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Light of The Moon - No_Skill_Just_Luck

The moon is magic for the soul. After some rough talk, you discover about Luna's secret feeling.

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Your Moon

Author's Note:

This is my birthday present to you guys! Does this sucks? I mean, for me it totally is, laying on this bed doesn't help me on writing either. Also I'm on the bottom of my life right now. Nothing is special for me so I guess this is what I could do for the meantime. Hope you guys enjoy it. I do appreciate some feedback.

A human is walking through the streets of Ponyville. We can see his bright smile as he waving and smiling to each pony he meets. And that human, is you. Anonymous. The one and only human in Equestria. You've been in this world for like four months now. You are going to get some groceries because the supply on your home is almost empty. So yeah, that's what you decide to do on your nearly afternoon schedule. You walk in to the store, grab some supplies and get back home as soon as you can. You don't want anypony to recognise that you're in a bad state. You coughed some blood lately and had a difficulty breathing since the last two weeks. You had been to the Ponyville Hospital to check up your health. Nurse Redheart said that you had a lung cancer. You were shocked at first but smiled because a memory passed through your mind, you knew it because of your family history. You thank the nurse and told her to keep it a secret. She wasn't sure with your statement at first. But you told her it's fine and that you will tell it to everypony. Eventually, she accept it, and she also told you to come and get weekly check ups to see your progress, which you happily oblige.

After thinking about your health, you found yourself staring at the front of your door. Your house isn't pretty big, but it's really cozy for you to live in. Thank Celestia and the Elements for that. You place your groceries on the ground and search your key on your pocket just in time to be greet by a familiar voice.


You turn around to see a dark blue alicorn standing with a smile on her face. You guessed it, Princess Luna. She's the one who is very close to you. Other than the Elements of Harmony, Princess Luna is the one who offers you her friendship in the first place. Of course, because she finds you! You still had no idea how the hell you could teleported into this cartoon world. But you didn't really care about it. Life on Earth for you is really depressing, well at least you still love your family and friends. But you had to do the same routine every day, every hour, even every single damn minute. Yeah, life on Earth is pretty much boring. So, when you ended up here and befriend with many, many ponies, you thank God for sending you here. These ponies are really caring to one another, not to mention all of them are adorable, even the Princesses themselves.

Anyway, about Luna. When you first saw that she could talk, you freaked out. You tried to run. But she managed to calm you down and took you to a place called Canterlot. You two then headed to it's castle and that's where you met her sister, Princess Celestia. She happily accepted you as a part of the citizens in Equestria. She offered you to stay there until she managed to find a way back home for you. But as the time goes by, Celestia couldn't find any spell that can bring you back home. It hurts you deep down that you couldn't see your family. But you accepted it nonetheless that you're not going back anymore. But it doesn't as easy as you thought.

Living in Canterlot doesn't like you expected. You couldn't help but feel bored with the behaviour of the ponies in Canterlot. Let's be honest, mostly annoying and cocky when they saw you. Always hung their heads up. Damn, if these weren't Celestia's ponies you could have just punch them right in the face and teach them some lessons about attitudes. So you asked Celestia if you could find a better place to live in. She smiled at your request and immediately sent you to a village called Ponyville, where you met with the Elements of Harmony.

You still remember the look on their faces when they first saw you. Excitement. That's the word to describe it. Pinkie Pie threw you a 'Welcome To Ponyville' party which her confetti almost hit you directly at your face and you couldn't explain how she could just 'pop' out a cake from her puffy mane. You bet Isaac Newton would die searching how Pinkie did it. Twilight, happily brought you to her tree library and asked you a lot of questions about Earth. Applejack, she's the strongest mare you've ever seen. Not to mention how stubborn she was when you explained the machines that uses to help humans working on farm as she said, "Ah can do better than that!" Stubborn mare she is. Rainbow Dash, happily showed you her flying skills and even let you met the Wonderbolts. Fluttershy, always talked about animals and asked you questions about it. Yeah, the thing is, they're excited. Very. Excited.

While in Ponyville, Luna would visit you every day. In your dreams or at late night. You two became closest friends as the time went on. You two would hang out in the night together. Sitting in the middle of a park while watching the beautiful blue night sky that she's doing in the night. The sky, not like Earth, heck, you couldn't find it if you're on that planet. But here, everything is perfect. The ponies, the scenery, the weather, all of it. When you two watched the night sky, you couldn't help but admire at her work. She sure put a good effort on it. Making the sky looks more beautiful than day.

"Anon?" She snaps you out of your daydream. You blink and immediately forms a smile on your face.

"Hey Luna, wait... you didn't sleep?"

She waves her hoof. "Nah, I'm just wondering how my friend is doing."

