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"... okay, I have another plan!"


Trixie wakes up to find herself having been turned into a fluffy smol ponecat. And Adagio won't stop petting her.

Contains randomness, silliness, and floof :rainbowwild:

Popular 5/7/2019 - 5/9/2019!

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Dawah, so cute and fluffy!

*Claps happily.*


Fluffy animals are the best.

The awwww is strong in this one.

This was good silly adorableness. After a tiring busy day I really needed this. :twilightsmile:

Just take the favorite

You are the floofiest author I know of, Four. :rainbowwild:

dawwww this was so cute! I began to suspect a dream sequence when Dagi seemed to have so many cat related things hehe

I can't believe they allowed you to have an explicit non-consensual boop as your cover art. Are you sure a story that involves such heinous acts should be rated 'E'?

Dammit. I normally don't like this sort of weird fluff, but WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF CELESTIA, DOES THIS HAVE A HEART-MELTING EFFECT ON ME?!?!

Rats, I'm going to have to burn down some orphanages for blind children to get rid of this taint of cuteness and goodwill that seems to invade my brain...

Aww, this was really cute!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

The world needs more ponecats.

This was too cute. Fluffy pone cats sounds very cute indeed

Oh my god so cute! Ponecat Trixi is so freaking cute

A cat is fine too.


*gathers writer's block and gives up.*

This is super adorable.

ChaosBlitz.exe has stopped working due to cuteness overload

Okay, so I finally decided to read this to see what all the fuss was about and...

Bricklayer.EXE has stopped working. Please reboot.


*lightly taps* come on, buddy, don't die on me now! *taps again*

I'm alive! I'm so alive! Takes big gulps of air

But serious question, how'd you get such a lewd image past mods?:derpytongue2:


Yay he's alive!

I don't knowwwww:rainbowwild:

Mods must have fainted upon sight of the cover art! That's how!

Whether it was a fictional cat in her dreams, or human in real life there was one thing she couldn't deny; Trixie was adorable.

You're goddamn right she is!

How about a very smol ponecat, is it acceptable?

I would like more floofy adorable trixie

I like to pet the pretty puppy.

You can has review. ...Okay, now I just hate myself for using that meme.

This is so fluffy and sweet that it's almost indecent. XD


Oh that Dagi. And that Trixie.

Frickin awesome. You always deliver the best.

Huzzah! The fluff has been doubled!

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