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Twilight Sparkle is nothing if not a perfectionist; no matter what she does, she'll do it to the best of her abilities. When it comes to her relationship with Fluttershy, she'll settle for nothing less than the best. She has something important that she needs to tell her, and it needs to be said at precisely the right time. Because that's the sort of pony she is. It's just that ... it has to be at EXACTLY the right time with no margin for error.

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oh dang the, feels :fluttercry:
g-good story, like!

Not too often you find a Flutterlight/Twishy story on the site. And this one is very well done, with excellent characterization...even with Angel Bunny!

I think I wouldn't've minded a bit more exposition on how and why they fell in love, but I think the readers' can also fill the gaps...Fluttershy's kindness and serene attitude, and Twilight's intelligence and curiosity.

For the length, it was a very good story.

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