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Twilight, Fluttershy, Dash, and Rarity have gotten trapped in final fantasy 1 and have no idea how to get back home. Join them on an epic quest to find there way home. Full of fun, danger, and new friends of all kind.

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I went into this fic with one question: 'Are they welcomed to Corneria'. Sadly, I was disappointed. :fluttershysad:

twilight=black mage
rarity=white mage
rainbow dash=fighter

They're going to walkthrough, that game gave little to no directions on where to go.

Armor? The characters don't start with armor in FF1. Also, 400 GP, not 500. Inauthentic!!!!

ANyway, on with the story…

I know they didn't start with armor, but it looks like they should. I just realized the warrior starts off with a knife. last thing, I'm following the PSP (Play Station Portable) version of the game which is a remake, and you start off with 500 gil. The PSP is the only version of the game I have.


I don't get why they attacked the goblins, right off. Yes, they want to fight, but so did the manticore.

And I guess PSP changed imps to goblins, too?

I know about the manticor incident, but in the game the creaters attack for no reason. Also the goblins would have attached them anyway. I don't know if that helps.

PS I fixed that seen, now there is a reason for the Goblins to be attacked

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