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I like changelings, eldritch horrors, and looking too deeply into how fictional species might operate.



This story is a crossover between MLP and Alan Ituriel's Villainous.

Black Hat has been notorious for quite a lot of things over the course of his long lifespan, many of them rather diabolical. Considering this, he would likely not have anticipated that it was one of his more petty indulgences that would trip him up in the end. However, releasing a mocking ‘lost files’ video sassing an embodiment of chaos and disorder for his reformation at the hooves of pastel ponies was probably not the best idea. Then again, nobody had ever accused Black Hat of wisdom.

Discord, needless to say, was not best pleased by the horror’s razzing, and decided to take matters into his own claws. What Black Hat failed to take into account was that, while silly a lot of the time, Discord possessed fewer of the limitations keeping him in check, and a penchant for warping the existence of others.

So Black Hat scoffed at the notion of those pastel ponies? Why not make him dependent on their saccharine sweetness to feed? A changeling, after all, could hardly deny the value of love. The idea was quite appealing, and while Discord was now under expectation of not causing havoc for Equestria, someone from outside couldn’t possibly count, could they?

Discord seized Black Hat while the horror was asleep and drew him into the world of the pastel ponies he’d so mocked, altering and binding him into a new shape - that of a changeling egg, in a hive just far enough in the past that he thought he'd be able to enjoy the entertainment in the present without having to wait. He couldn’t make the change total, some aspects of Black Hat’s nature too intrinsic to remove, but he could make sure the new equid could not simply shrug off the change. Stranded in an entirely different life, Black Hat would need to learn how to live it.

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Is black hat that one baddy from super paper mario?
Edit : just looked at the description again. Mb

So far, super good!!

The only thing I noticed that... should be changed is when both Sclerite and black hat talk in the same paragraph.

1 idea per paragraph, 1 person per paragraph. ;)

Comment posted by Nyarlathi deleted Jul 8th, 2018

I'm glad you're enjoying it. ^w^
Ah, I thought I'd edited that already - sorry, I guess I might have copied from the wrong draft, but it's fixed now.

He let the suspend build . . .

He let the suspense build . . .

Moar. I have always loved and hated such comments. Still I want to see more. I have no idea who Black Hat is but I like the character you are presenting. I hope he can help out his new family and make the prosperous.

Thanks for catching that - I'm not sure how it slipped by.

Ah, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it even not knowing the other series involved.
I'm working on some drafting right now, and there'll be some more soon.

This is so good! I can't wait to see what'll happen next :D

Why do I have the feeling that he has planned something with the dream realm?

Because he is, heheheh >:3
Things don't always go to plan right away, though

Understood. It's just a waitin game till black hat gets his powers back, at least his physical ones. And when the moment comes, then It's a date between black hat, a sledgehammer and discords statue :pinkiecrazy:

But, isn't Villainous also a My Little Pony story?

I'm sure there is a MLP story by that name, but the Villainous I refer to is an animated series from Mexico, a Cartoon Network series by a fellow called Alan Ituriel.

Again. Moar. Please. Good chapter and I can't wait for more. Could you explain the hive mind more? like how much is broadcasted cause Bee clearly knows more than he should.

I'm glad you're enjoying it! ^w^
The hivemind, hmm? I'll see what I can do - I've been meaning to work more of it in.

Thanks for answering my question in story. I enjoyed this but it did seem to be sort of lacking tension. I don't think it really needs much just a small amount more. Some possible places I could see that coming in is having perspective changes to the Queen about various shortages or new happenings or something. Or just making that particular nymph be a bit more forceful in their rivalry. I really liked that you included a non-binary changeling. Always love to see representation like that. Keep up the good work and my complaints are minor and just an attempt at a small bit of constructive criticism...I can't spell, had to spell check that word... yep.

Queen-perspective sections and Sternite-related antics are indeed in the works, as a matter of fact. :twilightsmile:
I'm still in the process of working them out, but they're definitely on the way.
I'm glad you liked Mx Cricket - changelings like them are quite widespread across the hive, actually, making up a significant proportion of the population. In some hives, the reigning Royal is non-binary, in such cases referred to as a Monarch.

You definitely added enough more drama. Part of me finds it odd how difficult it seems for Sparrowbee to pick up things. Considering his prior knowledge I would think somethings would be easier for him. Maybe they just haven't got to those lessons.

I'm glad it's coming together - I've been meaning to work in those threads for a while.
As for the difficulty, well, his current body hasn't yet adapted to the flow of magic, or the exercise - he's piloting around a young child body, and he isn't used to the methods changelings use yet. He's picking up the written language much quicker than the other nymphs, but he's still getting the hang of the controls, so to speak.

Now that ive seen all his content 5 mins of it -_- i can read it too bad i cant speak spanish dam mexicans getting all the good shit

Dam shes got a big d- i mean horn

Pinky knows pinky alwase knows
This is pretty good writing where are all the ppl

Your too angry to be king meanie besides prince is already been choosen


even if everybuggy present had been mindblind,

Do I sense a fan of David Weber?


[The Agreement]


“I’ve heard of a pony form of oath called a Pinkie Promise – would that be amenable?”


A Pinkie Promise had been made and sealed – no take-backsies.

Beware the Pink One! :pinkiecrazy:

wow... I want Queen Sclerite as my changeling mom:twilightsmile:

That horn :moustache: But for serious... Nice Story start:pinkiesmile:

Cuteness overlord :rainbowkiss: i love this Story already :twilightblush:

By Lunas blue butt :rainbowkiss: what a amazing chapter :yay:

Moon and Stars! :rainbowderp: Your Pictures are simpel but Genius :heart:

Hivemind :applejackunsure: i have mixed feelings about it :rainbowderp: but i love the clear pros it offers :rainbowkiss:

Ones more a masterpiece of a chapter:pinkiesmile:

The burden of leadership :fluttershyouch: Lets hope for better days :applejackunsure:

The pink manis was awekend :rainbowderp: This is a amazing turn of events i didnt see coming :rainbowkiss:

Did he chance from orange to red :rainbowderp: I like Red better anyway :coolphoto:

Changling CMC Version :rainbowlaugh: PRICELESS :pinkiesmile:

ah man I just reach the end of this good work so far i love me some blackhat crossover and i hope to see this get work on someday

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