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So... Why'd you use a completely different cover art for this one?

I took the advice I had been getting and made new covers for all of my books. Book 2 was changed, but the base was the same. The change came in the eyes. One has the clouds, the other the wasteland. Each book's cover now better reflects what is happening in that book, not the story as a whole. The Anthology also has a special cover.

Glad you enjoyed it. A lot more where that came from.

Damn I'm hyped for the next chapters. Have to say good work :P

So am I! You might want to catch up on the Anthology while you wait for each week's release! But I am thrilled to have another dedicated reader.

Im already at chapter 4 so yeah XD

Great new chapter! But sadly now Im out of stuff to read XD

Well, it looks like you finished the Anthology as well. I release every Tuesday. Nothing I can do about it. With some random releases throughout. At least I can keep on my weekly schedule!

You are one of the few writers who have a scheduled update frame. Im impressed :P

Great new chapter! ^^

Very interesting chapter. It was fun to read about Deke and the Buttercup. I wonder what comes next :D

Thank you. This was a fun chapter to write and entirely spontaneous. It just developed. I needed something to start rounding off the end of book 3 and I needed to show Deke in command more, not just the goofy side character he has often been. He needed to be proven in the eyes of the reader that he knows what he is doing and can back it up.

You really showed how good Deke is :P
Will there be more scenes about Deke in the future like this one? :D

You do get some more good Deke before the end of Book 3!

I wonder whats coming next :P
Great chapter btw :D

I just realiced how the story is actually showing some life instead of just fighting scenes and death. Its this way much more interesting to know the normal life apart from the action scenes.

Great! That's the whole point! It's not just training, battles, war and death; but also life, marriage, birth, and normalized behavior as those happen. Even during the ice emergency, two lives are born. Harvest may be tough, but they love their lives and worked hard. Every day things still happen. Even in the military, most of every day is calm and normal. Tragedic event are balanced by things to celibate.

Thats why I love the story so much :P

Now Im interested what happens next with Shadow or what will be done in the meaning of getting him and his team back :P.
But as always it was fun to read :D

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