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"... okay, I have another plan!"


It's a dark and rainy night in Canterlot. A frustrated Flash Sentry arrives over at a local diner to blow off some steam. And who else is there but a familiar old friend from school...

Story takes place in Shatteredverse. Does not require any reading or understanding of universe details. Inspired by Wubcake's Tea Time With Adagio video.

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(Reads description) "So. Why would you make a good thrall?"


*confused head tilt* :rainbowhuh:

Good to see some fluff with Adagio. And also, some character stuff for Flash Sentry is always appreciated. :twilightsmile:

"I swear, it feels like most of the time he does it on purpose to annoy me," Flash groaned, taking a sip of his coffee.


Anyways, great story. Love the interaction of Adagio and Flash. Though may I ask, who is his sister. I'm not familiar with the Main Shatteredverse.


Just somethin' for main conflict at hand, not really introduced. at least, properly :twilightblush:

Very nice fluff story! :twilightsmile:


Why is it that fanfic writers use Flash better then the people of Hasbro?

Flash, to me, is an example of "good idea, bad execution." If Hasbro had actually made MLP EG into a full-fledged series, they could've done a lot with Flash as a character.

Anyways, wonderful story.

Considering Adagio's background, i thought of

Are you trying to make me ship these two with this fic?

Because I'm going to be honest... it's working.

"Relationships are like... plants. It'll help if you talk to them, help them grow. Give them some attention, understand what is troubling them and help them along the way,"

Wise words, my amigo. Wise words.

You sure you aren't the herald of god? Because I see nothing but words of purity:heart:

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