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The Royal Guard, defenders of Equestria with three different factions. The Celstial Guard, the Lunar Guard... and the Specialists.

One for day, one for night, and one for the most dangerous tasks.

Specialists serve directly under the princesses, their rank equal to the captain.

One team rose above the rest in terms of strength, devotion, and sense of justice. They call themselves the Guardians.

Six ponies strong enough to rival alicorns make up this team. None of their identities were made known to the public, it is said that only the princesses and Captain Shining Armor know their names.

Golden Dusk a member of the Guardian , had gone missing during a mission for about two months. Then suddenly, he returned in mostly good condition .

He had thought that the last mission would be the last one for a while. However, another threat brews within the shadows of the majestic city of Canterlot.

Not to mention, Scarlet Gem, his teammate, has been acting slightly different lately.

Unbeknownst to him, so was he.

Later chapters proofread by Javarod

Cover art by Vector Brony

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So far very good chapters



“Specialist Golden Dusk and Mythic Moon, you are to go undercover and scout the lunar park for more information about the Purifiers.” Celestia stated.

“Do you accept?” Luna asked.

“Specialist Golden Dusk, ‘Hunter,’ accepts.”

“Specialist Scarlet Gem, ‘Valkyrie,’ accepts.

We weren’t asking you!

Oh shoot, thanks for pointing that out! :twilightblush:

Not a problem

Everyone makes mit sakes


Damnit, Cayde... I’ll send a Hunter your way

She too decided she’d give it a go. She flapped her wings and gently flew to the top of the slide. To. Her amusement,

Punctuated. For. Emphasis!

Nice chapter

Pft, I think I found my writing police! :twilightsmile:

In all seriousness, thanks for pointing out the errors!

“Golden Dusk… g… aha!”

It took a few seconds to realize what you were trying to convey.
I would recommend repeating the g a few times, like this:

“Golden Dusk… G… G... G... aha!”

“About the reintegration of thestrals to Canterlot…”

This be interesting...

So far, so good, quite enjoying this. I do think I caught a mistake or two this chapter, not sure off the top of my head, though if'n you need more eyes on it, I do proofread.

That said, there is this sentence I really hate:

Eventually, the same chef pushed out a cart with plates covered with metal to keep the food warm.

I think instead you should do:
Eventually the same chef pushed out a cart with several plates, the cloche atop them there to keep the food warm.

Or something like that. Anyhoo, keep up the good work, can't wait to see where you're going with this.

eheh... y'know, reading through that sentence again, I cringed a bit. Thanks for that!

Well, with Hunter and Auntie Moonie at the start, you had me thinking it was just gonna be Mary sues.

I'm glad you made Hunter feel more human, but I'm still kinda getting an OP vibe from here.

Onwards, with prudence.

To his dismay, it was expired.

...so? If it's still good, no reason you can't eat something past its expiration date.

Yep, but Dusk isn't like that; whether or not it's still good, he'd rather throw it out instead. :twilightsmile:

She shocked her head. “None.”

Sounds painful. Although, I'm trying to figure out why anyone would shock their own head. Seems rather unproductive, not to mention unpleasant.

“I heard the Canterlot Carousel was having a sale. Maybe you can eat some sort of suit that can go over your hoodie?” Scarlet suggested.

Eating a suit? Well, I hear that there is such a thing as edible undergarments, but an entire suit made to be edible?


:facehoof: Painful indeed, do not try it unless that's your thing.


All ponies shifted their gaze to the night princess. Cookie jar in one hoof, a cookie in the other, mouth stuffed and dirtied with remnants of the treat, and the floor her throne was settled on had crumbs all over. Her innocent eyes glanced between Celestia and the Guardians repetitively. Her voice was muffled, and bits of cookie shot out from her mouth.

Me with oreos.

She could care less.

She COULDN'T care less. Saying she COULD care less means that she does care.

This was a very nice read, I am shocked at its lack of popularity

Interesting start. Got ourselves an extremely talented unicorn, a special forces kind of unicorn. Inwouls presume that he is a part of a larger unit...mayne with each member specializing in a certain field? I'm any case, forward!

Heh, adorable pone things are adorable. I love all the hugging! Hugs should be implemented as medical treatments to a lot of things. They just make things better! Unless, you know, the person who is being hugged is either terrified of hugs, or is wounded...
Regardless! I'm looking forward to reading more of this! It doesn't seem to be a mess at all! Maesteo and Valkyrie... two sides of the same coin? I don't care. Just... GAH HUGS! I LOVE HUGS!
I can totally relate to Dusk here though. Many a time I've gotten home, and said the exact same words.
"Well, time to pass out I guess."
It only works 100% of half the time.
I like the idea here of technomagic... lots of stuff one can do with that.
In any case, I'll read more later on tommay.
Onward! With excitement!

Now where have I heard that expression before... :trollestia:
Just messing with you

Nooooooo....! The pony equivalent of red shirts!
I'm... going to be upset, aren't I? Oh no...
Regardless. Glad we got to see both our specialists kick some flank! The sparring scene with the guard and Scarlet... it was actually really enjoyable to read! Might have to study it... I don't really know how to write pony fight scenes yet... I'm used to human fights.
Hope you don't mind that!
The relationship is still, bloody adorable. I love myself a nice little romantic subplot, it that is indeed the point. If not, these two are some really good friends.
I need to get my own magically enchanted set of clothing that never needs to be washed... I WOULD SAVE SO MANY QUARTERS! I MIGHT JUST ASCEND!
I will leave it at that, as I need to be at work in half an hour, and I need my coffee.
Onward to victory! And... possibly despair...

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