly lost control to Day Breaker.

Luna had been innocent. Or at least relatively so. Celestia had been suspicious that Luna had been slowly slipping to the dark side for some time. How long she could not know, but the confrontation did not need to happen.

It had been Celestia herself who pushed Luna over the edge.

“Following Luna’s banishment, the nobles used that as an excuse to commit acts of ‘reprisal’ on any pony who’d been one of Luna’s supporters. Luna’s supporters had been among the more liberal of the nobles as well. Their absence from court led to the rollbacks of many reforms. Reforms Celestia herself had wanted.

It would take many generations to undo the damage.

“Your highness? Is there anything I can do?” Asked one of the night guards.

“So, have you come at last to enact your vengeance?” Celestia asked in a deadpan tone.

“I had thought about it, but then who’d raise the sun in the morning.”

Celestia pursed her lips. To be perfectly honest she’d no idea who this pony was having relied on her staff to make sure they weren’t hiring assassins. The guard was new, and yet her voice was like a long-forgotten memory.

“A night guard with a sense of humor. Not often I run into that.”

“Dare I ask, what has you up at such an early hour?”

“A dream.”

“A nightmare?”

“A very old nightmare. One where I must relive the horrible night where I hurt my dear sister and lost her to the shadow known as Nightmare Moon. I lost my sister, her household, and all who supported her because I allowed myself to be manipulated.”

“If you could undo that night, would you?”

“I would,” Celestia replied in a soft tone. “Luna is home, she’s finally home, and yet my heart is heavy. So many innocents had to suffer because I couldn't see that I was being manipulated.”

“And if one of Princess Luna’s Shadowbolts were to present herself to you, would you take her back even though she contemplated killing you?”

“One of Princess Luna’s Shadowbolts...” A shiver ran down Celestia’s spine. The guard hadn’t been adding to her morbid joke.

Unification had not been easy, and Luna’s Shadowbolts were perhaps the finest special operations unit ever formed.

“But that was a long time ago.” Celestia prompted. “How then could some pony who lived so long ago present themselves to me now?”

“By getting caught in the beam created by the harmony stones in an attempt to pull a headstrong filly to safety. Oh, and your security sucks.” The guard offered. She then walked around to Princess Celestia, removed her helmet, and bowed before her. “I have nothing left but my duty to the crown. Will you take me back?”

Celestia looked at the grey pegasus as a feeling of horror swept over her.

“Lieutenant Alice Mouse.” The guard offered.

“But… but...” Celestia stammered. Alice looked up at her, and recognition set in like a hoof to the gut. “Alice? - But how? I thought you dead… or fled a thousand years ago?”

“No Princess. As I said, I got caught in the beam from the harmony stones. Found myself in the ruins of the old palace about six months back, and have been wandering about Equestria since then. I’ve been doing odd jobs to get by.”

“Alice,” Celestia said softly as tears welled up in her eyes. She dropped down to the floor and embraced the young mare. “Of course I’ll have you back. In fact, I’ve got a mind to put you in charge of the night shift...

“Hang on if you came back early?”

“Your Highness?” Alice asked.

“Luna is home, but what of the young charge you sought to save from her own foolishness?”

“Oh no,” Alice said quietly, and then in a more upbeat tone added, “She’s a resourceful filly. We can send pegasi guards to check on a daily basis but should she be out on her own, I dare say that one will find a way to land on her hooves.”


You feeling like breakfast?” Lofty asked me.

Ya, I guess,” I replied. I really didn’t want to get up, but Lofty insisted that I was plenty old enough to go to school, but too young to get a job.

I thought I was supposed to be nocturnal,” I say as I sit at the breakfast table. Sitting at a table as a pony just seems wrong to me. Maybe if it was a kotatsu table it would make more sense, but this was a standard western style table with chairs.

That was some nightmare you had last night.” Holiday offered. “Might help to talk about it?”

I let a sigh slip, and then began, “My mom and my aunt were fighting. Let's just say it got pretty intense.” If half of what last night’s dreams were to be believed, it was a strong indication that in this world, Luna was my mother. Still, though, I needed to be careful.

