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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 50: X-wing

We weren’t exactly the first to arrive at the Wonderbolt dining facility, nor were we the last. To say the place was packed would be an understatement. It was also very loud.

Your Highness's,” Offered a guard Lieutenant with a sharp salute as he approached. “Princess Luna, the raid on the Equestria Daily News early this morning is in the late edition of the morning papers. Word is the proprietor is in custody and that there is ample evidence that they were writing stories and then making the events fit their narrative. Princess Celestia will be making a statement this afternoon.”

Thank you, Lieutenant,” Mom replied.

Ma’am,” The Lieutenant replied, and then blended into the crowd.

We should get something to eat before we get bombarded with questions,” I offered.

Might be a good idea,” Lofty seconded.

Looks like cafe style,” Mom observed. “Let’s get into line.”

They raided a newspaper?” Cozy questioned as we made our way to the line for food.

We’ve had several incidents at the Palace that hadn’t been released to the public,” I offered. “They’d figured out an undetectable invisibility spell which had been used to gain access to secure areas of the palace. They were also using it to get dirt on ponies. When that failed to give them the dirty laundry they wanted they’d make the facts fit their narrative. We already have evidence that their reporters have assaulted several members of the nobility using the same tactics they tried on me.”

Wait, what exactly was that unicorn you roasted trying to do?” Cozy asked.

He was blocking my manna flow. I’m to understand it’s extremely dangerous. There were others there doing the same thing to other applicants. They wanted to make sure certain ponies failed their practicals. When I realized what was going on, which was the last thing my assailant wanted, it turned into a fight for survival because I was trying to expose them.”

But if they were blocking your manna flow, how were you even able to fight back?” Cozy asked. I also couldn't help but notice she’d dropped the golly-gee stuff too.

He only blocked my horn.”

Pegasi magic is expressed via the wings, and earth pony magic is expressed via the hooves,” Scootaloo provided. “Nova did the magical equivalent of an Iron Pony marathon in only a few seconds. She collapsed and had to be hospitalized. That’s also why that stallion got so badly hurt. Nova doesn’t exactly know how to hold back yet and had become desperate in her own defense. Her manna levels had dropped so low by the time it was all over she had to be rushed to the onsite medical facility. Princess Luna was really worried about her.”

Desperation can inspire a pony to do the impossible,” I offered.

They hadn’t really mentioned any of that in the papers,” Cozy admitted. Granted that it was typical of many of the papers to leave out important details favoring sensationalistic wording. After all, headlines declaring that a princess put a pony in the emergency room sold more papers than admitting the princess nearly ended up in emergency herself.

The papers weren’t interested in the whole truth. One moment they are posting fluff and the next being intentionally misleading,” I groused. “Of course there are the occasional outliers who actually print the unadulterated truth or just fabricate out and out lies to gain readers.”

Aren’t you a bit young to be so cynical?” Cozy asked.

I’m a thousand-year-old filly who lost everything I knew because mom got possessed and my aunt got played. How could I not be a little cynical?”

Point taken,” Cozy admitted.

To be honest I was just starting to get adjusted to this new world.”

I let out a sigh as mom reached down to nuzzle me.

Come on now, let us not get worked up,” Mom offered reassuringly. “As you said, we should get something to eat before ponies start asking a lot of questions.”

Sorry,” I offered sheepishly.

I really should be more careful too. It’s not like our conversation was private. After all, we were part of a group that was in a busy dining facility. About the only privacy we had, was the cover of the din of the crowd.

It was a safe bet the ponies around us had heard every bit.

No matter. Food was soon upon our trays and we were directed to reserved seating. Nor were we the only ones with reserved seating. With as many ponies as were expected it was decided that each group would get a reserved table. This meant no wandering around looking for an open place to sit. Which was time saved. It also made things a lot easier on security.

After lunch the groups went to lecture halls, about a dozen groups per hall, where we got a heaping helping of the theory of flight and flight mechanics. Granted that there were a lot of foals who wanted to get out and fly right away which meant explaining to everyone that they didn’t want inexperienced fliers flying right after eating.

No one wants a wing cramp when they are two thousand feet in the air.

More likely they don’t want any pony puking up their lunch over populated areas,” I whispered to Scootaloo. Rumble and Cozy had heard what I’d said and it was all the three who bust up laughing.

Princess Nova, care to share?” Spitfire asked from the front of the lecture hall. The hall is one of those that had each row on a slightly higher tier which made it easy to see our instructors, and they could see us just as well.

