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"Love can be a memory that no one can steal but love can also be a pain that no one can heal"


You saved Adagio years ago, ever since then she has had a crush on you. You however get bullied and thus have no confidence to tell her your true feelings. Will Adagio be able to help you get your confidence back and face your bullies? And will you and Adagio have your happily ever after?

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You’re missing the romance tag if it’s a shipping

Adagio was getting more madder by the second. But she wasn't going to cry, not in front of a bully. Instead of crying she did something... that surprised even herself. She goes to Flash and slaps him across the face. A red mark is made on Flash's cheek. Flash recoils from the slap, it had to of hurt. Flash looks back at Adagio with a mad expression. He waves his hand to someone, was it his mother? Two other boys walk over, they must be his friends. One of the boys is shorter than Adagio and chubby. The other one was the same height as Adagio but clearly more stronger.

Should have been a punch.

"And look at her hair. It's like one big sponge. How could anyone ever like someone like you." Flash said

I don’t see the problem.

"Flash and I have known each other forever. Flash is kinda like a bully, he thinks he's the best. That's how he is, me and him have gotten into many fights. I haven't won a single fight." Anon said

At that point you gotta sign up for classes.

"Adagio, honey, it's time to come inside." Adagio's mom said

"Ok, mom. I got to go see you later Anon." Adagio said

Are we just gonna pretend that she didn’t leave him on the ground?

There were a-lot of times when words seemed to be missing.


"Hey, who do you are smashing my castle." Adagio yelled

I think you meant to say:

"Hey, who do you think you are smashing my castle?" Adagio yelled


Adagio was scared, she couldn't beat 3 boys. Maybe 1 but not all 3 at one time.

It would be better to say it like this:

Adagio was scared, she couldn't beat three boys. Maybe one but not all three at one time.

unless you are referring to the time, addresses, or dates you want to spell out numbers instead of using actual numbers. It makes it seem more professional.

Other then that, this was cute. Can’t wait to see what happens next! :twilightsmile:

Adagio walked back home from school. Friday's were always good, but not this one. They just had a test and Adagio wasn't proud of it, not one bit. It was one of those stupid let's give you a out of nowhere test for fun. Why did teachers have to do that? They did that for their enjoyment and to make their students suffer. Adagio didn't even study for it, she could only hope she did good on it.

I feel the pain. First of all we usually get tests on fridays which already gets me in a bad mood, and then your boy don’t even be studying.

Anon was obviously confused. Adagio was so sure she was going to die from embarrassment that day. Her sisters had a lot of fun teasing Adagio that day. Just two little sisters being annoying to their older sister, that was nothing normal.

Is that meant to be an error?

Adagio got up from her bed and went to her sisters room. Aria and Sonata were in their room playing and not fighting with each other. Now that was a miracle for them. Adagio walks into the room Aria and Sonata look up at her.

Wow, god does exist.

"Trust me I still I'm mad at you two. But can't we just all get along and be nice sister." Adagio said

There’s no such thing.

"Oh, so you don't have a crush on Keith-" Adagio tried to say but got interrupted

Is that one of the bullies?

"No, now thinking about it. He's not really picky about what he likes. The only things he wants is to be able to stand up to Flash and stop him from being a bully to everyone." Adagio said

Sign him up for fighting classes. Problem solved.

"Flash isn't overconfident he's just a big bully. There's a big difference between you and Flash." Aria said

I honestly don’t see the difference. Usually bullies are overconfident.

"Still my point stands. Adagio has far more confidence then anyone I know. Your be the perfect person to help Anon get his confidence back." Sonata said

You mean he had confidence before?

"You said you liked him? Are you sure your not in love?" Aria asked

"Shut up! I don't love him! I just have a crush on him." Adagio said

Is there a difference?

Adagio, Aria, and Sonata all started to play with each other. It had been a while since the three of them all played together. Sure the conversation didn't go as plan as Adagio hoped it could but it was something. But now Adagio had a plan.

What was she expecting?

Facts we get a math test every Friday. Keith is Aria's crush in this story not a bully. I guess you have a point bullies are overconfident. I would say a crush is more like a I like, like this person, not love. But that's just me. I mean Anon gets bullied so I could see him having confidence before but then have it shattered because of Flash.

