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Hark! The planet speaks!


I live morning-to-morning, day-to-day, and evening-to-evening. But I've been doing some reading lately and found there's more to my life than what's seen; I've always had my suspicions that something was off, but not for much longer.

Tonight is ripe for a long walk and flight around town.

Held together by inspiration from Swaybat's art.

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Comments ( 4 )

Hello,nice story!:rainbowkiss:,this is an Chinese brony OC,Can I translate this into Chinese and share with him?:pinkiehappy:

Yes of course! I had no idea who the OC was or belonged to but I'd love for them to read the story. Thank you!

That was definitely intriguing. I'm not much for romance but I enjoyed it.

Really wasn't expecting the idea to come out as a romance, but I personally found that the plot itself was better off presented this way. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!

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