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"... okay, I have another plan!"


Octavia returns back to National Geographic with an inside scoop of a particularly rare creatures surrounding Mount Aris; the hippogriffs!

Note: Nothing is intended to be taken seriously, this was made out of pure boredom and wanting to make something silly. Please enjoy.

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Very silly. Very good. Great job. You made me smile!


As the camera crews turned off their camera's and packed things away the young hippogryph smiled to herself as she trotted back towartds the water to play with the fish "they were nice" she mused aloud to herself



Well, this was remarkably wholesome.

"The hippogriff consists of four major parts. The sharpened feetsies, the pecky nose, the swishy hair and tail, and of course, the floofing wings. Each vital to the species as a whole. Without them, they are mere horses with a lot of extra fluff."

This part sounds like a Lucidchart video. :derpytongue2:

This was sweet and silly. I enjoyed this bit of fluff. XD

And is that a sequel tease I see near the end? :trixieshiftright:

Is this a sequel?

I have a feeling Hippogriffs are similar to sealions

Not quite National Geographic Presents Big Princess Week, but far cuter and adorbs. Now you need to get a reading of it.

After the cameras were turned off and the crew started walking away, the griff walked up to Octavia.
"So when do I get paid?" The griff said as it held out a foreclaw. "Hookers and blow are sooo not cheap."

Octavia frowned then dug in the left front pocket of her jeans. She took out several hundred dollars and some singles. "Here you go."

The griff's purple eyes narrowed. "Really? The birdseed almost choked me and the slimy cold dead fish is trying to swim its way back up. I'm not a freakin animal! I got needs! Need more money! Or do you want some fish?"

Octavia sighed then pulled out two more hundreds and added it to the money in her hand. She wondered if griffs could projectile vomit. It probably would be something she didn't want to experience first hand.

The cash was snatched out of her hand so fast, it caused a miniature sonic boom. "Whoo yeah! Gonna party. Let me know if you need another griff for another documentary. Oh, I'm gonna wash that human stink offa me. Eww." The griff sang out and it unfurled its floofy wings and took off.

Octavia scowled and thrust her wallet back into her jeans then she ran to catch up with the crew.

Kudos on your story.

The adorableness...it's over 3000! :pinkiegasp:

We need one about all the alicorns as narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

And here we seen the majestic alicorn of the day breaking her morning fast. She has successfully stalked and ambushed a platter of fresh crêpes migrating from the kitchen through her dining room domain. After bringing down the choicest morsels, she lets out a bellowing belch to alert any nearby alicorn competitors that this platter is marked for her and her alone. She violently tears into into its soft, fluffy pancakes, rending them end from end and smearing her muzzle with its sugary, syrupy maple lifeblood. This grim spectacle is repeated morning after morning, as the alicorn is an insatiatable breakfast predator with a voracious appetite. A mature, fully grown alicorn is fully capable of consuming a stack of crêpes down to the platter in under a minute. A congress of alicorns like this can wipe out entire kitchens worth of pancakes in a single morning.

This was absolutely adorable!

I'm Octavia Melody, and join me next week for when we climb into the world of another rare creature; the kirins!"

:pinkiegasp: The cuteness shall continue!

Never thought of Octavia as a nature host but it works well.

Why did you decide to use Octavia as a reporter?

"A hippogriff is generally considered an omnivore, but their diet does also include some smaller animals, such as ferrets. But as we saw from earlier, this little one was hunting for a fish. So..."

Don’t you mean “generally considered a herbivore” if it’s unusual for them to eat animals?

You could write it! That paragraph you wrote is a good starting point.

An Omnivore is an animal that eats ANYTHING.

The use of “but” makes it sound like hippogriffs are unexpected to eat meat.

...I shouldn’t have nitpicked the use of a single word. I don’t want to start an argument.

I approve of this information!


Yay! The birb agrees! *pets* :rainbowkiss:

That was adorable

I didn't asked for this information but thanks Info Graphic

Horse Birbs needing scritches: Exist

Depression & Anxiety: Why do I hear boss music?

:twilightsheepish: Obviously we need NG to cover all the species, now. Buggos, yaks, dragons...

That was adorable!

If Octavia is a mix of Jane Goodall and David Attenborough, would Fluttershy be Dr Dolittle?

After reading this, I just imagine David Attenborough narrated this.

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