Actually there is a difference between being in love and having a crush.

*A Crush is defined as a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone inappropriate or unattainable.

*Love is an intense feeling of deep affection where one truly accepts their love interest wholeheartedly.

Ohh. Ok, that makes sense.

Monday, a day every kid hates. Adagio was walking to school with Anon. Both of them were worried sick. Their teacher was going to give out their test from Friday. Neither Adagio or Anon felt like they did good. Anon because he had no confidence and Adagio because she didn't study one bit. To make things worst, whenever they did test like that the teacher would call out everyone's score. Another thing teacher's did to make their students suffer.

Ok, I don’t remember my teachers doing that.

Adagio was jumping for joy in her head. She walks up and takes the test from her teacher. Adagio got a 94 on her test. She didn't think she was going to make it into the top 10. She had guessed on almost every answer. The only two names that hadn't been called yet was Anon's and Flash's name. Adagio was kinda hoping Anon did better than Flash.

That’s how it be sometimes.

"Why can't he just deal with the fact he just did worse on test. He needs to get his underwear out of his butt. We should tell someone about this." Adagio said

"Please don't. They won't do anything anyways. And even if they do Flash will just come back and hurt us." Anon said

He’s not wrong.

"But he threatened you. We have to someone, that might stop Flash from bullying others." Adagio said

"That's the thing. I don't want someone else to stop Flash. I want to be the one to stop Flash. So don't tell anyone about this ok?" Anon said

Does it matter who stops him?

"You don't have to be scared of me. It's just that if he hits my best friend then he'll see my bad side." Anon said

Didn’t know there was a bad side.

From how Anon acted from what Flash just did, he looked honestly scared out of his mind. Or was it all an act? Adagio looks at Anon, while Anon continues to talk about the test. What if Anon wasn't scared of Flash at all and he only acted like he was. That would make Flash the idiot and Anon the genius. Anon was smart Adagio knew that, but was he that smart?

Does that even make sense?

Ever since Flash did that to Anon, Adagio wanted to get revenge. Anon didn't deserve the bullying from Flash. Adagio had a plan to stop Flash, once lunch started she would go back to her classroom instead of eating with Anon. Then her plan would go from there. Flash deserved this for being an idiot to everyone.

Sometimes revenge is the right answer.

"All of you shut up!! Who did this! It was you wasn't it Anon! I'll get you for this!" Flash yelled

Honestly, if I was adagio I would just say it was me and that I would do it again.

"Yes but that still doesn't make it right. I appreciate what you did really I do. But I don't want you to be in my fight. This is my fight, I'll be the one to stop Flash's bullying." Anon said

I’m liking what he’s saying a little bit, but he’s wrong.

"True. But it won't be like that for soon. My mom put me in some Karate classes." Anon said


"You want to know why I hate you. I'll tell you why. You try to be the peacemaker but whenever your the one in the fire you act like a little baby. You try to help others but you can't even stand up for yourself. That's why I hate you and I always will." Flash said

Please tell me he’s joking. It must be April 1st in their world.

"This is what I've been waiting for. Your finally standing up for yourself. Just know this... it still won't be enough to beat me. You have confidence so what? I can still beat you in a fight I always have. I'll give you this one Anon, but you won't be so lucky next time." Flash said

Next time? Why not throw the first punch now?

Was you replying to my comment? Because, you forgot to push the reply button.

It’s ok. For some reason this happens to people.

"That's the spirit Anon. Flash has token over this school for to long. Your the only one that can stop him. The fate of this school is in your hands. I know you can do it Anon, if anyone can it's you." Adagio said

I mean, it’s supposed to be in the adults hands, but we all know they’re not gonna do anything.

"Please don't be mad. It's just that... whenever your around I feel as though I can do anything. You just give me strength I don't know why but you just do. My confidence isn't fully returned but it is higher than what it was like before. And I know... once I beat Flash it'll be fully restored." Anon said

I’m pretty sure he knows the reason.

