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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 11: Breakfast in the staff dining hall.

This is Philomena. She and I bonded some time back,” Sunset offered to explain the phoenix as they exited the mirror room. “And yes, Breakfast sounds nice.” She looks up at the bird with fondness.

I’m starving.” Cadance states. “But let's get you cleaned up somewhere along the way. You look a mess. You both look a mess.”

I bet we can get something from the staff dining hall.” Sunset offers. Phil chirps in agreement. Sunset nuzzles her again with Phil perfectly happy to return the affection.

If they aren’t too freaked out about the late sunrise that is,” I add with a smile as the three of us walk out into the hall. The remaining guards close up the room behind us, some follow us out, a couple of the guards remain on station. Nor is any pony going to talk about what transpired there. Confidentiality is understood.

Cadance,” I say a moment later as we walk down the hall.



For what?”

We just changed the course of history.”

I suppose we did.” Cadence replied with a smile.


I think I need to be careful about what I tell Celestia. If I hadn’t brought up Sunset and the mirror the staff might not have been watching for Sunset and Celestia might not have followed Sunset through. Granted I didn’t have the whole story concerning what had happened last night or that Sunset had intended to come back for more information. But come back she had. For all I knew, there’d been a mad dash for the mirror what with Sunset’s pig-headed stubbornness being made worse by the spell I just assumed Starswirl had placed on the mirror. How much of what was in my head was from the show, how much was speculation, and how much was the Kitsune’s ability to see snippets of the future I couldn't be sure. What I’d hoped for was for Celestia to move the mirror to a safer location and fix it so no one could gain entry to the portal or be barred from re-entry once they’d emerged from it. Which left me to wonder if that had truly been a fixed point in time? How many times had Sunset come back from that other world? How many times did she come back to spy on the goings-on in Canterlot only to be drawn back into the mirror? After all, her theft of Twilight’s crown in the series was hardly a spur of the moment decision.

After a short walk and a stop off at a toilet with a washroom, we soon found ourselves in the staff dining area where we got in line with a bunch of very confused and stressed out ponies. The food wasn’t bad though. They had eggs, and pancakes, muffins, and fried potatoes. Fruit and granola seemed to be popular as well. Every pony was so shaken up that not a one noticed the alicorns and a phoenix in their midst.

Luna was there, and sure enough, she didn’t look much older than Cadance both of who could have passed for their late teens. She was about the same height and looked nothing like the Night Mare at this point, or the adult alicorn pictured in the cartoon series. Her coat was a light grayish-blue and her mane a very light azure blue. Sunset’s apparent age was somewhere in-between Cadance and myself with myself being the youngest in the group.

Mind if we join you?” I ask before sitting down. As was feared there is no recognition when she looked at me, but she is fine with our sitting with her. Luna had obtained a staff pass for her own wing, and aside from the staff assigned to her, no pony seemed to realize she was anything more than her pass suggested thanks to a cloak hiding her wings. I sit down with a smile plastered to my face hoping that somehow she’ll recognize me. That and it’s probably a good thing I’d been warned or I might have been making a big scene right about now.

The staff begins to take notice when Celestia came in search of us.

What are you doing here?” Celestia asked as she walked up to us. Outside the sun was now shining. Luna flinched even though Celestia’s tone could hardly be considered scolding. It’s at this moment I realize how subdued Luna is being.

She means us.” I offered a reassuring wink to Luna and then turned to Princess Celestia. “We thought it’d be easier on the staff.”

Celestia gave each of us a hug lingering on Luna a bit longer and then went to Sunset where she lingered longest while Phil trilled happily.

Princess Celestia, why did you risk so much for me?” Sunset asked. The room grew quiet. Every pony knew something must have happened for Celestia to be so late raising the sun and Sunset hadn’t been seen in years only to reemerge no older than when she vanished.

Sunset, about Summer Mystique.” Celestia began. Summer Mystique was a pegasus that had unhindered access to Princess Celestia. Her cutie mark was literally Celestia’s with a fancy dress mask added to the sun.

My mom?” Sunset asked.

I am Summer Mystique,” Celestia informed her. Sunset wasn’t the only one in the room to drop their tableware. Not to mention a few cups, plates, and serving trays. “I’m sorry. I wanted to protect you. I thought I could trust the ponies... I know now what a horrible mistake that was.”

