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I'm just someone who isn't much of a talker, but does like to share several ideas I've thought of.


Pate is getting used to life in Ponyville, that is until it starts snowing. Many creatures, including Changelings, don’t do well in the snow. Thankfully, Shimmy Shake is there to help her special friend out, to the point where they decide to go on a date. Feeling a little nervous, Pate decides to ask the boys for some help. Shimmy does the same with the girls. Needless to say, some things don’t go as planned.

Plot thought of by Gregoryco123

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I don’t know if I’m the first one to say it, but I love the way you used continuities in these stories.

This is a pretty sweet story

Just to give you guys a little heads up Shimmy Shake and Lighthoof have their own tag name

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