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Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy were fixing a hole in the wall that was bothering them when they stumble across an interesting, bright-coloured book. To their surprise, when they open it, a second portal opens up at the school's statue. They are even more surprised when a bunch of people rush at out it all at once. At CHS, everyone panicks and The Rainbooms and Principal Celestia didn't know what to do until a man named Steven Secret arrived and calmed everyone down. He then explained that most of the people that came out of the portal are students that attend his school and that they are in trouble because there's also a mad scientist named Dr. Devil that wants to capture them all. Steven asked the Rainbooms and Celestia to help him find the students before Devil does first and they agree. Before the Rainbooms left, Steven told them to also seek out Lightning Star and Karly Crystal, the top students of the school because they can help save the students too. So, they agree and leave to carry out the objective.

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