• Published 28th Sep 2018
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The Hand Of Fate - The saiyan brony

Fallow Sam Evans and his new life at CHS after transferring from Crystal Prep due to an unfortunate accident over the summer vacation. Little does he know that his life would change for the better.

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CHAPTER 4(FINAL editied)

Author's Note:

Special thanks to DGJabberwocky for helping me finish editing the rest of the story.

Edited by DGJabberwocky

You felt as if you were light as air, as you walked to school thirty minutes early. It’s been a month since you told your friends your story. On that day, you were completely baffled that they thought what you did was anything short of heroic and selfless. In all honesty, up until yesterday you had considered your story that of a failure and felt ashamed. But now thanks to your friends. You could hold your head high, as they helped you find the silver lining in the once dark storm clouds that was your past. However after that day at practice, you couldn't help but notice that Dash and Sunset seemed a bit off, as if your story struck a chord with them. They weren't scared of you or anything, but something felt off about them.

‘I wonder if I did something wrong? Maybe I should talk to them today about it.’ Before you could finish monologuing, you found yourself at the school's front doors. Wow guess I wasn't paying attention. Oh well I'll just talk to them in class.’ Opening the door, you made your way down the halls of CHS. As you walked down the halls, you couldn't help but notice that people were either staring at you or whispering to one another as they looked at you, holding their phones out. ‘Okay, well this is weird. Did I miss something?’ Your train of thought was cut off when two girls walked up to you and moved to either side of you, so you were in the middle as they leaned in. One had light minty green skin and hair, while the other had cream colored skin and blue and purple hair. Just as you were about to ask what they were doing, a bright flash goes off in front of you, temporarily blinding you.

“We did it Lyra!! We got a photo with the shark fighter!!” the cream colored girl squealed.

“I know, I can't wait to post this on my blog, everyone is gonna be so jealous.” said the mint colored one.

Just when you thought you couldn't be any more surprised, both girls lean in and kiss you on either side of your cheeks. This causes your face to burn a bright red as they made their way to class. Not a second later did the rest of the students start cheering and chanting the name “Shark fighter!!” Soon the students started to crowd around you as if you were a movie celebrity. You found yourself backed up against a wall next to a door. Soon people started asking for selfies and autographs. The door next to you opened and a hand grabs you by the arm and pulls you into the room, causing you to lose your balance and land on your butt as the door behind you locks shut.

“Wow, that escalated quicker than we thought.” Turning around you saw both Flash and Soarin up against the door.

“Would someone please tell me what's the heck is going on!?” you shouted as everything that was happening had you completely bewildered.

“It's simple Sam, you're famous.” Turning back you saw Spitfire sitting on a desk.

“What do you mean I'm famous, famous for what?” you inquired, still not getting your answer.

“Well that’s on us man" Flash chimed in. “See, after you told us what happened last month, me, Soarin and Spitfire got a bit curious about whether or not there might be some footage of that day.”

“Okay and….?” You asked, while feeling like you knew where this might be going.

“Turns out there were actually two videos on that incident.” Now it was Soarin’s turn. “And when we watched them, we saw everything that happened that day. From the people screaming and panicking, the surfer in trouble, to you jumping in and tackling the shark, all the way to you being taken away by the paramedics.”

“Okay, and what did you do once you saw the videos?” you asked while grinding your teeth in a worrisome tone.

“Well, we kinda posted them on the school's web page yesterday.” You snapped your attention back to Spitfire. “And when we woke up this morning, the video had a whole lot of likes and comments. They even gave you the nickname name “The Shark Fighter” kind of a lame name, but hey, the damage is done.” She shrugged.

You were left speechless as you tried to soak in all this information. You‘d always wanted to be famous and have people crowd around you like you were a movie star, but then again, what person didn't want that at one point in their life.
You feel conflicted and confused. You went from that guy with the one arm, to famous shark brawler/hero. That was more than your mind could take as you fell back, whilst landing in a chair.

Your friends saw that you were taking this a little bit different than what they were expecting. “Um, Sam are you okay?” Flash asked while placing a hand on your shoulder. You simply shrugged in response.

