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I like changelings, eldritch horrors, and looking too deeply into how fictional species might operate.


In the foggy past, long before the time of Starswirl, or the unified land of Equestria, an aged human sorceress by the name of Somnambula stewed in the bitterness of defeat after her attempt to drain the youth of the ponies of Paradise Estate. Unwilling to throw in the towel, she schemed to create servants bound to obey her, servants who could collect life force for her - the first changelings.

While this story contains some degree of death, violence and gore, these are given little relatively detail. Though there is a Somnambula tag, it refers solely to the pegasus by the same name, hence the 'other' tag.

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The tag you’re using is actually for a new character, what you’re looking for is the ‘Other’ tag.

Ooooo. Good job bringing up a G1 Villain and using them in a new way!

Honestly, though, I could accept this if they used it in the show *though, they'd change out the darker elements, but still, it'd probably stay intact* :twilightsheepish:

Are the two Somnambulas connected in some way?

Thank you! I had the idea for the type of origin before, but when I went digging to see who might fit the bill, Somnambula just seemed perfect for it.
Aah, thank you - that's so flattering to hear, and I'm glad you think it'd fit. :twilightsmile:
I don't believe so - from what I can tell, the only things they have in common are gender and name, but it's possible there's something I don't know.

Fuller review here, but in brief: I do have the background comic knowledge, which helps, and there's some good world-building here. (The poor breezies. :fluttershysad:) Unfortunately, the fic is very wordy -- it could really have done with some short paragraphs to break up the long blocks of text. That makes this more of a trudge than its original idea deserves.

Sooo... if I'm getting this right, G1 Somnambula in essence became Queen Chrysalis?

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