Damn no. You're about to go to the hospital after this lunch for weekly check ups. You didn't want your friends to be worried; especially her, about your condition but you know the time will come soon. You shake your thoughts off your mind and continue the conversation; hopefully she would just go back to Canterlot and have some rest.

"I'm doing fine Luna, you should get some sleep. You have to wake up all night, right?"

Luna pouts her lips childishly. "But I can't sleep."

"Then you can sleep in my bed. I won't use it this day." You mentally slap yourself for saying those words. Luna, however, immediately perks up while jumping up and down in glee.

"Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Anon!" She jumps to you and hug you like a big teddy bear. You chuckle and return the hug while running your hand through her soft fur. You hate to admit it, but ponies can be cute sometimes. Especially when Luna's childish behalf comes out. This is the side why you like her so much. Even for a Princess, she hate for being so royal.

"You want to go inside or you just want to hug me like this 'till afternoon?" You asks while looking at her, like she won't letting you go. Just then, a bright flash making you to shut your eyes. Once the light is gone, you blink several times and as you completely regain your vision, you find yourself standing in the middle of your living room with Luna still hugging you. You look down to your left and right and see the groceries are there too. You are about to speak but a sudden pain from your chest causes you to cough. Hard. You put your right hand to cover your mouth and when the cough dies down, you look at your palm and notice there's a pool of blood on it. Your eyes widen and quickly hide your hand behind your back. Luna though, notice this and lift her head up to look at you.

"You all right?" She asks.

You give her a nod and a smile. "I'm fine... gotta go to the bathroom first." With that, you release the hug and start making your way to your bathroom, keeping your hand hidden from her vision. After closing it, you immediately go to the sink and start to wash your hands. You look up to your mirror and see your own reflection. This isn't good. You need to get to the hospital right now. Or else... you sigh. If this is the end, might as well to tell everyone about your health, but lung cancer can be cured right? Hopefully. The ponies seem to notice this too though. Sometimes, when you walked past the ponies, some of them stopped and asked you about your health. Says that you're not looking good. But you answered it with a smile and told them that you're fine. But you're not. You coughed very hard lately, signalling the cancer nearly gain control of your body. You shiver at the thought and shrug it away. You take a deep breath before walking back to the living room. Luna is still standing there, eyeing you with concern.

"You sure you all right?" Luna tilts her head.

You smile and wave a hand to her. "No need to worry Luna. I'm fine. I'm just-" You feel a sudden pain coming from your chest. You hold your chest and shut your eyes tightly. So stinging until it causes you to fall to your knees while letting out a scream. Luna quickly trots over to you and put a hoof on your shoulder.

"Anon?! What's wrong?!" She asks frantically. Her face full of fear and concern. You want to answer but the pain forces you to shut your mouth, instead you just keep screaming until you land flat on your back, hands still holding your chest tightly. Your breathing speeds up, but something is like holding down your chest to the floor. Making you very difficult to breathe.

"Anon?!" Luna shrieks again.

Your breathe begins to slow down as darkness slowly crawling up to you. Your eyes are blurry and you couldn't gain control of your body anymore. And so, you black out.

So, your memories begin to come back to you again. The groceries, the walking back home, Luna suddenly appeared out of nowhere, coughing, pain in the chest (which hurts like hell, you sure you're in Tartarus for that one), dying... perhaps... yeah, pretty much like it. You slowly regain your consciousness and hear a beeping sound from your left. Still closing your eyes, you carefully listen if there is any sound other than that beeping one.


You open your eyes, only to close it again as a bright light greets your gorgeous yellow eyes. You admit it though, it's beautiful. You thank to your parents and God for that eyes and you even swore to take a really good care of it. You don't know why but the thing is, you love your eyes so much. You try again and blink several times to regain your vision. Blurry at first, but after awhile it becomes clear. You look to your surroundings and notice that you're in an empty white room. Ponyville Hospital, you guess it. You look to your left and see a heart monitor that makes the beeping sound. You notice a window behind it and when you look at it, you realise that it's dark outside.

"Wait... it's night already?" You ask out loud. The pain in your chest makes your hand immediately hold your chest while you steadying your breathing. After a moment of 'breath in and breath out', you feel your eyes are suddenly become heavier than before. To make things clear, you let out a yawn.

"Gosh, how long was I out?" You ask out loud. Your thoughts are interrupted by another yawn that escapes from your mouth. You run a hand through your hair and you let out a sigh.

"Well, it seems my body still wants me to take some rest." You close your eyes and prepare yourself for an adventure that awaits you in your dream.