“Well, you got two girls to kiss you, so that must have been cool, right?” Soarin playfully teased.

You gave off a light blush, knowing that your friends saw it.“Well, it was a surprise, but I think they only did that cause I'm famous.”

Spitfire gave a devilish grin. “I bet you wished it had been Sunset who'd gave you those kisses.” Your face grew a bright crimson as she spoke. Everyone started to laugh and clench their sides as they watched your face turn as red as a tomato. “I knew you had a thing for her, but judging by your reaction I bet you just realized that yourself.“

While it's true that you and Sunset became good friends, you couldn't help but notice some of the things that made her a great person. Her kind nature when she talked to people or how she was always there to help a friend in need. And her beautiful eyes that sparkle in the sunlight, her laugh that make you smile, and her caring smile that make your heart flutter……..’Holy shit I have a crush on Sunsets Shimmer’. As you finally come to the realization that you had fallen for her, your friends are all rolling on the ground in laughter as they can see that finally noticed your feelings for her. ‘what am I gonna do now!?’

Flash is the first to get off the ground and made his way over to you. “Hey man listen I'm sure you're probably wondering what your gonna have to do now.” Your eyes widen.’Is he psychic?!’ “But believe me when I say that you got this. All you have to do is be yourself, and when you think the time is right you should tell her how you feel." This was a shock to say the least, while your not surprised by his words of wisdom. It was the fact that he seemed okay with you dating Sunset, you did remember someone telling you that he and Sunset were a pair once and had broke up. But then again the fact that he's dating Spitfire might have something to due with him moving on.

Nevertheless his advice was what you needed to hear. “Thanks man I really needed to hear that.” He gives your a reaffirming nod. “Well now that we got that awkward moment out of the way, there just one last thing we need to think of.” everyone looked confused by what more there needs to be done. You simply point behind to the crowd of student that remain on the opposite side of the door.

“Oh no worries we got you covered” Spitfire added while opening a window.

‘You gotta be kidding me’ you thought bitterly as she nods ‘I hope this isn't going to be my life now ‘


After about five minutes of sneaking around the school to find a place to lay low until first period starts. You found a nice quiet room that was next to your first period class and decided to relax in there. There was only fifteen minutes until class starts so all you had to do was wait. That when a thought came to mind, pulling out your cell phone you logged into to the school web page to see if the videos were still there. Sure enough they were, you would have guessed the principal would have taken then down by now. You clicked on the first video to see that it was taken a view on top of the pier, everything from seeing the surfer begin pulled out deeper into the water, to you diving down in. However since it was taken from above you could only see the shark body along with yours for a brief moment before you two were out of view as the shark dove deeper down. The person who was recording this video had shaky hands as the video was being jerked around and could barely focuses. But in the next minute you could hear people screaming as the water started to turn red in one spot. This must have been the moment when the shark got your arm. And soon after the video ended. The video itself was about ten minutes long, had all that all really happened in the course of ten minutes?

You moved onto the next video which was taken from the view from the shore. Much like the last person who recorded their hands were shaky and people got in the way of the video. In the next few minutes you watched as the camera turns around and focuses on an incoming ambulance. The vehicle was put into park as four paramedics bursted out of the back with a stretcher. When the camera finally turned back back to the water you could see that the crowd had made a path for the paramedics as they made there way toward a body lying on the ground…...it was your body. There lying almost lifeless on the sand was your body, and much like the doctor said your left arm wasn't there. In the next instance the paramedics started to get to work as one of them performed CPR while another tried to stop the bleeding from your missing arm, the other two tried to get the crowd to back up and give them some space as the moved your body onto the stretcher. Now you were behind carried off on the stretcher and into the back of the ambulance. When the doors closes the video had ended.

For the next four minutes you were completely at a lost for words. It felt weird to watch it all happened from a different point of view. If you hadn't lived threw it you would have guessed that it be impossible for you to be still alive right now. You had lost so much blood and must have inhaled a large amount of water. And yet here you are alive and breathing with only your left arm missing. After watching that video you had come to a realization, that you are still alive. It had never dawned on you at the time since you were mourning your lost arm,but now you understand that you could have died that day,losing your arm was the least of your troubles.

