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Deep inside the dangerous forests in the country of Qin. There was a small mountain village called Nanshan. Four boys from the village find an artifact that changes their lives and many others forever.

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Twilight is a week away from graduating and meets a mare who cannot speak. The mare writes to her and tells her that she is ill and needs help. She ends up seeing something that she shouldn't have while retrieving medicine.

Chapters (2)
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Seems you've got being displaced mixed up with The Displaced.

ah my mistake, ill remove it now

"It might be ." The King said calmly.

Srry mate but in Qin they are "monarchs" tio very specific because dynasty is like monarchy except much more weird

Also don't use this "." Way too much use this instead ",".

I would say more but my time to go to school draws near so I'll do it later. CYA

Ah sorry, this isnt the qin dynasty of china, this is a different country from a different world. Therefore a different heirarchy.

But thank you for the feedback. I'm gonna need all I can get.

Your nation is based in China use the term Emperor for their king.

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