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I'm a Proud ABDL mommy. Writer of padded pony fics, a lot of fics about Shining Armor and his mom, several about Rainbow Dash and her family, and far more mom stories than you can imagine.


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Well you did warn me. Maybe not about the bed wetting, but I chose to read this anyways. No downvote from me.

A very tragic and dark grim story but well written from experience.

I added that to the warnings. Thank you for letting me know!

I so appreciate you, Josh. You are amazing. Thank you for your kindness.

Is it bad that at the torturing part I was smiling and laughing

My experience reading this

Whoa.... This was certainly very deep and, I imagine, a bittersweet write. Nice in how it allowed you to share a part of yourself that isn't normally something you'd, likely, feel comfortable in sharing. Bitter in how, well, you know that it is a condition that must be 'managed' as best as possible as it is one that cannot be cured.

I was reluctant to read this at first. Then I realized it was something that meant something to you and I read it for that sake. It takes a lot of strength to find an outlet for those things that are awful but out of our control. We can 'manage' these things but the torment of the condition never going away is quite daunting.


My condition is not exactly like yours but certainly has had a number of times in which it has messed with my head.

I was born with congential glaucoma which is basically a ticking time bomb before you lose all your physical eyesight. I lost my left eye before I was 5 and endured over 50 surgeries up until I finally lost my right eye in 2016.

You truly don't know how different the world is when you have a glimmer of sight and then none. You can still manage to do quite a lot with even a small amount of vision. However that all goes when you have zero. People judge your intelligence based on your ability to see and I was bullied out of two jobs, legally, for my disability. It took me four years to find the job I have now and the software that helped me read your story won't work with most of the software at my workplace. I'm stuck and have to be ever calling out to colleagues for 'help' with things that require a mouse click. (A mouse is useless when you can't see)


It's amazing how a condition / limitation can make you ever in an unending effort to hold yourself together. Being able to not give in to what you may think, or feel, is very hard.

I believe you a very strong person for being able to put out what you did in this story. It's certainly a great read in the sake of understanding better a condition that most have not a clue is like to live with.

Points for adding the ending where it's proven that Dash was being haunted by restless spirits. However it was too late for her to be saved. I imagine this is a metaphor for how the condition can drive one to such madness that it does result in an unpleasant end.

Continue to do your best to stay above the condition. There are good days and bad days but you can manage them both. Never forget those who love you and care for you will always look out for you.

Poor Dashie....

This was a bit confusing to me, but I’ve never had this disease, so I likely don’t know what it’s like. However, this story is incredibly personal,and I can commend that, this is the most personal story I’ve read on this site.

Once I got to the part that Rainbow Dash realized that the pony Comet Crush wasn't there, I realized I've read this before. I don't remember when (I know sometime during 2018 though, before I had an account and everything) , but suddenly the rest of the story was too familiar and I remembered the rest of the story once the second torturing came. When I first read this, I was completely unaffected, but now that I read this and did some research, I understand this.
And the fact that it was Rainbow Dash... well... nearly brought the tears :fluttershysad:
Also, I'm glad i finally found something that wouldn't make me smile and sometimes laugh when someone is being tortured. I know I have issues d-b (I mean, at least I'm not the only one in the comments .-.)
All in all, this was pretty good and by far the most personal thing I've ever read. That I can recall and that I'm aware of anyway.
I feel like i shouldn't have written that last part now. Sorry ;-;

Holy crap that was amazing, I got rocket to insanity vibes from that

Here is my grading scale:

10/10: might make a fanfic reading or an audio drama of this on my YouTube channel

9/10: still might make a reading on my YouTube channel, but probably not an audio drama.

8/10: adding this to my big favorites library

7/10: adding this to my favorites library, not the big faves

6/10: definitely coming back to this in the future.

5/10: might come back.

4/10: might come back once or twice

3/10: definitely not coming back

2/10: giving criticism about the story

1/10: hating the story overall

Here is my grade for this story: 9/10

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