Much like last month you feel as if a heavy load has been lifted off your shoulders. Yet again your friends have managed to make you feel good about yourself in way you never thought possible. Then something hit you in the back of your mind. You click back in the first video again and payed even closer to every detail of every second. When you didn't see what you were looking for in the first you moved onto the second video, but much like the first one you didn't see the person you saved face. You had hoped that the videos would have showed you the person you saved, but alas there was no such luck. Looking at the time on your phone you see that there is only two minutes until school starts. Placing your phone back in your pocket and slinging your pack onto your shoulder you carefully open the door and peek outside to see if there was still a crowd. There were quite a few students still out but the door to your next class was only a foot away. Careful not to make a sound you slowly creep your way to miss Cheerilee’s class. Once you were st the door you slowly opened it and quickly slipped inside. You sigh in relief as you walked over to your desk and sat down. However you didn't noticed that the entire classroom including miss Cheerilee were staring at you. It had almost felt like the first day here,but instead of being watched with curiosity about your missing limb,you were instead being watched in awe.

You decide that you'd just let it be since you already know that this will eventually blow over. But one person in class did have your attention now, you slowly turn your head to look at Sunset who had also decided to look at you. The two of you locked eyes for a moment before quickly turn back facing forward. Now thanks to Spitfire you were incredibly aware of your feeling for Sunset, you can feel your cheek flush red thinking about her now. ‘what am I gonna do?’


The rest of your day was pretty much a chore to say the least. Once your first period class had ended you wanted to talk to Sunset to see if she was okay, but the moment you stepped out of class more students started to swarm you. Some were asking for selfies, others wanted to know in more detail about your experiences. You would have been drowning in fans had
Ms.Harshwhinny not stepped in and threatened the students that she would report them to the principal that they were all going to be late to class, this caused them to flee and head to their classes. You were about to thank her when you noticed that held up a blank piece of paper and maker. Never in your entire life did you think you would get an autograph request from Ms.Harshwhinny of all people,but nevertheless she did just save your hide. You carefully sign your name in cursive for her and the both of you made your way to class, though you could faintly hear Ms.Harshwhinny give out a small squeal of joy. As for P.E.you saw another thing that you'd never thought you'd see. Rainbow Dash wasn't participating in class, you wanted to ask if she was okay but you could tell that she didn't want to be bothered.

The rest of the day went on pretty much the same. First you would be crowded by students then have a teacher help you out, and so on and so forth. What wasn't the same was that during lunch both Sunset and Dash were absent from the group. Rarity informed you that they have been both acting strange up until a month ago.

Now you know something is up,but no time for that as your personal bubble is invaded by the pink party queen herself, Pinkie Pie.

“So Sam your coming to my Christmas eve party tomorrow right? I mean you did get the invite from Sunset right?”

You had completely forgotten that tomorrow was Christmas eve, somehow it just slipped your mind. “Uh yeah of course Pinkie wouldn't miss it.” Pinkie squeals with joy as in the next second she's gone in a flash.

And speaking of Flash you notice him and Spitfire walking up to the table. “Hey man just thought we'd let you know that today practice has been canceled.” Your eyes widen with shock by this news. “Yeah Dash said something about not risking anyone getting sick before tomorrow's party.” and with that Flash and Spitfire started to walk off.

‘What the heck is going on?’

(Christmas Eve)

You wake up to a beautiful morning. As you look out the window you see that the streets are blanketed in a layer of white snow,it was absolutely gorgeous. You start to get dressed and make sure that your in tip top condition for the party today, but most importantly today is the day you will confess your feeling to Sunset.

Before you came home yesterday you decided to buy Sunset and Christmas gift, a sun shaped pendant. You had already custom built to look like the sun mark that was on Sunset’s T-shirt. You hope that after tonight that things between you and her will be better.

Checking the clock on the wall you see that there is only two hours before the party started. Before you decide to head out you make some effort to conceal your identity by wrapping a scarf around your mouth and a beanie over your head. And just to make it seem like your just another person you asked Rarity if she hand any mannequin arms you could borrow.