I could sense Luna stiffening and placed a hoof on hers while giving her a glance, a smile on my face.

My foster parents?” Sunset asked. “Did they know?”

No, but you can be sure I’ve had words with them for the way they treated you.”

And they will likely have a heart attack when they find out whose daughter they were abusing.” I offered with a smile. Sunset on the other hand – hoof, hadn’t quite decided if she should be mad at Celestia or not. Once she’d made up her mind she wrapped her hooves around Celestia.

They’ll have a heart attack when they find out the filly they surrendered to an orphanage who they no longer wanted to be tied down to was in fact my own. Not to mention they had continued accepting an allowance meant for Sunset’s care.” Celestia stated. “So, what am I to tell the nobles to explain why sunrise was so late?”

Tell them the truth, your daughter got caught in an enchanted mirror, you attempted to get her out last night, got stuck yourself, and you are taking safeguards to see to it that nothing like that ever happens again.” I offer.

And if they want to know who her father is?” Celestia asked.

Tell them it was a drunken night of revelry and you’ve no idea who he is.” I teas. More dishes can be heard hitting the floor. Celestia looks at me and starts laughing followed by Luna joining in all be it subdued.

You have definitely got your mother’s sense of humor,” Celestia replied once she’d suppressed her laughter. “I’m rather tempted to do it. The alternative is telling him, and I fear the news might kill him.”

Luna looks at me and then drops her head to stares at her plate.

Something tells me he’s going to find out.” Sunset offered dryly. “Hang on… special needs?” Sunset protests while giving me a dirty look.

Where’s my Woona?” I ask looking around wondering where she’s been. The Woona materialized standing on the table, I grab her and quickly hold her between me and Sunset. “It was a quick and easy way to explain your behavior and why we were there to collect you.” I hastily explain.

No fair, that’s so cute!” Sunset protested while looking at the Woona. “I want one.”

Woona?” Luna says softly while looking at the elaborate spell projection that is so much like herself.

I’ll have to see if I can duplicate the spell.” Celestia offered. “The thing is, my sister was a little unhinged when she created that.”

Unhinged my flank,” Luna muttered.

You think she might have been a little unhinged when she created me?” I ask. Aunt Tia was taken aback a bit until she saw the smile on my face. Luna on the other hoof froze up and looked at me with new eyes. I know now that everything she’s been through has taken a considerable toll on her.

Your mother wanted the kind of love a sibling couldn't provide and found that love in the form of a very unusual stallion.” Celestia offered quietly. “I wish now that I’d never been duped into interfering. There is just so much I wish I could undo. I was so naive to the lengths those who call themselves nobles will go to.”

You don’t know who he was do you?” I ask.

No, I’m afraid not. Not that I don’t have my suspicions.” Celestia replied. “He’d be long gone now though.”

Not necessarily.” I counter. “What I know concerning the legends of such beings is that there is a remote chance he might still be alive.”

But he’d have to be over a thousand years old?” Celestia protested. “No ordinary pony could live so long.”

I doubt he was an ordinary pony, or if he was, he likely died in bed.” I give Celesta a wink, and Luna let loose an unbidden snort. Celestia looks back at me with a look of horror that shifts to a smile. “There are legends that speak of a race of sentient foxes powerful in the ways of magic who are capable of taking on the form of other living beings. Such as a stallion for example. The more magic they have the longer their potential life expectancy. One that exceeds a thousand years can become what is called a Tenko, an immortal kitsune. Some take longer not becoming a Tenko until well after three thousand years. Such Kitsune can live well beyond a thousand years. They are often linked with fertility and bounty. - And I am no ordinary pony. And not just because of the wings and horn.” To prove my statement I hold up my free hoof turned upwards, and somehow I manage a small blue flame of foxfire from the frog of my hoof.

Celestia just looked at me for the longest time, at Luna, and then turned to look at Sunset as I let the foxfire go out. I couldn't help but wonder how many times Celestia had used a disguise to satisfy her needs as a mare. Physically she was a young mare after all. In all that time, how many foals had she produced? Alicorns simply weren’t known for having foals. Assuming Celestia just wasn’t hiding them all. I mean, in a thousand years a mare could produce a lot of foals. Granted that Cadance was destined to produce a foal, but then again she was practically a fertility deity herself. As for Luna, she was still looking at me with that look of half recognition. Somewhere deep down she still knew who I was but it just wasn’t clicking.

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