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Lighthoof and Shimmy Shake are best friends, however, not every relationship is perfect. Shimmy is often called the captain of the cheer squad and she and Pate are dating now. These are somethings that Lighthoof doesn't have. In all honesty, she's jealous. Then when visiting the castle of the two sisters, one book appears to be labeled "Majesty" with the rest of the cover smudged. Lighthoof then seems to be... Different.

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“Easy,” Shimmy said. “Again, try blowing on it to cool it down.” Shimmy demonstrated this so Pate got the idea. Lighthoof just watched as she could feel herself getting a little green. Not physically though.

Ohh somepony is a little jealous huh

Oh wow this is pretty crazy so lighthoof is jealous and now she has a power from a unicorn who is very crazy clearly and give her the power and even possessed in and out of lighthoof what is she up too im sure nothing good i hope the others will stop her and save lighthoof from herself

Whoa man that was crazy lighthoof Really did got jealous About shimmy and pate relationships And also felt like she's the 3rd wheel that kinda suck And I'm sure she'll find somebody who will like her But anyway this was a pretty awesome story keep up the good work man 😊

By the way i have to do this when lighthoof use her magic to go back in time

Now there is a story When you were asking to vote there was another one i like to see is The Face of a Changeling But it's up to you what you want to do Again your stories are pretty good :twilightsheepish:

i am getting some upside down magic vibes here.

Was that intentional or coincidence

I didn’t even know about that film while I was writing this.

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