• Published 7th Nov 2020
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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 22: Chatting over Breakfast

I awoke the next morning, perhaps feeling a bit guilty about sending Granny a nightmare, and hoping I hadn’t accidentally killed her. It wasn't a nice thing to do, but having been old myself I knew how easy it was to become a crotchety old person. The cure was to get the individual to realize what they were doing and saying.

The others have yet to wake. I beckoned my little moon to me. “Moonie, do me a favor and go check on Granny Smith, and report back quick as a wink how she fairs.” Moonie nodded and blinked out of sight. Her cutie mark is back to being a crescent moon on its own.

Scootaloo is crying in her sleep so I decide to wake her up.

Scootaloo? Are you alright” Cadance asked from her place in the pony pile. No idea how long she’s been awake.

Ya,” Scootaloo replied as I gingerly climb out of the pile and the bed.

Scootaloo, things will get better,” Cadance offered assuredly.

Indeed they will,” I add. “I saw something when I was looking through the foxfire.

There seems to be a strong connection between you two.” Cadance offered. “Could that be it?”

Her future is clouded.” I offer. “I don’t see her experiencing any kind of magical surge like you and I experienced.” I pause a moment. “That doesn’t mean she won’t catch up with us. But more importantly, I saw some pony important to Scootaloo will come back into her life.”

What about Sunset, do you think she’ll catch up with us?”

Well, considering who her mother is, she kind of already has. Magic wise she’s ahead of us. Lucky enough to be born a unicorn, unlucky enough not to be born a pegasus with a button horn.”

Sunset raised her head up and looked at me. “Seriously? Are you seriously saying I’m a wingless alicorn? And how is that any better?”

About all you need to do is tack on a pair of functional wings. Trouble is, the only spell I’m aware of that has the potential doesn’t work,” I offer.

You mean Star Swirl’s unfinished spell?” Sunset asked.

You’ve seen it?” I ask. “That things dangerous.”

I don’t doubt that,” Sunset offered. “I got a good enough look at the spell, that I kind of have to wonder about Starswirl. Especially now that I realized how arrogant I was being. A lot of his stuff may be brilliant, but he was doing the same sort of stuff I was doing. I wasn't finessing my spells. I was using a sledgehammer approach just to show off.” She thought about it for a moment. “And something’s missing, but I just can’t quite place a hoof on it.”

Not it, who,” I say with a smile.

Who?” Cadance asked.

Friends,” I replied, and trotted out of the room.

I found Lofty prepping coffee, and a moment later I was cradling a hot cup of cocoa on the sofa.

Moonie appeared in the room and glided into land on top of the sofa. She walked over to me looking much like a cat.

So how’s things?” I asked quietly.

Granny had a doozy of a nightmare last night, but is otherwise alright.” Moonie offered with a rather suspicious look on her face.

Just a hunch,” I offered. That was my story and I was going to stick to it. “No need to mention it to any pony.” Sure mom knew what I was up to, but she hadn’t scolded me or anything.

Sunset came out and sat next to me. “You know how to fix that spell don’t you.”

I’ve got a rough idea.” I offer. “Bottom line the spell has to take both the magic of friendship and the magic of harmony into consideration.”

Magic of harmony?” Sunset asked.

The first to harness the magic of harmony were the Pillars of Equestria. Rockhoof represented strength, Mage Meadowbrook was healing, Somnambula hope, Mistmane Beauty, Flash Magnus Bravery, and star swirl was Sorcery. But the truth is, they got it wrong. Rockhoof didn’t represent strength, he represented Strength of Character. And Meadowbrook was Compassion. And to inspire hope one must have integrity. Mistmane actually gave up her beauty and was generous to a fault. This is Honor, not beauty, nor generosity, though generosity does play a part. Flash was both brave and loyal, but both of these are nothing without a commitment to duty. As for Starswirl, he would not have been the accomplished wizard that he was without respect for his craft.” I turned from my task to see that Cadance was also listening in.

And to think that all this time I thought there were only five elements,” Cadance said quietly.

It's possible that’s all Celestia remembered.” I offered. “I mean, that was a long time ago for her.”

