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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 59: What exactly were you the Goddess of?

I, and my partner, are indeed Priestesses of Akkadia, or Arkadia as its often referred to in the modern vernacular,” Tsuki offered in a calm yet menacing tone. “Accompanying us is Princess Diana and Princess Rose Myrtle.” Can’t very well tell everyone Diana is alicorn Fluttershy and Dianna kind of fits when you take into consideration the role of the classical counterpart who was the goddess of animals domestic and wild. A little prevarication never hurt anyone.

The two stallions are Prince Loki, and Prince Prometheus,” Tsuki added.

Prometheus?” I asked in a whisper.

The same,” offered the stallion I’d presumed was Discord. He bowed to me, leaned in, and whispered, “Discord was a prank that hadn’t gone as planned. I kind of got stuck like that. Everything has been sorted now.”

I see,” I said softly. “A prank you say?”

Blame the goat if you must. It was his fault I got stuck like that.”


A request for arbitration has been made,” Tsuki stated coldly as she cast a withering glance at Daisy. “To be moderated by a Priestess of Akkadia. Now stand before you, two. We shall here thy supplication.”

I, I,” Mister Rock Stain started. He swallowed hard, gathered his wits, and sought a way to discredit this interloper. “How do I know that you are who you say you are? This could be not but a theatrical ploy, and your claim about as valid as a bit of undigested potato.”

Tsuki began to chuckle under her breath in a very foxy laugh.

What exactly were you the Goddess of?” he pressed. They too were struggling under the power of Tsuki’s spiritual pressure if his wobbly legs were any indication.

Oh dear god, he didn’t?” I said a gasp.

Princess Tsuki threw back her head in ruckus laughter as she became engulfed in arches of electricity. Some lept upwards while others grounded. Outside the city grew dark. Princess Celestia stepped forward to counter what was happening and found herself unable to access her own manna.

When Tsuki had finished laughing and the hall quite dark, she informed all, “I am war. I am destruction. I am vengeance. I am the queen of the sky. All within my domain are mine.”

A Night Mare,” Celestia offered.

Aye, I am a Night Mare. I am perseverance and resolve. I am sacrifice and uncommon valor. I am the bulwark that guards the night while others sleep. I am the dawn of a new day and hope for a better tomorrow.”

And I am compassion, understanding, and mercy. I am the open gate for all who would but say the word friend.” Louise offered, and as she spoke the sun returned. “Together we are in balance.”

I am all that is of the natural world,” Princess Diana offered.

I am spring,” Rose Myrtle added as she stepped up.

Prince Loki stepped forward. “I am industry. And I am bountiful harvests.”

I am progress, innovation, and true justice,” Prince Prometheus informed as he too stepped forward. He then levitated the largest of the tomes, turned the pages to leave it at a place of his choosing. “Do pray tell have a look at what it says about those who would obfuscate and thwart the spirit of justice.”

Princess Celestia,” Princess Tsuki began in a tone all would hear. “For the duration of these proceedings against Mrs Daisy Bellis Woods, Princess Louise will raise and lower the sun, and I will raise and lower the moon. I trust that will not be too much of an inconvenience?”

You, you can just do that?” Princess Celestia asked. She’d been cut off from her connection to the sun and the feeling had left her cold inside. Cold and vulnerable.

It is how you will know that we are who we say we are. The ability to transfer authority, to access the heavenly bodies or even magic itself is part of the authority of a Priestess of Akkadia,” Louise offered. “And it should give you a little extra time to do whatever you wish.”

I understand,” Celestia replied. Meanwhile, Daisy’s lawyers had become quite alarmed by what they saw in the book. “Perhaps we should adjourn.”

We could reconvene, say tomorrow morning? To give the defense a little time to come up with a real defense?” Prince Prometheus mused with a sly grin on his face.

Perhaps we should do that,” Princess Celestia conceded. She struck her hoof down on her desk. “The request for arbitration is granted. We are now adjourned until tomorrow morning, the eighth hour.”

Princess Celestia stepped away from the desk, asked her visitors to follow, and left the room. I watched for a bit, turned to Luna, went back to her, gave her a hug, and asked if she was alright.

Are you alright? I mean… wow. How?”

She’s how I recovered so quickly after my first day of flight camp,” I explained. And to be true I was feeling very fidgety at that moment and it was all I could do to maintain my equanimity. “We met via the dream realm. Seems I may well have been looking in on their lives for some time and thought it but a fantasy.” I dropped to a whisper only for her ear, “She’s my counterpart from another dimension.” I gave her a big smile. “Come on mom, let’s catch up.”

Indeed,” she replied, and the two of us started to follow after them even as ponies around us began to recover.

I stopped on overhearing Daisy’s lawyers scheming.

The priestesses are married, to each other, so have a care if you intend to pit one against the other. It’ll not likely go well.”

So we left them to contemplate their next move and followed after the others. And yes, just as soon as I got out of the public eye I started pinging. Not like I wasn’t pinging before, I was working really hard to contain it, and now that I could let loose I did. Just as soon as I was out of public view, pronk! Up and down the hall, up the walls, and across the ceiling.

Um, excuse us, but did you do that to my Nova?” Mom asked as we approached. I was presently pronking on the ceiling. Yes, jumping down and up like it was the floor. Buck gravity.

Um… I’m so sorry,” Tsuki offered with a smile. “Let me just dial that down a little.

Ak!” Suddenly gravity was back on and I had to do a quick flip and wingspread.

I must say you sure are flying a lot better than I could at that age,” Tsuki offered.

Suddenly I found myself being hugged by Rose. “You are so cute!”

How am I cuter than your Nova, we are the same pony, practically.”

No, not exactly.” Princess Shy offered. She gave me a hug. “You just don’t have that same look of loss to your eyes.”

Am I that bad?” Tsuki asked.

You’ve gotten a lot better,” Louise offered and leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek.

So then, can I set you up with rooms?” Princess Celestia asked.

Oh, we’ll be up in the moon wing,” Rose announced.

I’m sorry, but it’s still being renovated,” Celestia replied.

Did you bring your fancy suitcase? That is, do you have a suitcase that’s impossibly large on the inside?” I inquired curiously wondering if it truly existed.

Oh, no, we left it behind,” Louise responded.

Don’t actually have to bring it,” Tsuki informed me. “I discovered that I can link across dimensions. It’s actually easier than setting a second door in another location. I just set it to open into the correct dimension and it’ll open up in the same relative location.”

That is so awesome! Can I see?”

Sure, why not? Let’s go. Princess Celestia, Mom, er Princess Luna, care to have a look?” Tsuki asked.

Mom?” Celestia asked.

Don’t you get it?” Mom asked. “She’s Nova. From another timeline.”

But then?” Celestia was confused.

How could Louise and I possibly have any authority here?” Tsuki asked, and Celesta nodded her head. “The cosmic clock of the ancients leaves a marker on those chosen. That’s how we can cross over to different dimensions without losing our power.”

The world I ended up in, I didn’t exactly have any magic,” I commented.

Oh, you had magic. You just didn’t have a way to access it. Now come on, and we’ll show you the house.”

Author's Note:

Sorry, it's late. Instead of working on my story, I've been spending all my time refurbishing a boat that my big bro dumped on me.

That and other summer activities. I'm going to try to keep to the weakly schedule but with summer in full swing, I'm looking at possibly having to take a break in my writing simply because I'm being pulled in too many different directions right now.

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