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Israel Yabuki

Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories

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Beginnings of a great story


This is gonna be good, I can tell. Keep going!!

The Shadowbolts had an incredible story arc in the Equestria Girls franchise, so this story is already amazing.

That's a good close-up pic of Sunny Flare's Dance Outfit from Dance Magic :3

Dude Ill be honest I almost cried at the end. Well done my friend.

Well, you'd best prepare yourself for the next chapter. It's gonna be a real tear-jerker

friend if you have a sentimental touch to this story

"Magnifique! It is always such a pleasure to get compliments from our dear guests. Monsieur Gordon Ramsay was right to give me and the other some pointers," he said, happily taking the tips. "Merci, mon ami. And you keep up le good work, too." After giving you some praise, he takes the empty cart back into the kitchen while you headed back to your station, but not before you heard him shout that iconic line. "WHERE'S ZA LAMB SAUCE?!"

Couldn't resist making a GR reference, could ya?

what can I say? I love the guy. He's a top notch cook and pretty funny when he rants

Hey, so do I! I love Gordon Ramsay!

Thank you so much for doing a Sunny Flare story! She's my favorite Shadowbolt and I hate that she doesn't get many stories around here.


Who doesn't love Gordon Ramsay? F*ckin' donkeys, that's who.

Need help with this story? I’m board and could use some practice >.>

"Yeah, they were like hell on Earth. I was so stressed out, I was even tempted to call the Immediate Murder Professionals… on myself," you joked, making Sunny burst out laughing.

Helluva cool reference, bro.

"Yeah, they were like hell on Earth. I was so stressed out, I was even tempted to call the Immediate Murder Professionals… on myself," you joked, making Sunny burst out laughing.

Helluva cool reference, bro.

I'm good on this story, but I do have other stories I need help with


I'm also available to help you on those other stories fronts, if you'll have me there.

And this story,s off to a fantastic start. Well established human characters are brilliant, Shadowbolt love always gets my motor running, and that you surprised me with Sunny Flare only give good omens for the rest of the story. Looking forward to seeing it continue here, Yabuki.

And thanks for a fantastic FIMFic.

no prob and should I ever need help writing some of my other stories, I will let you know

Dunno, but if I find the write one to edit, I'll let you know

We stepping to the Shadowbolts in the EQG waifu series, I catch up the reference, Gordon Ramsey and the Black Butler lol love the show. Also I can see this one will be a challenge for him with her dad.

The chapter is perfect and emotional at the ending part, I will keep my eye on the update of the story.

Great work and Brony on:yay:


Oh god this was a heavy chapter. 😢

It’s getting really good.

it remind my how i lost my mother:raritydespair: i cried so much it touch me but she with me my heart have been connected tied with the memories of herhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3MfoZ_yX5E:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:keep up the great work cant wait for future chapters from you:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I'm sorry you lost your mother. May she rest in peace.

Such a emotional chapter. Really tugged at my heartstrings. :fluttercry:

That's what I like about your writing, Israel. Keep up the brilliant work. :twilightsmile:

Yep, definitely needed that tissue box for this. :fluttercry:

Thank you for another great chapter.

Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis? This hotel is in trouble...

Hehehe, you caught the reference, lol

Dude ummmm I really need a tissue box right now. Yu did a good job with this one and my tears are proof of that.

Whoa! Oh, my heart! Oh, it hurts!:fluttercry:

that was a sad chapter, on the bright side, their are some positive part in it including both he and Sunny Flare. Im was shocked that her dad came in and armed, and I figure things gets bad from their after that. How will it turn out with her dad is uncertain.

this is an emotional chapter but overall, it works well.

good job and brony on

This was a sad chapter I know it’s hard to lose a loved one But don’t let that keep you down because they are always With you i’m hoping that the next chapter will be less sad

The next day, around 1:00 PM you were eating your lunch while sending some loving messages to Sunny. You both were making plans on where you two should meet to visit your Grandmother and tell her the amazing news.

"Don't you talk back to me like that, you little cretin! I’m her father! I know what's best for her! Sunny is my daughter and you are nothing more than common trash! Now I'm only gonna say this once: Stay away!" he persisted, putting his taser close to your face. But then, Sunny stepped in and kicked her dad in the balls, making him lose his grip on his taser and toppled over in pain.

Oh! That's-a gotta sting like a super-scope to the NUTS! 😂😂😂😂 Among the depression of this chapter, it's nice to see some light-hearted humor.

Yeah, he is... he is not getting up for a while after that.

Let me guess, there will also be a waifu fic with Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, Sour Sweet, and Indigo Zap

Sorry for the VERY long wait. Writers block is a real pain,

I know how you feel, Israel. Being a fellow writer, I know how Writer's Block affects you. And yeah, I take a while to post my chapters in stories, as well.

Patience is a virtue, as I like to say. Keep bronying on, Israel.

awesome story cant wait for more from you:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Oh sweet, 2 things from you in a single day. And I hope I don't sound annoying but do you know who'll be next now?

I'm debating on whether or not it should be Indigo Zap or Lemon Zest

Hmm. While I like both of them, to the point where I'm fine with either one being next, I personally vote for Lemon.

Mostly because there's almost no good straight clopfics of her. Only one I can really think of is High School Heaven.

No worries, I've got a few good ideas on how to bring her story to life

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