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The saiyan brony


When an unfortunate accident cause the lost of Sam Evans left arm,forcing him to transfer to a new school to get away from the teasing and bullies of Crystal Prep , he soon finds Himself at the doors of CHS. What new beginnings will await him?

Chapters (4)
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Beware the dreaded pink puffball that is Pinkie Pie

Great story by the way, always had a soft spot for stories featuring disabled protagonists

Thanks,but at what point did it seem like pinke pie was there. I hadn't plan for her to make an appearance until next chapter?

The whole 'someone is stalking the new kid at CHS' sounds a bit like Pinkie. She could be spying on him and thinking of a way to plan her "Welcome to CHS" party

Sorry if I potentially spoiled it

Look it's the story I'm editing! Thanks for having me edit this The saiyan brony.

Why do I get the feeling that Rainbow's and Sunset's reactions are connected to the incident. Also, I wonder, if the rest of the Main 7 will hear the story

Can you answer me this honestly. On a scale of 1 to 10 how well do you think I'm doing on keeping the readers in the dark

I would say about a 7

I'm really sorry for running my mouth off like that but I kinda tend to pick up on the smaller details and connect the dots


You saw that Dash and Sunset were looking at each as if in deep thought. Like they knew something that you didn't.

This sentence actually clued me in. My advice would have been changing the sentence in a way that he does not notice them exchanging looks

Oh no that was meant to be there. I just meant keep you in the dark until you read the last chapter

Yep cause now you wondering why. Am I right?

When is the next chapter coming out?

I'm sorry for the wait my editor had been away and I'm just waiting for him to finish editing before I post

Very nice story, I could've helped with spellings and grammar and stuff like that

Well if you want you could I would appreciate it. I'm actually looking for an editor now that my last one bailed on me

That will be one hell of an interesting conversation when he gets home. "Hey mom I'm home. Party was great. Sunset and I are dating. And oh I grew my arm back."

Debating if I should make a fallow up chapater or not XD

“OH WOULD YOU TWO JUST KISS ALREADY!!!” Dash yelled from behind the crowd.


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