When she heard your request she was a bit put off, but when you told her that you needed it to blend in with the crowd she accepted. Now, with your disguise fully assembled, you open the door and make your way to the school.

As you walk along the sidewalk leaving deeper tracks in the snow behind you, no one has noticed your little disguise. With in ten minutes you arrive at the school and open the door and quickly shut it behind you. You were about an hour earlier, but you could afford to wait if need be. Walking down the halls on your way to the gym, your footsteps echo along the empty hallways. Once you reach the gym doors it immediately swings open and your pulled into to darkness.

“Um hello anyone there?” you call out as you raise your hands out in front of you trying to feel for a light switch. “Pinkie are you there?” as you finally touch a wall you slowly glide your hands across to until you feel the unmistakable feeling of a switch.

The moment you flip the switch you’re immediately blinded by bright lights . “SURPRISE!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS SAM!!!!!” Your slowly adjusted to the light and you soon see that all your friend are here and then some. From your water polo teammate, to Twilight and her friends. And a few other, Rarity and Applejack brought their families, Scootaloo was with Dash. And Twilight brought a tan skinned male with green hair, from what you remember he was the one dating Twilight, you made a mental note to tease them later.

“Hey Sam were you surprised? I bet you were seeing as you are the guest of honor.” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she hands you a cupcake.

“Wait Pinkie why am I the guest of honor? You guys just found out yesterday what happened right?” you place the cupcake down on a small table still confused.

“Oh silly that's not why your the guest of honor.” she only giggled still leaving you bewildered.

“Then why Pinkie?”

“Hehe sorry it's not for me to say I made a pinkie promise not to tell, but don't worry you'll find out eventually.” And with that Pinkie disappeared into the crowd.

Still utterly confused you decide to mingle around the crowd,but there is only one person who really looking for. And amid the crowd your eyes lock onto none other than Sunset Shimmer. She is wearing a long dress that matched her gorgeous turquoise eyes,and her hair was pulled up. You can feel your heart racing and your cheeks blush as she is by far the most beautiful woman you had even seen in your life. Before you knew it you became aware that your outfit is too casual and that you couldn't approach her now, with the way you’re dressed. But just as you thought all hope was lost you feel something tugging on your arm. Turning your head you see Rarity in a stunning purple and white dress holding up a tuxedo for you.

“If you plan to ask the lady to dance you should really look the part." You watch as she gives you a playful wink as thank her and take the suit and run off to the changing room.


After about five minutes you emerge from the changing room in a black tuxedo with a white undershirt and black bowtie. You received plenty of stares and whistles as you strolled up to Sunset who was currently talking to Twilight and her boyfriend. As you reach a good distance you cleared your throat and managed to get her attention. When Sunset turned,her eyes widen as she saw you in your attire.

“Oh I just remembered that I haven't introduced Timber here to Big Mac, we'll catch you two later.” Twilight gives you a wink to which you lean in and mention the mistletoe by the door next to the changing rooms. This cause Twilight’s face to turn bright red, as she and Timber started to leave you gave him a gentle nod to which her returned.

“So how have you been Mr. Shark Fighter.” Sunset says in a teasing voice as she grins at you.

“Oh okay first I'd like to set the record straight that the name wasn't my idea.” Sunset start to giggle. ‘Oh dear lord that giggle.’ “And secondly I'm doing good, though I must say that becoming a celebrity isn't something I thought I'd be here at this school.” you admitted scratching the back of your head. “But since we're asking questions. How have you been? After last month, both you and Dash been readistant. Is everything okay?”

Sunset takes a moment before answering you. “I'm fine I just been thinking is all. And the same for Rainbow Dash too.”

As you were about to ask her to talk alone a spotlight shine down on you. “Alrighty let's start the karaoke night with our guest of honor Sam!!!” Pinkie Pie had set of a karaoke machine next to the wall with some speakers attached.

“Well looks like your up ‘Guest of honor’” Sunset teased. “Unless you're too afraid to sing in front of everybody.”