What do you think mine would be if I had one?” Sunset asked.

Might be redemption, perhaps empathy, or maybe even heroic courage. After all, all the empathy in the world is pointless without the courage to act.” I saw mom headed for the door out of the corner of my eye. She still has PJs on and is half asleep. “Mom, we’re on a sleepover.”

What?” Luna replied.

You don’t have to do chores until you get home,” I inform her. She just stands there. “Go stand in the shower and turn the cold water on.”

Um… OK.”

We all watch her head for the bath, and a few minutes later there’s a high-pitched scream.

What was that?” Holiday asked coming out of the bedroom. “Why’s every pony laughing?”

Was that Luna?” Lofty asked as she emerged from the kitchen.

Now why’d you go and tell me to do that for!?” demanded a wet Luna as she emerged.

You...” I said between fits of laughter. “..are awake now. Aren’t you?”


Ha ha, very funny.” Luna protested, but couldn't help but crack a smile.

What happened!? What’s going on?!” Exclaimed a couple of guards as they burst into the door. The door wasn’t quite big enough for two guards ponies at once and they proceeded to get stuck as they both hid the doorway at once.

Luna went into the shower and turned the cold water on herself,” Cadance informed them with a huge grin on her face.

Only because Nova told me to do it while I was still half asleep.” Luna protested. The guards smiled.

Ya, that works on Day shift too.” One of the guards offered, and then the two proceeded to dislodge themselves. Or at least try to.

Well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into,” one guard said to the other.

I’m sorry Stand.” The other offered apologetically.

Stand?” I ask.

Standpipe, and I’m Laurel Wreath.”

It’s such a small multiverse,” I muttered. Stan and Laurel, hardy guards ponies at my service.

How’s that?” Sunset asked.

Take too long to explain. Any chance you can unstuck them?” I ask, and then hastily add, “without breaking anything?”

Easy.” Sunset offered, and simply levitated one guard which made it possible for the other to clear themselves from the doorway. Once both were clear we invited them to breakfast, but they cordially declined and went back outside.

Holiday went to Luna’s aid and had her dried off in time for breakfast. Cadance, Scootaloo, and I were delighted to have roast fish for breakfast. Lofty had a fish as well, and when Luna indicated that she’d like some fish, one was put into the skillet for her as well. Ms Holiday didn’t much care for it but she had simply become accustomed to the presence of fish. Even if the scent did tend to linger.

You actually eat that?” Sunset asked while trying not to sound judgmental or disgusted.

It’s good,” Scootaloo offered. “And I know full well where the young roosters are going that hatch.”

You don’t say?” I asked, my interest piqued.

I doubt very much Granny has a clue, or if she does, she’s got some twisted ways of thinking what with selling chicks that would otherwise be useless to the farm. Worse than useless. They only need a couple of roosters at most for the hens, and the rest just eat and don’t really do nothin.”

True.” I offer.

Anyway, there’s an outfit that buys young roosters. Takes em up to Canterlot. Said they were providing a nice place for them where ponies could appreciate them.”

In that case it’s entirely possible I have eaten some of Grannie's chickens,” I offered with a smug grin. “Just don’t tell Granny.”

Well now I can honestly say I do know where some of the chickens are going,” Holiday offered with a big smile on her face.

Let's not tell Granny.” Scootaloo offered. “Celestia knows they need the bits.”

Only because Granny won’t let them touch the stipend they get from the crown,” Luna offered. “What? Bright Mac is a Landed Barron. Princess Celestia makes more money than she knows what to do with these days so she pays out a stipend to all the earth pony nobles as a sort of an investment in the farms and ranches. The money is there for land improvements, new equipment, emergencies, or just to keep up appearances. But Granny won’t have anything to do with it so the money just sits in a bank doing nothing but enriching the banker. Adding insult to injury the deal she got from Filthy Rich is downright robbery, but Harmony forbid she should take a better offer from any pony else who’s not an Earth Pony.”

Wow,” I said softly. It also seemed to explain why mom didn’t come down on me for what I’d done to Granny. That old nag needed some comeuppance. Granted that mom being the Nightmare on the dreamscape and apparently having no recollection of it was troubling.

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