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Hexan Tronic


This story is a sequel to Beginnings of the Race Swapper

After gaining some odd skills in a short amount of time, Hexan decides to explore the world, meeting new species as he goes, and his new siblings are along for the ride.

Burst: The easily angered one of the group. Channels anger from himself and his surroundings to empower himself.

Prissy: The negotiator of the group. Considered the sister to the five other colts, Prissy is much more feminine than them, but does have her moments that break that way of thinking.

Knockout: The fighter of the group. Is the strongest of the six, he possesses a love of battle, and will always chose it if it is an option. Has large knowledge of some forms of fighting, but is always looking to expand his abilities.

Logic: The strategist of the group. Has a much higher intellect than his siblings, he has a habit of looking at the facts, without considering how others feel towards a decision.

Distrac: The actor of the group. An actor may seem like an odd thing to be with this group, but Distrac makes it work. He makes a point of going all out whenever he acts, whether it is to be in disguise, or to spy on someone, he will do it to the best he can.

Hexan: The voice of the group. As the 'Original', he is the one creatures will often speak to first, and is the unspoken leader of the six. He possesses a need to help others, but doesn't know much about himself yet, maybe the deer can help him learn more about himself.


I would like any readers to know that, if and when I write any action scenes, that I have little experience. So any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Man, this is like the four fic that posted today that i followed and thought was dead
Great chapter

I wouldn't let this die, just been a bit difficult to get it done.

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