"Come on Anon we better get going. We don't want to be late." Adagio said

"Yeah let's go. I'm going up to Flash at lunch." Anon said

Why? Just wait until he comes to you.

"I've want to beat them up for a while now. I'll just say they were touching me inappropriately and I was defending myself." Adagio said


From day one Anon knew he was going to have to stop Flash. All of those stupid teachers weren't going to do nothing. They don't care about bullying, they make you think they are but they aren't. The only think they care about is getting their money. Every other kid at school were to scared of Flash. But could you blame them.

Actually, I could blame them.

Flash had been the biggest bully for years, and nothing has happened to him. No warning, no detention, no nothing. Whatever happened after today would happen, whether Anon won or not. Maybe this could show the other kids to learn to stand up to Flash.

I think I’m getting flashbacks from sunset shimmer.

"No I'm not leaving until you stop. We can either do this the easy way or the hard way. And let me just tell you... I'm fine with either option." Anon said

I’ll be honest, that would be me this situation.

Adagio hadn't noticed it until now but nearly everyone was around them. Sonata and Aria were there to, cheering for Anon. Now listening everyone was saying 'fight, fight, fight, or Flash, Flash, Flash, Anon, Anon, Anon.' Adagio could clearly hear more people saying Anon than Flash. Adagio looks back at Flash and Anon. Flash punched Anon in the face but Anon counters by kicking him in the stomach. While Adagio was watching the fight all she could think about one thing. Where were the teachers? And how have they not noticed every kid that goes to this school in a big crowd shouting 'fight.'

They don’t care.

Flash's two friends get back up. They try to sneak attack Anon but Adagio comes out of nowhere and punches one of them. The other one tries to hit Adagio but Adagio kicks the other in his privates. He falls to the ground, making sure he won't get up Adagio swiftly kicks him in the face. Flash's other friend tries to punch Adagio put Adagio catches it. She kicks him right in the nose, he falls back to the ground in pain.

Damn, she can fight? If they go out together they will be a fighting duo.

Now that Flash's two friends were out of commission it was back to just Flash and Anon. The teacher's were still trying to get through the kids. No one way letting them in, Adagio was honestly surprised. Was this their way of showing that they were done with Flash's bullying? Teacher's never do anything about bullying but when there's a fight then they spring into action. The kids weren't going to let them in, they wanted to see Flash get his butt kicked.

Sh*t, I would do the exact same thing. I don’t like fighting teachers, but you ain’t stopping this fight.

Anon saw the principal getting closer he had to finish things and fast. Flash looks up and sees the principal as well. Anon and Flash make eye contact, Flash evilly smiles at Anon, Anon smiles back. They both must of been thinking the same thing. Flash and Anon both throw a punch as hard as they can towards each other. Time seems to slow down for Adagio, both Flash and Anon's punches were in midair. Their punches make contact with the others face. Anon falls back but stays standing, Flash on the other hand falls to the ground. Kids cheer out seeing the biggest bully fall to the ground. The principal and the teachers finally makes it to where Flash and Anon are.

That’s some anime type sh*t.

"Both of you two my office, NOW!" The principal yells scaring all of the kids

Hey, if I get suspended it’s worth it.

"Well I got in trouble which sucks. But... Flash got expelled." Anon said as he smiles

You can get expelled from bullying? Damn, where was this principle at when sunset was around?

"Anon I... I love you to. It's thanks to you that Flash is gone. Now people at school won't have to worry about getting bullied. Teacher's are now starting to do things about bullying thanks to you. It's all because of you, your a hero to everyone and especially me. Your my hero, Anon." Adagio said

Are they doing something?

Anon was in complete shock. Adagio liked him back. Out of all people she liked Anon. Someone that had no confidence, that got bullied, but she still liked him.

Hey, some girls like the underdogs.

Adagio and Anon both look at each other in the eyes. Then slowly start to lean in towards each other. Then... it happened. Their lips intertwined with each others. The kiss was ecstatic for the both of them. After a while later they let go.

Now that I think about it, how old are they?

Wow, this was great.

You know that's true. Their starting high-school, their freshman. Sorry should of made that more obvious.

Ohh. Wow, getting into a fight as a freshmen. That’s rough.

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