To your surprise, you find yourself in an open field. Various flowers are dancing in the rhythm of the gentle breeze of the night. The moon is shining brightly just at the top of the mountains. You take a look on your surroundings and spot a tree standing alone on a small hill with a figure sitting under it. It take you a minute or two to notice that the figure is Luna. You don't know why but your feet walks on it's own accord closer to her. As you stand next to her, you sit down. She didn't say anything, nor looking at you. You look at the scenery in front of you. It's beautiful. The moon is still shining between the mountains ahead, providing you some lights. It feels like you're in heaven. You didn't even remember you had dreams like this. Thoughts come to your mind as you realise that Luna is in your dream. Why does she here? Does she know what had happened? Did Redheart told her about your desease?

"Why didn't you tell me?" Luna suddenly breaks the silence, interrupting you from your thoughts. Good, your thought was right. You look at her while she is still looking at the scenery. You sigh and look back to your front. Hugging your knees with your arms and put your head on it you decide not to answer it yet.

"It's complicated."

"No it's not," Luna says firmly, "Why didn't you tell me, Anon? Why didn't you tell to your friends? Why did you keep it a secret?" She nearly shout on her last words. You sigh again, knowing it won't be good to argue with Luna when she's like this, you decide to answer as best as you could.

"It's... it's just... I don't want all of you to be worry about me." You lower your head.

Luna turn her gaze to you. "By hurting yourself? Do you know how dangerous that desease is?" She says while narrowing her eyes.

You lift your head to see her face. Her eyes are red, and she's now in the verge of tears. You couldn't bare to see the sight. It hurts you to see her cry. You want to pull her close to you and tell her that everything is going to be okay. But you know it's fruitless. She'll know it's a lie. You sigh and look back at the mountains.

"Listen Luna. Since I came here, I was scared. I thought I was alone. I thought that I would die because of hunger. But then, I met you, Celestia, the Elements. And you helped me through thick and thin. You all showed me that I belong here. You treated me like I was one of yours. Even I'm the one and only of my kind. And it hurts me that I couldn't return the favour, even you guys didn't want to. Makes me think that, 'Am I the lowliest creature here?'" You can feel your eyes begin to water but you hold it with every single power you have. "So yeah... the thing is, I didn't want to burden you with my problems." Before you can continue, Luna cuts you off.

"What problems?"

Your eyes widen and you quickly put both your hands to cover your face while letting out a groan. You couldn't believe you just let that words slipped from your mouth.

"What problems, Anon?" Luna asks again.

"Not much." You lie.

"Anon, I know now and then when you're lying."

You sigh as you gain enough courage to look at her. "Well... ever since I live here, I've been kinda... depressed I guess."

"What?! Why did you never tell me?!" Luna shrieks, a shock look on her face.

"Like I said before Luna, I didn't want to burden you with my problems. Honestly, you guys are my only reason for living at this point..." You sigh. "Look, you all give me food, shelter, clothing... a life... and… it’s just… it’s just so difficult to stand tall when you know that everything you are is because of the generosity of someone else, especially when they don’t ask for anything in return! You don't even ask me to do chores or anything."


"And all I've done, is take, take, and take." You lower your head in embarrassment. "Sheesh what kind of monster am I?"

"Anon, you know that is wrong."

"I don't..."

"Don't make me even more worry about you, Anon!" From her trembling voice, you know she's getting desperate.

You look to the ground while crossing your legs. "Why, Luna? Why do you care so much? I'm just pathetic, poor, insignificant, worthless human." You look up to see her again. Anger fills in your eyes. "We've only known each other for four months Luna. So why?! For the love of God! Why do you even care?! WHY DO YOU-"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!" Luna shout right in front of your face. You stop talking, thinking, and moving in less than a second. You could have sworn your heart do an Irish jig after she said that. Your anger slowly disappears from you. You search through her eyes and face, trying to find what kind of prank she's into this. But instead of finding an evilly smirk, her eyes are shown as loving, caring, and concern.

"Y-you... wha..."

Luna takes a deep breath before looking at you with a loving smile on her face. One that you had never seen before. "Yes... I love you." She says gentler.

You continue to stare at her with a shock expression. A small sound escapes your throat, but you have no idea what it was. A pony... is in love with you? An entire different species, actually IN LOVE with you?! You think it over for a minute. This is just wrong. She isn't a human, and you aren't a pony... nature doesn't work like this! You love Luna's personality, you do think she's pretty, and you honestly wouldn't think twice about dating her... if she was a human. It's her body that holds you back from really loving her the way you want to.

"But... why do you... love me..." You say quietly, still thinking that this is a dream. But yeah, this is a dream, but Luna is in your dream. But you obviously sure that... you know what, forget it.