I was just reminding my friends that flying on a full stomach can cause stomach upset,” I called back.

Oh, right, there is that,” She replied with a smile. “No bombing the ground pounders allowed.”

There is a moment of confusion followed by barely stifled laughter erupting throughout the room.

Let’s talk wings,” Spitfire offered as the room quieted down. “By now you’ve probably noticed that many pony wings are wide with rounded ends. However, if you take note of Soarin’s wingtips they taper down to a point. Come on Soarin, show us those marvelous wings.” Soarin proudly displayed his wings and got some good-natured teasing. “My wings, you may have noticed taper down even sharper,” Spitfire offered as she displayed one wing. “Look, just as wide on the inner half, but…” She stepped over to Soarin. “My wings are longer.”

She uses wing extensions,” Soarin teased in a mock whisper and one hoof up to his muzzle.

Our wings hint at our heritage,” Spitfire offered while ignoring the teas. “Ponies are in general, vegetarian, but not strictly so. We pegasi do like our fish, and our wings tell us a little about what our ancestors might have been eating.” She paused and looked up my way. “Princess Nova, might I borrow you?”

You want me to come to you?” I asked.

If you could.”

I looked back and forth, we’d been positioned right smack in the middle, and getting past the other ponies on our row was not going to be easy.

Nova.” Lofty stated as she’d already figured out what I was going to do before I had.

Lofty?” Mom asked and then switched to me as my front hooves lifted and my back legs coiled. “Nova, no!”

Too late. I’d pushed down, hopped so as not to over compress, and then pushed off as the floor came back up. Even as the ripple went out through the floor from where I started my wings swept down lifting me, and then I allowed myself to glide ever so slowly over the tops of the ponies who’d been between me and my goal. Even my tail feathers were fanned out which was something seldom seen in modern pegasi who used their fan sparingly.

I glided on over, making not a sound as I wheeled around and gently set down on Soarin’s back. Tip to tip my wings were nearly as long as his. Well, maybe not quite as long, but my wingspan to body size was impressive for an Equestrian pegasus.

To my amusement he actually spooked a little. He knew I was coming, he was watching me. But then I passed out of his field of vision. Perhaps he thought I was just going to land nearby?

Soarin, something wrong?” Spitfire teased.

She’s so quiet,” Soarin said softly as he looked back at me.

She’s got a very special set of wings,” Spitfire announced. “And not just because she’s an alicorn. Though alicorns indeed have larger wings, her unique wings are due to her Fox-Pony heritage. I’ve got a little Fox Pony heritage myself. Fox ponies weren’t just opportunistic limited meat-eaters like regular pones tend to be or fish eaters like pegasi. After all, we learned long ago that we need that protein and the extra calcium for big strong wings. Granted that with biological compatibility between the three tribes, we ponies are all equipped with the ability to digest both meat and dairy products, unlike the wild feral horse found in the southern grasslands beyond the borders of Equestria.

We don’t see many fox ponies in Equestria these days, but I can tell you that they are hunters,” Spitfire pointed out. “Notice the width and shape from the elbow inward is a nice wide airfoil for plenty of lift. Beyond the elbow, her wings shift to a long narrow profile with a knife-edge point. This is what allows her to go fast. That fluff on her wings does add drag while at the same time acting as silencers.”

Can’t say I’ve done any active hunting, aside from sneaking up on some pony that is,” I offered with a grin as I folded up my wings.

When we are done here, we are going out to the obstacle courses,” Spitfire announced.

Now that you all know the basics, it’s time to see what you can do,” Soarin added over the sound of murmured excitement.

Are you done with me,” I asked quietly.

Yes, go on back to your seat,” Spitfire replied. A moment later I was back in the air.

I imagine my small size as a filly helped as I doubt I’d have been able to maneuver in that room if I’d been full grown. Dropping back down to my seat proved a little tricky, but I managed it just the same.

Seems you figured out how to kick off without launching every pony into the air,” Mom offered dryly.

Rainbow is going to be so jealous when she hears you landed on Soarin,” Scootaloo teased.

I’d think she’d rather land on Applejack – oh, you mean her fangirling and all,” I replied, a big smile forming on my face. Down in front Spitfire and Soarin had gotten out some wing charts and were presently talking about the different wing types.

