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this story will be updated every week unless life gets in the way and resources of war is not dead its getting updated next week. this story is a game im gm'ing from the FoE system like resources of war and Fiauras Fallout Equestria Dead Tree.

Well this is a very good start and you really did capture a good amount of the view from how Silver is so good job.

I will say this: you did capture Chane's direct nature rather accurately. He knows what could happen, but that won't deter him!

in question as to why i deleted the old chapter 1 and re-uploaded the exact same thing. all of it was center aligned for some reason and by just putting it in a different chapter and uploading it fixed it, chapter 2 will be out today or tomarow.

Comment posted by kitty king deleted July 5th

chap 3 is out time to work on 4

its canceled, untell the campaign its part of is is finished that way I have a clear vision of the finish line and I can make changes without fucking things that might happen later, you can watch the streams uploaded to youtube here, it picks up at the end of what was the next chapter that got canceled.

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