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This is not a long story, and what happened is neither justified or condemned. This is merely a scene of a bigger tale, about how a pony who, because of circumstances, had to do something he would never forgive himself for, and thus not only betray the values he was raised with all his life and believed in, but also lost a piece of his soul.


Image by DeviantARTist Night-Chimeras-Cry, which inspired me to write this.

MLP FIM belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.

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Yes, I am aware that what happened in the story is horrible and a complete anti-thesis to FIM's shows values as well as values many readers would uphold. I fear that I might had over done it as well and are bracing myself for a hatedom.

I wrote it initially on the comments pages of a few MLP Changeling nymph drawings. The deviantARTists did a good job in making the Changelings look cute and sympathetic, and I wrote it when I looked at some of the 'spontaneous fanfics' on the comments page in response to the art, one of which involves PRINCESS CELESTIA taking a lost Changeling nymph in.

I see this scene I wrote as an exercise partly to express my dislike of Changelings, partly as a practice on how to write a 'War is Hell' scene in preparation for any future war fic I might write, partly because I haven't published anything in a while nor anything that is actually had emotional impact, partly as a take that against those who wants to make villains like Discord and Chrysalis sympathetic, partly as a deconstruction of the values of Harmony Equestria embraces by showing its ultimate failure in face of circumstances

After a while, I thought - why not publish it? See how much hate would be thrown at me for it.

Whether the Sarge is right and whether Firebrand did the right thing is ultimately left to you readers.

Recommended theme: Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

Image by Night-Chimeras-Cry, deviantARTist. Link: http://night-chimeras-cry.deviantart.com/


one of which involves PRINCESS CELESTIA taking a lost Changeling nymph in.

A...Are you talking about my story?


Ok, I had to ask because it sounded a bit too familiar.

*slow clapping* Well done sir. Well done indeed.


That, my friend, is unintentional.

Wait, It was a coincidence?
If it was, I apologize.

aww I wanna cry:fluttershysad: why??? Poor changelings!

The only thing that saves this from a "Nits make Lice" situation is that the changelings are a complete different species, who by their very nature, will always be a threat to the ponies of Equestria. I know there are many, many fans who love the changelings and try to "rehabilitate" them with fan work showing them as sympathetic, but there really isn't much you can do to make parasitic insects appealing without ignoring or subverting canon.


True enough. Still, whether the situation really is "Nits make Lice" or not, justified or not justified is ultimately depending on the readers' view. I want the morality of the story to be ambiguous in a reflection of the "War is Hell" theme (As well as presenting a situation where the values of 'Harmony' the show always promote ultimately fail in the face of circumstances.). How well did the story work?


It worked well, for me. You can tell yourself you're doing what is right and good, and everyone can agree with you, but there are still some things that will haunt you, nevertheless. I think your story illustrated that very well.


Thanks. This means a lot, given how little response this thing had garnered despite over seven hundred views.

I do wish I could receive more comments/feed-backs ...

I found this looking for stories about qilin, ...aren't many on here.

Years later: Totally rehabilitated. Funny how times have changed.

:rainbowlaugh: Save for one notable exception, who's the best villain of the series. (IMHO, of course!) But I can't quibble; I did that myself, after all*

* A while before the series did it, I might add.

I was disappointed with the later Chrysalis. She went from a great schemer to a crazy lady in the woods. There was great promise for her to come back after the Starlight ending, but it never materialized.

Yep, a smart enemy is always preferable, but then the writers have to be smart enough themselves to set up the heroes to believably win anyway. The lesson there should be, "obsessive doesn't mean crazy or stupid."

And some people think writing is easy. :trollestia:

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