And your mother’s name was Luna wasn’t it?” Lofty asked as she presented me with a bowl of hot oatmeal in cream.


Any idea where she might be?” Holiday asked.

Incarcerated?” I say. Well, I couldn't very well say she’s Princess Luna now could I? Who’d believe it?

I quietly ate my mush while wondering if I might mooch some eggs off the Apples? Then again, that might not be appropriate considering the circumstances. Maybe they needed a helping hoof after school? Having a scoop of cooked apple added to my gruel helped. Well, it was only breakfast. I’d worry about diversifying my diet later.

I’d better get going or I’ll miss my commuter train into Canterlot.” Holiday offered as she put a light blue scarf on. She gave Lofty a kiss and threw a pair of saddlebags over her withers. “I’ll make some inquiries during lunch if I get the time. Bye, see you tonight.” She gave lofty another kiss, gave me a pat on the head, and was out the door a moment later.

What does she do in Canterlot?” I ask.

She works at a travel agency.”

Travel agency?” I ask. I have to remind myself that the images of Canterlot that are in my head are probably a little out of date.”

Sure. Lots of wealthy ponies live in Canterlot, and they like to travel. Now hurry up, and eat.”

One of my unusual traits had been my ears. While Lofty was combing out the knots in my mane she’d commented on how my ears had black fur on the back but were white with pink skin in front. This had lead to me making faces in the mirror in an attempt to maneuver my ears so I could see the back of them. Lofty laughed and commented that I was acting as though I’d never seen myself in a mirror before. But then, I don’t remember my past. Not really per se. I mean I do, bits, and pieces as they come into focus, but it just doesn’t feel like me. What I seemed to remember of this world was a jumble of bits and pieces, and that was mixed up with things that were yet to come. And yet, all this was brand new for me. Granted I wasn’t entirely convinced I was really here but figured it’d be best to just roll with it.

However. Knowing that ponies didn’t normally have both wings and a horn I’d done my best to style my page boy mane cut to hide my nubbin of a horn.

A short time later my mane and tail were groomed, my wings preened, lunch packed in an old saddle bag along with pencils and paper, and we were out the door.

I didn’t want unnecessary attention. And yet I always seemed to attract the worst kind. Sure I was doing my best to hide the horn, but when we got stopped on the way to the school it wasn’t my horn, but my legs.

Why is that filly wearing stockings? She is much too young for such things!” Demanded a matronly mare with blond fur and a wild red mane that was all over the place. She also had an obscene amount of makeup on.

Mrs Baker, that’s fur. She’s a paint.” Lofty offered. “It grows that way on her. She’s just a little different. She was born that way.”

Mrs baker didn’t believe her and started going on about things being sinful.

Well, I can fly in a pinch, and Tammy is only an earth pony…

I took a few steps back, stretched my wings out a couple of times, readied for a takeoff, crouched down, and pictured myself doing the Neo super-powered take off. Feeling a tingling sensation in my horn, wings, and legs brought a huge grin to my face.


Boo-ya!” I shouted as I soared upwards. I had magic!

Oh crap?!

I had magic.

I could feel myself stalling out. A moment later I was stationary hundreds of feet in the air, or is that horns based on the average horn length of a unicorn? I wondered momentarily what the metric conversion was as I slowly pitched backward, or if they might use Celestia’s horn length and if that was even practical if it was continually growing, but decided I just didn’t have time for such things as I watched the village below sidle into view. At least I knew the answer to the meaning of life and everything was forty-two.

Quickly, I twisted my body around the rest of the way to aim downwards. OK, I was maybe two hundred feet up. Higher would actually be better because it would give me more time to recover. I spread my wings as I began to descend, angled to pull myself out of the dive, and a moment later I was skimming over housetops with Lofty hot on my tail.

I see what has to be the schoolhouse, a little red one-room school, with a bell tower. Yep, that’s got to be it. I angle up to gain altitude, but I’m going way too fast. All I’m doing is gliding and barely in control at that.

Wow, that was some take off!” Lofty called as she came up alongside.


Yes dear?”

I think I’m going a little too fast, and can’t remember how to land.” To be more precise I didn’t know how to slow myself down without stalling out.

