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Equestria and the world beyond is vast and ancient, with countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and a million stories waiting to be told...

Hidden from other races and civilizations for aeons, Changelingkind turned out to be far larger and more complex than Ex-Queen Chrysalis, Thorax and their Changelings. With the Purification of Thorax's Hive and the fall of the Masquerade, the whole world are left stunned at the realization that not only do the Changelings lived among them, feeding on their love and helping/manipulating them whenever they could, but also had history and mysteries far deeper than anyone could even begin to imagine...

Codex Equus is a collaborative world-building project by Red Qilin (BrutalityInc on DeviantART), Godzillawolf (Kendell2 on DeviantART) and many, many others. MLP belongs to Hasbro. Please support their official releases.

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I was wondering if this would ever be up here. I follow you on deviantart, so now I'm hoping to see the rest from there.


Here's hoping nothing will go wrong like my previous other stuff. Will take a while to port everything, though...

If the admins don't come calling, then you're usually safe I'd think. I never saw what happened the first time, so I can't say more than that.

She's also quickly becoming friends with the infant Flurry Heart during visits with Cadence.

That sounds goddamn adorable.

Metamorphosis reminds me a bit of Grand Admiral Thrawn.

This is absolutely fascinating. I can't wait to see more.

His life goal is now to rise through the ranks of the Winter Court’s criminal hierarchy, become the head of his own syndicates, crush the rival syndicates and become undisputed ruler of the whole, entire court. So yeah, perfectly reasonable expectations.

A wannabe Jabba The Hutt.

Apterus was a sweet child in her mother's words, but after the abuse suffered by Sanguinea, she became a psychotic, rampaging berserker, filled with wrath and hatred...but also little more than an abused child in a body with far too much power. Notably, when her parents came to stop her, she nearly was talked down and acted like any child reunited with her parents would...until stopping her warpath was brought up, at which point she resumed it, forcing her parents to stop her...to which she reacted as a child who can't comprehend her beloved parents harming her. Upon recovering her knowledge of her true nature, she became obsessed with reclaiming her mother and father's thrones...even if it meant destroying their hive and flight in the process.

So, like a more tragic Broly.


Indeed, though I doubt how far he might actually be able to go through with that.

Apterus is actually based on Meteora Butterfly.

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