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I said I would never write fanfiction...and here I am.


This story is a sequel to Kindness and the Heart of Shadow

Shortly after the events of Kindness and the Heart of Shadow, Fluttershy begins to worry how much her foal might take after its father—the evil King Sombra. While Twilight and Pinkie Pie head for the Crystal Empire to learn more about the shadow ponies, Fluttershy comes to a realization that raises the question of immortality. Discord is so afraid of the thought of losing her that he flees, only to come to a terrifying realization of his own...

A Fluttercord story, with a couple other ships thrown in for good measure.

Updates regularly!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 11 )

A sequel! A sequel, a sequel, a sequel!
You write everypony and Discord so well. I love how he makes excuses to make himself feel better, but it's a sweet kind of selfishness.

I kinda hope his relationships with the others improve. He needs more than just Fluttershy.

A very good start to what I'm sure will be another great story!

Oh, this poor, poor Pegasus.

I'm loving all this magical lore, though. And once again, your characterization is spot-on. Raining alphabet letters! I wish I had thought of that!

Pinkie Pie was a delight in this, too. And Twilight teasing Fluttershy as Discord perused through the romance section was something I didn't realize I was waiting for until now!

I look forward to finding out what Discord himself is researching. Somehow, I don't think he's just looking for dating excursion ideas.

Don't get too excited, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn this little series into a trilogy! I've already sketched the plot for the final installment, but you're right: Discord needs to work on his other friendships! There will be a little bit of that coming up here, but I'll try to remember to explore that in more detail in the next story. Thanks for the read!


“...yes? That’s how reproduction works for mammals,

The ocs be like :twilightoops:

She responded with a stare.

Wait I thought the stare doesn't work for him:rainbowhuh:

Twilight laughed. “I appreciate your concern, Fluttershy, but I’m not pretending to try to rule exactly like Celestia and Luna did. I’ve already set up policies and appointed officials to cover for me for just this sort of thing. I mean, I may not freak out as much as I used to, but I’m always going to need the occasional library binge. I hope Equestria can respect that. Besides, this project would be a great way for me to test out those policies to make sure the kingdom can really run smoothly without me on a normal day.”

So this takes place after the 2 parter finale or..?
The ending tho
I look forward on what'll happen tho:scootangel:

Those poor OCs! I'm sure somepony in magical ponyland knows a spell or two to make equine reproduction more... flexible. In this universe, Flutters probably hasn't given the idea much thought. She is surrounded by all her unmagical animal friends, after all. :twilightsheepish:

A stare, not The Stare. Fortunately, Discord is sensitive to Fluttershy's desires even if the manipulative power of The Stare doesn't work on him!

Maybe I should make a blog post about the timing of this story; I can see how it could be a little confusing. I started writing this series shortly after the airing of the season 9 opener. The events in Kindness and the Heart of Shadow start there and mostly unfold in their own way, independent of the rest of season 9. Here in the sequel, the setting and Twilight's rule are kind of similar to the end of the show, but still ultimately an AU.

Yaya new chapters. I found an error

“Nevermind,” ceded the still-grinning earth pony, leaning back out of view.

Dunno if it's an error or not:derpyderp1:
Great chapter tho and the immortality thing really hit me.:raritydespair:

Discord and rainbow being a duo this'll be fun:pinkiehappy:

Not a typo, but now that you point it out, "ceded" doesn't quite mean what I wanted it to mean. I've changed it to "murmured" instead. Thanks for your diligence!

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