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I'm just an autistic light hearted alicorn. I'll be writing emotional, comedic, and heartwarming stories.


This story is a sequel to Rise of the Shadow Knight

Book Knight learned about the great comic book hero known as Batman and decided to follow in his footsteps to become the hero that fights in the shadows, handling the underground criminals that the royal guard and the princesses can't handle on their own. He is smart and skilled at hoof to hoof combat. He also uses throwing stars and shadow magic to gain the edge on his enemies. He is the Shadow Knight, the dark hero of Equestria.

Twilight doesn't see him as a hero. She sees him as a nutcase who she regrets handing the comic to in the first place. He's extreme and needs to find a friendlier way to handle stuff like this. So she does the one thing she can think of to sort this out. She brings Book and complains to Celestia and Luna about it.

The argument is pure and simple. Twilight wants a more rational solution to handling high-level crimes without a lot of fighting. Book claims that she is a crybaby who doesn't understand criminals or how to handle them.

After that Twilight only has one response. Picking a fight with him.

This story was written for a writing contest hosted by


It won fourth place.

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Comment posted by TheShadowKnight deleted Last Monday

Ooh, i really like the looks of this one!

I did not know that was another guy here known as the Shadow Knight.

hope to work with you on a crossover as I finish my superhero story

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