Not a problem, maneuver onto my back, and I’ll do everything for you.”

So I maneuvered to her back, straddled her, but kept my wings out coming in like an X-wing Starfighter shifting to biplane configuration. I copied her movements just like how I used to do it with mom, and at the last moment, I let myself glide off, and come in for a perfect three-point superhero landing with my wings reaching for the sky.

The local pegasi foals were not impressed.

Was it the assist?

Hi Nova. Um, nice landing.” Apple Bloom offered as she approached.

Hey, Apple Bloom, you know this FA?” Asked a grey pegasus with a silver mane.

My horn was showing. Oh well, it was worth it to get away from that mare.

Ya, she helped out on the farm yesterday… after my pa got tore up.”

Is he doing any better today?” I ask as I stand up proper like.

Don’t know. Mom’s been gone all night.” Apple Bloom offered.

Apple Bloom, unless I come to collect Nova after school I want you to take her to the farm with you,” Lofty said as she stepped up.

Foal sitting again?” Apple Bloom asked.

Well I was asked to foal sit for the hired hooves while the harvest was being brought in, and no one’s said otherwise as of yet.” Lofty offered. “Nova, go in, introduce yourself, and no more takeoffs like that. Leastwise not without an adult pegasus who can catch you when you lose control.”

Yes mam,” I replied. There is just a hint of annoyance in my tone. Not that she wasn't right.“I’ll see you after school.”

Bye Nova,” Lofty said giving my head a pat.

Bye Miss Lofty, and thank you,” I replied and got a smile back in return. She turned away from me and trotted off presumably headed for the Apple farm.

That there was a fancy landing.” Offered Scootaloo as she approached. The fact that Scootaloo wasn’t presently staying with Lofty and Holiday suggested her wayward parents are home.

A privilege to meet you, I’m sure.” I offer while giving a curtsy.

Hey, Sweetie Belle, come meet the new filly,” Scootaloo called.

Miss Belle,” I say with a polite curtsy doing my best not to squee at the marshmallow filly. I also can't help but notice that Sweetie Belle seems to be at least a couple of years younger than Applebloom with Scootaloo somewhere between.

You wouldn't happen to be from Canterlot?” Sweetie Belle asked.

I… well...” I say not sure what I should say.

Sweetie, she doesn’t remember her past.” Apple Bloom interjected.

Oh,” Sweetie began, followed by switching gears, “Is that a unicorn horn?”

You got me, I’m a baby alicorn. I’m over a thousand years old.” I replied in a deadpan tone. Telling the truth when you know no one is going to believe it is always fun. At least I think it’s the truth.

Sweetie just stood there staring at me. Apple Bloom is giving me a calculated look.

I thought you said?” Apple Bloom asked.

To be officially declared an alicorn, Princess Celestia has to recognize me as such, would she not?” I counter just as the school mare starts ringing a handbell to get everyone to come in. Our school mare in this case was a donkey named Matilda. Our school mare was a Jenny. Handbell… well she’s got it in her mouth so I guess that makes it a mouth bell.

Well hello there, and are you joining us today?” Matilda asked.

Yes Mam. My Name is Nova Moon.” I replied respectfully. “I’ll be here for the foreseeable future.”

I’m applying to attend Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns,” Sweetie announced as she walked past.

Well, that’s good to know,” I say as I follow her into the school. “Perhaps I’ll apply as well.”

Oh please, we all know that’s a false horn.” Diamond Tiara countered.

I wouldn't be too sure about that,” Apple Bloom cautioned.

"Like a blank flank your age would know anything," Diamond countered.

Diamond has her cutie mark already and she is specifically calling out Apple Bloom for not having her cutie mark at her age. Something to file away for later I imagine.

Seats every pony,” Matilda ordered as she followed us in. “Miss Nova, there are some empty seats in the back.

Thank you,” I say as I head for an empty seat.

Miss Matilda introduced me, took role, and then asked for every pony to hand in their take-home assignments. Handing out new assignments took a while due to the schoolhouse being a mixture of grade levels.

