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This story is a sequel to A Cold Night

Set after the events of an alternative Keep Calm and Flutter On. As Fluttershy continues to keep her promise to Discord. One night, she goes into a panic when she makes one mistake that might reset her progress. What lengths will she go in order to fix it?

For Day 7 (Free Prompt - Alternate Universe) of #FluttercordWeek2020

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Bravo!:D What a worthy sequel to the first^^ Despite the small tinge of sadness through both stories, there was always an ending of hope and this ending to this one definitely had a lot of hope to it and makes me looking forward to what is next (if possible)<3 The beginning of this has such striking descriptions and imagery, it takes no effort to imagine it all so all my bravo to that<3 Haha lol I couldn't help but crack up, pardon the horrible horrible pun, when Discord was just mindless reciting rhymes while in his broken stone stateXD Don't make jokes Discord, Fluttershy and I are worried about youXD Also, I cracked up during Celestia's solution to fixing him and I would it very clever as to Celestia's reasoning why she keeps Discord so far away from everypony:)

Loved this! Can’t wait for the next interaction, when is Flutttercord week? Is it only once a year? Do we have to wait a year for the next chapter

Its an annual event. It’ll next year probably around January. Every year, I post a new installment of this story, it helps the reader fell the passage of time with the characters.

Crying, damn it!:fluttercry:

damn this made mecry, so happy to see this sequel

Poor Discord... There's no worse thing in the world than loneliness, I know something about it...

Does it mean that this year you will continue the story?:pinkiesad2:

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