“I was actually kinda hoping we could talk first.”

Sunset shooked her head” Nope not until you sing, and if you do good then we can talk.” she raises her left hand to you. “Deal?”

You knew there was no avoiding this. You take Sunset’s hand and smile at her.” Deal.”

The crowd starts to cheer as you make your way over to the machine. Checking the list you noticed that there all Christmas based. There is one song you knew by heart that was sure to win them over. After scrolling down you found the song you were looking for. You pressed select and turned to face the crowd, you already know the lyrics by hearts

As you finished your song you gaze out at the audience to see they were completely in awe and erupted in cheers. As you walked back you see Sunset’s jaw had dropped and was still in shock from your preference. “So did I do good?” you winked, causing her cheeks to flush red. You gently raise your hand to carefully close her mouth.

Sunset shook head to clear her mind. “Come with me there something I've been meaning to show you.”Before you knew it Sunset had hooked her arm around yours and started to lead you towards the exit. You simply followed her lead.

Sunset has led you to the front of the school in front of the school statue once had been. As you both make it outside you notice Rainbow Dash stand next to the statue with a something tall covered by a white sheet. Sunset nods to Dash who makes her way back to the party, leaving you and Sunset alone.

“Um Sunset what's going on? And what's that?” you ask pointing to the long covered object leaning against the statue.

She looks back to you before walking up to the cloaked item. “Sam does this look familiar to you at all?” before you could ask what she meant Sunset pulls down the cover revealing a white surfboard with what looks like a bite take out of it.

Upon further inspections you take a few steps closer due to the lack of lighting to confirm what you thought the marks came from. As you are with arms length of the surfboard you deductions was clear, the creature that took the bite out of the board was a shark. When you turned to look at Sunset she was holding up a black surfer suit and swim cap. Suddenly as though a pile of bricks landed on your head you make the connection.

“Sunset. Were you the surfer I saved that day?” You could feel your voice crack as look from the board to the suit once more.

Tears began to flow down her cheeks as she nods her head. “I-i didn't know at the time when we first met.” she started to lightly sob as she continued.”But on that day Miss Cheerilee played that documentary and you freaked out when you saw the shark I believed it was you. But I didn't want jump to any conclusions.” she slowly began to wipe the tears from her eyes. “So I texted Dash if she could help me find out for sure. I asked her to try and see about you removing your shirt during practice that day.” More tears flowed down her cheeks.

You wanted to get closer,but thought it best to let her have her space.” And then when I saw the bite mark and how you told us how you lost your arm I knew right there and then it was you. You were the one who saved my life.” Sunset started to fall to her knees, but before she could hit the ground you moved in to cushion her fall and let her gently rest on her knees.

“I don't get it, why were you at a surfing contest that day?”

“Before that day me and the girls went to the beach for some fun.” Sunset started to breath normally again as she continued. “And when Dash saw how I was good on a surfboard she convinced me to join the surf contest the next day for fun.” Before you knew it Sunset had her arms wrapped around you as she cried into your shoulder. “I'm so sorry that you lost your arm because of me! If I had stayed calm I wouldn't have fallen into the water and gotten knocked out!” Her grip tightened around you more as you can feel her body shaking from the sobs.

You slowly slide your arm out and start to pat her back. “Sunset it's not your fault okay?”

“But it is!!” she protested.

“Sunset I never ever blamed you for even a second of the lost of my arm.” You gently lean back so you were facing each other. “ What I did that day was of my own decision. Even before my body could react I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew that what I was gonna do would be dangerous,but I had shoved those thought in the back of my mind and let my instincts take over." You start to wipe away some of her tears as the flowed down her cheek.

“But because of me you can't box anymore, or anything that requires two hands!” she start to sob again. She brought her hands to her eyes as she continued to sob.

You let out a sigh and smile. “Truth be told I'm kinda glad that I lost my arm to that shark.”

“WHAT!?” You feel her gripping your shirt as she yelled .” How can you be glad that a shark bit your arm off?!”