She smiles lovingly at you. "Anonymous, you are the sweetest, kindest, most loving creature that has ever entered my life. You are a great stallion, Anon. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You may not be perfect, but who is? We all make mistakes, and we all have doubts. But your mistakes should not define your future, nor do they ever have to."

You pause for a moment to think of something. "But Luna, I... I'm not worth it. I don't deserve you. And I-"

"But that doesn't mean you cannot be loved, Anon." She cuts you off.

You open your mouth to retort that but nothing comes to your mind. You then falter. And you're starting to tear up. Seconds later, you can't hold your tears any longer. So you cry. Burying your face in your hands, you cry. You never thought of someone that is actually in love with you not because of your appearance, but from your personality. You thought that you couldn't do anything right, that you just burdening everyone else. But Luna tells you otherwise. She tells you from her deepest part of her heart. And you know for sure she isn't lying. Back on Earth, it's nearly impossible to find a caring girl like her. You feel hoofs on both of your hands and they slowly open them. Looking up, you see Luna is smiling at you with that loving smile again.

She wipe your tears away while saying, "Listen to me Anon, you have a heart of gold. You already helped us more than enough. Don't you know that?" You shake your head slowly. "You remember the time when you helped an old traveler? You remember the time when you helped Celestia during her court? You remember the time when you helped the Elements to defeat Tirek? And then you're badly injured but you said that you were fine? Anon, you already done so much for us. And there are more than that. Can't you see that?" You blink and didn't respond, so she continues. "You’re funny, smart, hoofsome, and just so great to be around. I'm really glad that I met you. You remember when I told you about my past? And when I cried, you comfort me and you told me every word that has encouraged me until today?" You slowly nod, though you don't even know your words had a huge impact on her until now. Luna chuckles lightly. "Well, we have a lot in common aren't we?" She pause for a moment and looks at you. "I love you, Anon. And nothing will ever change that."

Maybe you couldn't find another human. Maybe, there is a future ahead of you. Maybe... it's time to move on from the ways of your old life, and start a new one. And this is the right time. You manage to control your breathing and a smile forms on your face. "I never thought I would say this but... I love you too Luna. From the bottom of my heart, I truly do."

Luna smiles even more in a way that you can see her to be more adorable. "You really mean it?"

You nod solemnly. "I do Luna. To be honest, the thought has passed my mind every so often. But I put it aside, because... you know, what I am."

"Then let's make it clear. Will you be my special somepony, Anon?" Luna asks, a single tear running down her left cheek.

You raise your hand and cup it on her cheek. Using your thumb to wipe the tear away, you say, "You already know the answer."

Luna chuckle kind-heartedly at your response and look back at the scenery. To your surprise, you let out a long yawn. You have no idea why are you so sleepy in this dreamland. But your eyes become heavier, indicates that it is time for you to sleep properly. You feel a wing wrap around your body and Luna brings you close to her chest. You wrap your right arm around her back while caressing her wing gently as she lets out a sigh of delight.

"The moon is beautiful." You say quietly. She chuckle and rest her head on yours while you rests your head on her shoulder.

"Same goes to you." She simply reply while nuzzling your cheek. Another yawn escapes from your mouth, making Luna chuckle again.

"You know, lung cancer can be cured easily in this world." She whispers to your ear.

You raise an eyebrow. "So that means..."

"Yes, you are going to be just fine. After you're out of the hospital, we can go out on a date." She says with a smile. You smile and cherish the soft fur that is rubbing against your skin. Her fur is soft as silk. You just want to cuddle with her forever and never let go.

"I know you missed this food you called 'bacon' so much. And I have a friend of mine that can help you with that." Luna suddenly says.


Your eyes are become much heavier in each second. With the warmth inside your chest also from Luna and her very soft fur, you slowly close your eyes and let the darkness greets you into another peaceful slumber. With a smile on your face, you finally fall asleep. But before that, you can feel Luna gently kiss you on your forehead and whispers something into your ear.

"Sleep well Anonymous. I love you."

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Source for cover art?

A wholesome story I think it needs a sequel, also this could do with a bit of editing other than that a great story mate!

My friend gave it to me a long time ago. But I'll ask him where the source of the image is. :twilightsmile:

Will you mind if you could give me some of your editing ideas? I don't really good into that romance story, so yeah... I'm suck.

I....Loved it!

I'm so glad you're enjoying it brother!


Welcome to a great story, everyone. :-D

Honestly wanting to see this date now. :raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry:

So... I'll take that as a sequel then?

Well, gotta say I will make that story but not in the meantime. I got a bunch of stories to finish.

Looking forward to it. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

This was pretty good.

Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping he was gonna die in her arms or something. But still loved it

I can see why you'd want that ending, but I think the original one is better.

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