I sat quietly. I didn’t as yet have anything to do. Spotting a history book I wanted to look at, I held out my hoof visualizing myself doing the Jedi thing, I could feel my horn tingling, a soft blue glow enveloped the book, it slowly levitated, and began drifting towards me.

Nova, you can do magic?” Ms Matilda asked.

My concentration interrupted the book hit the floor with a loud slam!

Well… maybe kinda sorta,” I replied sheepishly. “Was that magic I was doing?” OK, I knew it wasn’t the Force, but then again maybe Equestrian magic was kind of like the force. “I’m sorry, I didn’t have anything to do yet, and thought maybe I’d look at the history book.”

I was going to get you a workbook in just a moment. What grade level are you at?” Matilda asked.

Grade level. Oh, gods above. Let's see, six years of primary school, then middle school, then high school, then college, then Officer Training…

She probably doesn’t remember.” Apple Bloom offered. “Wasn’t that right, Nova?”

Ah, yes, my memories are kind of scrambled,” I replied. “I thought maybe the history book might help fill in some gaps.”

Well, I tell you what. Let's have you start with some easy stuff.” Matilda offered and brought me a workbook. “Let me know if you need any help.”

I flipped open the workbook easy enough and then went to get one of my pencils from my saddlebag.

How in heaven and John Cena’s name was I going to get that slippery thing out of my bag? What was that, how’d I eat breakfast? Like a dog. Or fox if you like. I stuck my snoot into the bowl. Lofty and Holiday didn’t seem to think that was an issue. Granted they did somehow manage to get their tableware to stick to the bottom of their hooves…

I had to concentrate on the item I wanted. I couldn't just grope around hoping to find what I wanted. Which is what I generally did. Heck, I was a grandmother. I had a bottomless purse. I’d find all manner of things in there. Nothing like finding forgotten candy when your stuck sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.


And I dropped it.

Four times before getting it out of the bag.

Three more times to get it up off the floor.

The lead was broken.

Here, let me.” Offered an alabaster earth filly with a red curly mane next to me. She took the pencil to a sharpener and then brought it back along with something for me to put on my hoof.

What’s that?”

Put it on your hoof. It holds the pencil for you.”

Thank you. What’s your name?”

My name’s Twist.”

Thanks Twist,” I replied as I slipped on the grip.

I then set to the workbook. It was easy enough. Read a section, answer the questions. Using the grip wasn’t quite the same as writing with a hand, but then it was far better than I had done with hands crippled by arthritis.

Oh sweet Celestia,” Matilda said a short time later as she looked over my work.

Is something wrong?” I ask.

Only that you've written a number of your answers in old Ponish.”

And that’s a bad thing I gather.”

Afraid so. Relatively speaking that is. Afraid Old Ponish was never one of my better subjects. Never thought I’d need to know it.” She then looked over to Sweetie. “Miss Sweetie, you want to go to Celestia’s school for gifted unicorns, let's see if you can straighten Nova out.”

Sweetie huffed but knew there was no way she could get out of helping me. Little did I know, I was considered handicapped because of that horn. Technically I was, but not because I was a pegasus who’d been unlucky enough to have been born with a horn, but because I was still feeling the effects of a thousand years in limbo. Assuming I’d been in limbo. I was still fairly sure I’d lived as a human, but then as a human, I had hands and no magic to speak of. And now I had magic but no hands. If only I could have landed in an anthro version of Equestria.

Sweetie pulled up a chair next to mine, and we slowly proceeded to fix my Ponish.

Who are you?” Sweetie asked during the lunch break. It was a much-needed break, but a daisy sandwich and a bottle of apple juice left something to desire.

Still hungry,” I replied.

I said who, not what!” Sweetie protested.

Even exasperated, Sweetie was just way too cute.

You're fluent in old ponish, and struggling with modern ponish. Explain?” Sweetie demanded.

I wish I could give you a satisfactory answer, but I can’t,” I protested.

Sweetie, something tells me the whole thousand-year-old baby alicorn might be closer to the truth than anything else she’s told us.” Apple Bloom offered.

Oh don’t be silly. She’s no older than we are.” Sweetie countered.

Suit yourself then,” I reply with a smirk.

Muffin?” offered a grey unicorn with a blond mane and tail.