You hold up two fingers. “Two reason. 1. I got a pretty neat reputation because of it.” You could see a bit of rage build up in her eyes, to which you hold out you hand to tell her to you finish. “And 2. It what lead me to transfer here and meet you Sunset Shimmer”

Sunset expression softened as she looked to you with still watery eyes. “What do you mean?”

“I mean if I hadn't lost my arm that day I would still have been at Crystal Prep and never got the chance to meet my teammates and friends. But most importantly I would have meant I would never have met you.” You smile warmly as you raise your hand to cheek and brushed it softly with your thumb. “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Sunsets eyes started to water again but her frown slowly blossomed into a warm smile as she pushed in and embraced you in a warm comforting hug. You returned the hug and hold her close.

“Awww that was so beautiful”

“Like something out of a romance novel.”

Both you and Sunset turn your head back to the entrance of the school to see that everyone from the party was standing there watching you. The two of you were still holding each other when you were looking back. “How long have you guys been there? You asked looking at the grins on their faces.

Since you said.”Sunset it's not your fault okay?” Pinkie added mimicking your voice exactly.

“So you all saw me confess my feelings to Sunset then?” You ask and immediately everyone nods their head. “Well this is awkward.”

“I don't know, thinking about it now I'd say that it was very romantic.” Sunset teased as she playfully strokes under your chin making you face burn red.

“OH WOULD YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY!!!” Dash yelled from behind the crowd.

“Well you heard her Sunset” You gently turn her face back to you with your hand, and you lean in and start to press your lips against hers. Her eyes widen for a few moments before she closes them and wraps her arms behind your head. You feel her soft lips pressing back against your own creating a much more passionate kiss. The crowd start to whistle and cheer.

[Crowd POV]

As Sunset and Sam release each other from their kiss the statue behind them begins to glow. Sunset slowly backed away, an unaware Sam remained in front of the light. Soon a stream of rainbow light emerged from the stature and started to lift Sam’s body into the air. The stream of light slowly engulfed his entire body and began to glow brighter. The crowd and Sunset covered their eyes as the light glowed as bright as the sun,the wind began to pick up as leafs started to blow. When the light started to fade Sam was lying down on the ground

[Sam POV ]

You slowly start to sit up straight and saw Sunset running to you “SAM!!” Sunset called out your name as she quickly moved in and hugged you tightly “Are you alright does anything hurt?!”

“I'm fine Sunset just a bit woozy from whatever that was.” You smile as you return the hug and embrace her in your arms……….’wait a second……... arms? Slowly turning your head to your left you see the most inconceivable thing you ever thought you saw. As if you never lost. it was your left arm. The crowd gasped as you raised it up, Sunset however hadn't noticed yet as she was still holding you close. You take them this time to take you left arm and place your hand on her cheek and gently stroke her cheek with it.

It took Sunset a moment before she realized that your right arm was still wrapped around her back. Slowly she pulled away and see your new arm. “Sam!! Your arm!! Its its back,but how!?”

You look to the statue and remembered that bright light. “Maybe it was cuz of that bright light from before?”

“Equestrian magic?” Sunset Shimmer added.

But now realizing you have now both arms you can make the next move without any trouble. Getting down on one knee you pull the box with the pendant out and hold the case in your right hand, this causes Sunset eyes to widen as tears began to flow down her cheeks. But unlike before these where tears of joy and not sadness. “Sunset I've been meaning to ask you this since yesterday but never had the chance to ask you. But now I think the moment is right.” raising your left hand to the lid of the box you lift it open to reveal the sun pendant. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Yes!!!” Sunset tackled you to the ground as she buried her face in your chest while tears rolled down her face with joy.The crowd cheered and yelled with joy, and in the distance the sound of a clock tower rang signaling that it was Midnight and Christmas day

‘Best Christmas ever’

The end

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Very nice story, I could've helped with spellings and grammar and stuff like that

Well if you want you could I would appreciate it. I'm actually looking for an editor now that my last one bailed on me

I'm interested in filling in

That will be one hell of an interesting conversation when he gets home. "Hey mom I'm home. Party was great. Sunset and I are dating. And oh I grew my arm back."

Debating if I should make a fallow up chapater or not XD

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