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This story is a sequel to Welcome to the Jungle: A Power Rangers Story

When Princess Shayla looks into the sacred pool of the Animarium to a new world, she discovers that an ancient, evil artifact she thought was destroyed has shown up there, along with the three org generals, who willing to do anything to get their claws on it. She must reunite the team to stop them before the monsters become invincible and Equestria is doomed.

This does take place after my other two stories. They’re not required, but I still suggest you check them out.

Also, huge thanks to ThePinkedWonder for proofreading half of these chapters for me. This story wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for you.

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Comments ( 18 )

Congrats! You get a like.

Thanks. What’s it for?

I mean what did you like about it? :twilightsmile:

Can you be a little more specific there, buddy?

Okay okay... I LIKED the way the dialogue flowed through the story. It was great.

This is gonna be fun. Wonder if the 3 Duke Orgs will show up and Charcoal Org since by this point the Wild Zords shouldn't have any issues with them especially Zen-Aku given how he was traveling with Merik at the end and Charcoal never actually caused any problems in all the time he's been where he's been, disguised as he is selling food by a cart. Even being friends with Animus in his human child avatar form.

I should probably tell you that I’m not at all gonna even try to relate to the Sentai series. I do plan on using Zen Aku in a future chapter, though, as well as another familiar face from another team that didn’t show up in the previous story

Not even referring to Gaoranger. Not sure if it was a fanmade thing or a script for a scrapped EP adaptation, but there's a whole script of that Gaoranger EP in Wild Force format following the story of that EP so it's possible it's Canon but was never officially added to the show much like Titanus in In Space despite a toy or concept art, Talon Ranger in the comics and the Blizzard Force Megazord toy that was never used in Dino Thunder.

Heh 11 more on Animarium and over 100 total revived including the ones the Rangers used in the series.

Yeah and I’m gonna know every single one of those. :trixieshiftright:

Twilight got taken? Things are really getting interesting now!

Before I read this, I must know. Is this based on Fire Mountain Howling, where GaoKong debuted?

Um, I don’t believe so. I’ve never actually seen the Sentai series

I think they spelled GaoKing (Wild Force Megazord) wrong.

Either way, the answer to that question is no

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