Thank you, good genteel mare,” I reply as I accept the offering of muffin goodness.

My name's Dinky Hooves. How do you do?”

A little less hungry, thanks to you.”

So what was that landing you did?” Dinky asked.

Why that’s in case I’ve got to take off again really fast,” I bluff.

Looked to me more like you screwed up your landing,” Scootaloo commented.

Alright fine, I’m a little rusty… still learning really,” I offer.

At least she can fly.” Diamond Tiara quipped. Silver Spoon was right at her side.

Hey, I’m just not ready yet, OK?” Scootaloo protested.

Don’t feel too bad,” Ditsy offered. “I heard false alicorns couldn't even fly.”

And how’s that supposed to help?” Scootaloo asked.

Would you believe I did a bottle rocket take off?” I asked, hoping to break the tension that was building.

No way?!” Said the grey pegasus with a dark grey mane. “Names Rumble. - Show us.”

That’s specifically what Miss Lofty told me not to do. At least not without a proficient flier who can catch me when I stall out and lose control,” I replied sheepishly. “Which I did.”

Then why’d you do it in the first place?” Apple Bloom asked.

To get away from a crazy mare who was going on about the coloration of the fur on my legs being sinful,” I explained.

Say no names, I know exactly who you are talking about.” Sweetie offered.

It was right about then that Ms Matilda came out and rang the bell for us to all come back in. I filed in with everyone and took my seat, only instead of doing my workbook it was time for the group lesson starting with geography. A good deal of which was brand new even if I was familiar with the basic form of the kingdom. But then again all I knew was a map that might as well be a tourist map. Spelling and grammar were giving me conniptions because I kept falling back into old ponish. And no, I don’t know why I’m doing that. After that came math. Math at least proved easy for me. If anything, I was likely far in advance of everyone there.

Miss Nova...” Matilda called as I was about to follow Apple Bloom out the door.

Yes, mam?” I was surprised when she hoofed over a small book.

It’s a primer on magic.” Matilda offered. “I thought you might like to read it.” She said with a smile. “You know, ponies like you aren’t supposed to be able to do magic, and even though I can’t teach you any, I thought you might like to read this book. Maybe prove the neigh-sayers wrong. And you might try asking our new librarian at the library for tips. Her name's Twilight Sparkle.”

Thank you. I will treasure it.” I replied and then I took hold of the book in my mouth and placed it in my bag. “Hey, Apple Bloom, wait up!”

Well, hurry it up. I’ve chores to get to.” Apple Bloom called as she went out the door. A moment later we were joined by Scootaloo and Sweetie.

What did she give you anyway?” Apple Bloom asked a few minutes later as we trotted down the lane to the Apple Farm.

A magic primer,” I say with my excitement barely contained.

Do you think you’ll be able to do magic?”Sweetie asked.

I know I will. It’s just a matter of how much. - So what do you think, should I apply for Celestia’s school?”

What about coming to the young fliers camp?” Rumble asked as he dropped down next to us.

When is that?” I ask.

It’s coming up at the end of Summer.” he offered. “Right before the fall semester.”

What about Celestia’s school?” I ask.

Even if you do get in, you won’t be able to start till Septembmare.” Apple Bloom offered.

Well then I’ll just have to attend both,” I say as a flight of Palace pegasi goes soaring overhead. At the time I had no way of knowing that they were looking for me.

Apple Bloom stopped to watch them go by. Rumble and I stop as well.

Sure would have been nice if they’d been here yesterday.” Apple Bloom said softly.

Well they were kind of busy. What with all the excitement.” Sweetie offered as she and Scootaloo stopped to watch as well. “Rarity is a bearer of an element of harmony now.”

Applejack got one too,” Apple Bloom offered proudly.

Oh, and Rainbow Dash too,” Scootaloo announced.

So, do you know who else got one?” I asked.

Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Miss Sparkle.” Sweetie offered. “Speaking of which, that’s a rather interesting stone in your pendant.”

Just something my mom gave me a long time ago.” I offered. “It’s supposed to be enchanted to keep me safe. I made it out of the Everfree so I guess that means it still works.”

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