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I don't get what exactly they did to kill Rainbow, so you're going to have to explain it to me. Rest of the story is fine.

She was hung, and actually worse, suffocated. Proper gallows, the drop breaks the neck. Nice and painless. But, since RBD has wings, she flew. And slowly faced the inevitable tightening of the rope around her neck until she could no longer breath.

I don't want to read it, but what could Dash have possibly done to deserve that? And Twi going along with it?

Princess Twilight was bound by ancient laws, set down to bring order to the chaos. Since Dash no longer physically held the Element of Loyalty, there was nothing she could do.

Dash: Was blatantly negligent when designing that year's Friendship Festival Wonderbolt routine. She was the top dog, in charge of all the bolts. Multiple injuries had already occurred, they were training too close to restricted flying zones, Dash knew how far off the teams were going when they messed up, she knew it was dangerous and they were not getting it. The team crashed into the Weather Factory, destroying it, Cloudsdale, Ponyville, and setting off a chain of cataclysmic events as the entire world's weather and balance was destroyed. The Weather Factory has that much power. He negligence meant she was labeled by said laws as treason for her crimes against ponykind (ignoring the other creatures), which is always to be punished by hanging.

I might do follow ups in this new world they now live in.

I'm sure it's well-written, but that subject (capital punishment) disturbs me so I'll give it a pass.

a stunt gone horribly wrong to the point that it led to wide-spread deaths which they were acting like it rivaling that of a nuclear bomb apparently without the radiation fall out and since she was in charge she had to take the blame.

and for good measure they double tapped with a spear to the heart. No kill beats a kill like overkill.

I get that. The premise was...disturbing. But I got the story in my head when I tried to solve the problem. So I wrote it and now published.

So, if you were to under the noose to check if she was alive, and she was, she could bolt. Checking blood levity like that is an ancient and tried and true method. Crucifixions were tested that way by the Romans.

did not know that, well the more you know I guess.

No. I knew that. I just didn't get what was going on with Rainbow's execution. I do now.

you mean the fact that even thought twilight didn't want to execute her friend, she had to because royalty wasn't allowed to show weakness, nor a bunch of other stuff. Its also why she didn't want anyone to see her shed a tear for her friend she had watched die.

The question was about the action mode of execution. Answered below.

that was explained way better and more precise than I ever could. Also hoping for more stories in this universe.

Concise, but not artful. I will have to take a look at how I approach the language, but that is part of the tale, guiding the reader to understand the horror of the struggle a Pegasus faces against hanging by the neck until dead.

you should do an alternate ending where rainbow dash finds a way to escape

Intriguing idea. I'll think on it.

Wait, I’m so confused.

Over what exactly?

I'm going to need an actual question to be able to give an answer.

How did she die?

Suffocation. Unlike a usual hanging, which breaks the neck, RBD flew, meaning the noose, once she couldn't fly, would restrict her breathing until she passed out and eventually died. The stab was to ensure she was dead.

So they didn’t tie her wings?

Correct. They did not tie her wings for the actual hanging.

Did they forget or was it apart of the execution?


Twilight Sparkle just nodded back as she watched Rainbow Dash stoically step up onto the stool they were using and the noose secured around her neck. The guards looked over at their Princess, but she didn’t even blink. They undid the wing cuffs and Rainbow Dash instinctively looked at Twilight Sparkle. Twilight’s heart stopped as she realized Rainbow Dash was going to drag it out. She thought she could get away, but that simply wasn’t the case.

On purpose. She was cuffed with her hooves and once in the noose, there is no getting out.

So they didn’t tie her wings so she could suffer?

She chose it when she decided to fly instead of let gravity do the work. The entire premise of the story was the question, "how can you hang something like a pegasus which can fly." Yeah, you could bind the wings. But my mind went down the deep, dark rabbit hole and asked "what if they were not bound or somehow they couldn't be bound?" I just chose the not bound path to answer the question.

It also said that the rope got tighter as she tried to fly away. What would have happened if she just hovered?

Not as quickly as it did by her bolting, but it would have. That is the nature of the noose design. Any pressure applied automatically tightens it.

Really? So if you hover near the noose, like don’t bolt up fall down, it’ll still tighten around your neck?

Only when pressure is applies to the inside. Standing or hovering with it around your neck, it can't tighten. Noose knots technically are a category, with the "Hangman's knot" being the one we thing of as a noose. For any noose knot, as soon as any pressure is applied to inside the loop end of the rope it tightens on itself because that is the mechanism of the knot. It can't easily be slid open, due to the friction of the rope being applied in the opposite direction as it is intended to travel. Which is why it is use in hanging and why a human hanging has some form of quick drop method so it instantaneously tightens and humanely breaks the neck. To do that, it has to be positioned correctly and synched down enough that the head can't be slipped out. If it failed, it will either restrict the airway until they suffocate, or restrict blood flow to the brain, neither being fast or pretty much painless.

So instead of just hovering, dash decided to risk bolting it, which tightened the noose?

Correct. Ultimately, she was going to lose. Hover or bolt, she would run out of stamina and had no way of getting it off.

She can’t bite through it?

It's around her neck, and it will stay in position, with the robe behind her head. She can't get to it. Her hooves are bound as well.

Really. It is how a hanging works, and pony or human, it is the same principal. It is all stated above.

I don’t really know much about hanging, as you can probably tell.

Yes. I realize the story does require a basic understand of hanging, since it is around in popular culture many people do have that, but not all readers might have that. I'd rather answer your questions, than send you searching the web, because that could quickly deteriorate into more than you bargained for.

What do you mean by that?

This is an M rated story with the Death Tag. A search for how hanging works can get dark, pretty quick. I don't know what information you would drag up depending on how you performed the search. I would hate for you to get more information that you bargained for.

Ohh. Ok, I think I know what you mean.

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