• Published 7th Nov 2020
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I am my own OC - KittyrinnAiko

It started out as a blatant self insert and then morphed into something more.

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Chapter 31: Hall chase

Yes, there was a part of me that would have liked to stay, but then again, as the four of us hastily made our escape, I doubt there was any one of our little group who didn’t rejoice at our freedom.

What say we find Commander Spitfire,” Cadance offered.

Sounds like a plan, although…” I begin.

Although, what?” Sunset asks.

We probably shouldn't leave the keep,” I explain.

Oh, ya, that might be a bad idea,” Sunset admitted.

So, then what?” Scootaloo asked.

I guess we ask at a guard post,” I offered. “You don’t think they are doing tours do you?”

The whole place should be on lockdown and it’s getting late,” Sunset offered.

Let’s try the front entry,” Cadance suggested. “We can ask there.”

So who do you think is going to be knighted?” Scootaloo asked as we made our way downstairs to the grand entry hall.

Well, they said the element bearers. We already know about Rarity, and right off hoof I’d think we can include Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie, Applejack…”

Oh, she’s going to just love that, she’s nearly as fussy as Granny Smith,” Sunset offered.

She’s a little easier to reason with,” I offered. “And Granny isn’t quite so bad save in she gets these ideas into her head and she’s as stubborn as a rusty nail when it comes to trying to elevate her from her entrenchments. Though I will have to admit that the news that she is part of the nobility is going to come as quite a shock to Applejack.”

Rainbow Dash will be Knighted too, won’t she?” Scootaloo asked.

No doubt. So do you still think she is like the coolest ever?” I ask teasingly.

Well, that is, things have changed haven't they?” Scootaloo asked. “Dash has always been there for me when my parents were off doing their thing and she is like the super cool elder sister I never had. Finding out my real mom is actually Spitfire is like twenty percent cooler.”

I can’t help but laugh at the twenty percent reference.

What?” Scootaloo asked.

Isn’t ‘twenty percent cooler’ Rainbow Dash’s catchphrase?” I asked with a big smirk on my face. Scootaloo gives me a funny look and then busts up laughing.

We are starting to get curious looks from staff and security at the entrance to the grand entry hall as we descend the grand stairs.

Security has been doubled, but it looks like they are still running tours,” Cadance observed.

Crisis temporarily averted, back to business as usual,” Sunset offered. “Still though, they should be all done with the tours.”

Should we maybe have some identity badges?” I asked quietly. The staff is all watching us like we just aren’t supposed to be here.

I’ve one in my room, but I’ve never needed it before?” Cadance said softly.

Was the castle ever in a state of heightened alert?” I ask. We’ve stopped about halfway down.

Just that night you had to go into that mirror,” Cadance offered. “And then everything was pandemonium and no one knew what was going on.”

Likely they are overcompensating now,” Sunset offered. “Any chance we can back up the steps or are we stuck here?”

Maybe we are supposed to stay upstairs?” Scootaloo asked.

I don’t know? Let's just start backing up,” Cadance offered.

We are ponies, ponies don’t back upstairs very well,” I countered. “Anyway, isn’t there supposed to be guards at the top of the stairs as well?”

Ah, ponies, the guards are headed this way. Why are the guards coming this way?” Scootaloo asked.

Ah… run,” Sunset said and then scampered back up the stairs. Scootaloo didn’t have to be told twice, and I was quick on their heels with Cadance right behind me.

Hey you! Get back here!” Shouted a guard as he took off after us.

“Isn’t that the new princesses?”

“Can’t be, they are supposed to be at some sort of late meeting… why are they stopping?

“Kind of looks like they are turning around…”

“Hey, you! Get back here!”

Quick in here!” Sunset shouted and the next thing I knew I was in an old broom cupboard.

Damn it Sunset!” I shout as someone tries the door. And then I panic teleport us across the hall to another room.

No don’t!” Sunset says as Cadance goes to open the door to the hallway. She closes it, and we are rushing through a door into another room closing it behind us just as the guards are bursting into the room we were just in.

From our new location we rush out into the hall, up a few doors, and duck into a room across the hall just as guards come barreling out of the room we’d just been in.

This way!” Sunset offered and a moment later she’s opened a secret door and we trot through it closing it up just as we can hear the guards entering the room we just vacated.

Once again we are out in the hall racing for the other end when we hear a guard yell, “Hey! Get back here!”

This way!” I shout as I duck into a room followed by Scootaloo.

No, this way!” Sunset shouts as she and Cadance go in the other direction.

All we needed now was Yakety Sax playing as we raced from room to room with the guards trying to catch us. Even Moonie got into the action and had sized herself to the size of a foal just to confuse and goad the guards into chasing her while she laughed like a mad filly.

What’s Moonie doing?” Cadance asked as we met in the hall once again.

Having fun,” I said with a grin just as guards pop out on either side of us. “Oh poo.”

What is going on out here?” Princess Celestia demands as she steps out into the hallway. “Just because we cut the four of you loose, doesn’t mean you get to monkey around out in the hallway. Cadance? You too? Hang on… is that Moonie, and why are there guards up here?”

They were chasing us,” Moonie announced as she pronked about.

Moonie, why are you that size? Celestia asked, and why are the guards chasing you?” Princess Celestia asked.

I’m a decoy.”

Aunt Celestia, they just started after us for some reason,” Cadance offered.

We, um, thought they might be impostors.” One of the guards offered sheepishly.

I just wanted to find out about my mom,” Scootaloo offered. “We were halfway down the grand stairs when they started giving us the stink eye.”

I see,” Princess Celestia replied sounding like she was anything but amused. Moonie immediately shrunk back down to plush toy size and hid under me. “Commander Spitfire is coordinating Wonderbolt patrols. She’ll stop by later. Also, Scootaloo, you’ll be staying here since you got caught up in all this.”

Normally I would have either stayed at home or with Aunt Lofty,” Scootaloo offered.

And that meant coming with us,” Lofty offered from just inside the room.

Yes, I figured that was the reason she was here,” Princess Celestia remarked. “Now, if the guards can go back to their posts, I think we can forget this ever happened. - Cadance, why don’t the four of you go to the library and find some quiet pursuit to occupy yourselves.”

Yes Ma’am,” Cadance replied and then Princess Celestia backed back into the room they were having their meeting in and shut the door.

Out in the hall no one moved. And then I heard something. My ears perked up and I quietly made my way to the door listening to what was going on. I smiled a big smile at the sound of my Aunt Tia laughing while trying to explain what the interruption was.

Nova,” Sunset asked.

Listen, she’s laughing. It’s been so long since I’ve heard that laugh,” I can’t help but let out a quiet laugh myself. I looked back at the others all of whom have a mix of expressions, relief, surprise, delight, bemusement… “Come on,” I prompt and make my way past the guards and head for the library. Scootaloo followed first, then Sunset, and finally Cadance. A moment later the guards are quietly heading back downstairs.

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