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Pegasus 25

Nothing suspicious here.

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Also, I can see her nips.

Lolwhoops, it's almost 4AM so thise nips slipped by, I should probably crop a little better to not get on the mods' bad side

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I'd been looking forward to Busty Business 3 or the like, so this was a nice treat. Thanks!

I wonder if Cadance really needed a permanent spell; the guy probably would have taken the job anyway if it was a weekly gig with Tuesdays off and two weeks vacation. But all that transforming is a lot of hassle...plus hazard pay for being attached to a mare that fights monsters...okay, maybe Cadance had the right idea after all.

Bummer, I feel sorry for me. Can I at least get a welcoming party in our organization for accepting this lifetime contract? I'm mean, a cake to the face would be nice.

Just lovely. I’m a bit envious...minus the permanent part.

I fully expected the story to end with Cadance nursing Flurry, though I suppose it could be construed as a bit uncomfortable.

it was a bit short I want to see the good bits
so sequel please?

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