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Equestria and the world beyond is vast and ancient, with countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and a million stories waiting to be told...

And now for another series of Codex Equestria entries, this time on the various wildlife that exists in Equestria and beyond!

As a biology student, I am fascinated by the various mythological and exotic creatures depicted in both the main MLP episodes and the spin-off comics. I had always wanted an opportunity to showcase them in a world-building project, and expand on the creature list further.

Ideas and reviews are welcomed!

Preview pic is property of [img]https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/o/soren-the-owl.png?2[/img]. MLP FIM is property of Hasbro. Please support their official releases.

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First chapters were fine, yet this one kinda.. Repeats what other sources/shows have already done.

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