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The sorrel mare who lives for you. 🐎 Sergeant Reckless, 1948 - 2023

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The right to rule Equestria is granted to those with power.

The unicorn who seeks Man, is the unicorn who seeks power.

A guide to wings and rule. For unicorns only.

An entry for the A Thousand Words Contest II in the ‘Experimental’ and ‘Horror’ categories.

Chapters (9)

Featherdust was the premier maiden to Her Majesty, Princess Celestia. To others, it was a position of great renown, and a higher honor than simply serving the princess.

Now, she has forsaken the sun, to serve only the moon.

Thanks to NorrisThePony.
An audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio, as well as a reading by Midnight.
An entry for the A Thousand Words Contest II in the ‘Drama’ category.

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Show and tell: it’s a classic Ponyville Schoolhouse tradition.

Likewise, there’s a storied rumor of a mysterious cave on the edge of Saddle Lake, where baubles and trinkets are awarded to foals who manage the trek. But the Everfree Forest is no place for ponies, let alone foals.

Scootaloo has nothing to show. So she’ll gladly take her chances.

”Little stories like these are how I fell into this Fandom, and the reason I remain.”

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This story is a sequel to Cypress Zero

For hundreds of years, the post-scarcity world of Equestria has served as a launching point for the stars. Beyond their green earth, interstellar relays and starships power the colonization efforts of all species. And in just minutes, the digital messages of little ponies can cover distances once considered impossible.

It makes the arrival of a physical letter all the more meaningful.

Especially to the most isolated pony at the heart of the Equestrian Core Worlds.

An entry to the Science Fiction Contest II.
No prior reading of Cypress Zero is required. But both stories are stronger together.

Chapters (4)

The world is dark. But the sun still rises.

The world is quiet. But the moon’s tides pull on.

The world is cold. But there is still warmth in Ponyville.

Placed fourth in the /PJ2023/ competition!

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The kirins are a quiet folk. They tread lightly in their place among the stars, so lightly that they may well be silent, but they're there. Some consider their presence in the cosmic game a blessing. To others, an annoyance at most. What is certain is that they are peacemakers to all.

Searing Cold is a different kind of kirin, but he is still a peacemaker.

Even for a war machine on the run.

Thank you to NorrisThePony, for everything; and Shanaar, for creating Searing Cold.

Spotlighted on Equestria Daily.
Cover art by JedaySkayVoker.

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The mining town’s residents have gathered, and there is a series of firsts.

There is arguing; there is heat; there is smoke.

And there is no sign of the pony who brought them here.

Thanks to NorrisThePony.

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What’s a mare with a dolphin cutie mark doing out in the middle of Equestria?

Whatever the answer, Sea Swirl is one of Ponyville’s own. For all her quirks, ponies around don’t mind; they’ve seen and are stranger. And for as strange as her friends ‘Sergeant Reckless’ and ‘Screwy’ can be, Ponyville knows better.

They’re a little out of place. But it’s the right place.

Reckless is a tribute to the mare of the same name.

”A pairing of three characters that I wouldn't think of in a hundred years, but somehow they all fit together...”

Chapters (8)

They're just not here right now.

An audio reading by Midnight.

”An everyday tragedy.”

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