At the end of the hour it was time to go out to the obstacle courses. Which I would soon learn meant a series of gates that had to be navigated.

Not everything goes as planned. When our class arrived we discovered what to my eyes was a group of college-age students using the course we were scheduled to use. What with everything that had been going on I immediately thought the worst and we’d end up having to do relays or something.

And then I saw Dash and Cadance.

Cadance!” I called and trotted over to her. “What are you doing here?”

Nova, Sorry I couldn't tell you, it was top secret,” Cadance offered and then hugged me. “You didn't think they’d let a bunch of beginners do an obstacle course without helpers, did you?”

I think I can probably manage it,” I offered with a smug grin. “Might not break any speed records, but I’m fairly sure I can manage it.”

Hi ya squirt,” Dash says to Scootaloo.

Rainbow!” Scootaloo shouts zips over to her and hugs her. “Rainbow I’ve got to introduce you to someone…” Next thing Dash knows she’s being all but physically drug over to a big good-looking Wonderbolt. “LT Soarin, this is my big sister, Rainbow Dash.”

Big sister?” Soarin asked and then cast a glance over at Spitfire.

She’s her mentor,” Spitfire scolded. “How old do you think I am?”

Ah, wut?” Dash uttered. She wasn’t entirely sure if Soarin thought Spitfire was old enough to be her mother, or if he thought she was young enough to be Spitfire’s daughter, or if he was thinking they were in a relationship. Either way, that stallion was on thin clouds.

Just ignore him,” Spitfire told Dash. She then switched her focus to the group. “Alright, every pony team up with a partner. I want you to know that we don’t expect anyone to finish the course. We aren’t here to race either. This exercise is to help you learn by doing. Alright, everyone partner up.”

Cadance, you want to partner up?” I asked.

I don’t know, do you think you can keep up with me?” Cadance teased.

Can’t say I’d know. It’s not like I’ve ever seen you fly.”

Yes, there is that,” Cadance admitted sounding just a little put-out. “It’s just that ever since Aunt Tia took me in getting any actual air time has been difficult. The castle is a no-fly zone and if I try to fly anywhere they insist on loading me into an air chariot.”

Well then, let’s stop wasting time, and get started.”

Hold on, there’s an order to this.”

And let Dash in ahead of us?”

I heard that,” Dash protested. “Come on Scootaloo, let's race them.”


Dash, no racing!” Spitfire called. “Team racing is tomorrow. Today is just…”

Dash either didn’t hear or was ignoring her and took off.

Oh heck with it,” I said to myself and took off after Dash.

Hey, we are supposed to stay together!” Cadance protested from behind me.

Wait for me!” Scootaloo called.

As for Dash, it didn’t take me long to realize she wasn’t going all out.

I simply could not resist sliding up right behind her, and when I saw her head moving to have a look a slipped around the other way.

Hey. Where’d Nova go?” Dash asked as she looked back, only to be answered by laughing and pointing. “What?”

I could hear the sound of Dash doing a spin followed by frantic flapping.

Oh, it is on!” Dash proclaimed as she speeds past me. I speed up and we were joined a moment later by Rumble who would not be left out.

Being an adult is overrated. Sure, I’d likely never have to worry about keeping a roof over my head or food to feed myself and my family in this world. Not that the position I’d been born into didn’t have its fair share of problems. At the moment, I had nothing to worry about on my mind. No morning rush, no getting stuck in traffic, no worrying about would-be assassins, or political intrigue. Just me being a filly enjoying life as though I hadn’t a care in the world.

I speed up to catch up to Dash. She’s got a jump on me which means working extra hard just to get in range.

Tractor-beam engaged.

And now I’m coasting along like a water skier being pulled by a boat.

That’s cheating,” Rumble protests, followed by latching onto me, his front legs around my neck.

Rumble, aren't we a little young to be ex-winging?” I teased in mocking protest.

Ex… what?” Rainbow turns a corner with Rumble and I careening out of control like we were the tip of a whip.

Granted if it had been just me I could have managed it, but Rumble was making it difficult to maneuver.

Rumble, let go!” This time my protest was in earnest as we tumbled out of control. My tractor-beam snapped, and away we went. “Yaaaa!!!”


It was anyone’s guess how deep we had been embedded into the cloud bank, and quite possibly a good thing we were over a cloud field and not the more solid sky island.

Author's Note:

Chapter 50 of a story that came close to being abandoned, tossed out, and or deleted on multiple occasions.

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