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I like changelings, eldritch horrors, and looking too deeply into how fictional species might operate.

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This story is a sequel to The Cuckoo Child

This story is a crossover between MLP and the Heroic AU of Alan Ituriel's Villainous, and takes place in the same time frame as The Cuckoo Child.

After Black Hat, a renowned villain known for mocking 'lesser' villains, made the mistake of sassing Discord in one of his videos, he found himself unceremoniously transformed into an infant changeling with no clear way home. However, after the initial smug satisfaction of completing his act of petty revenge, Discord realised that he'd effectively unleashed a potent force of evil into Equestria - something he doubted either the Princesses or Fluttershy would think well of.

Clearly, he had to do some kind of damage control - not exactly his forte, but he couldn't disappoint Fluttershy, not after the Tirek fiasco. Obviously, he had to balance this out - preferably in a way that would encourage chaos, of course. Perhaps an equal opposite? The nearest good-aligned alternate universe counterpart to the target of his ire was an admittedly uninvolved hero named White Hat, but while the draconequus had some scruples now, he wasn’t exactly totally reformed. Plucking this eldritch being from his bed to reformat into another changeling egg just seemed like the most effective solution to his problem, and that was exactly what he did.

Skipping back to the same time frame he'd left Black Hat in, he modified White Hat's egg to fit the specifications of the infirm Queen Setae’s last brood within the small hive in exile she’d dug under the Everfree. As an afterthought to encourage further chaos, he also, before departing, wove a magical bond between the eggs - a geas of sorts. When they met - and he was certain they would - they would have to work together. That ought to really put the wind up the uncouth excuse for a gentleman who'd insulted him!

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In the foggy past, long before the time of Starswirl, or the unified land of Equestria, an aged human sorceress by the name of Somnambula stewed in the bitterness of defeat after her attempt to drain the youth of the ponies of Paradise Estate. Unwilling to throw in the towel, she schemed to create servants bound to obey her, servants who could collect life force for her - the first changelings.

While this story contains some degree of death, violence and gore, these are given little relatively detail. Though there is a Somnambula tag, it refers solely to the pegasus by the same name, hence the 'other' tag.

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This story is a crossover between MLP and Alan Ituriel's Villainous.

Black Hat has been notorious for quite a lot of things over the course of his long lifespan, many of them rather diabolical. Considering this, he would likely not have anticipated that it was one of his more petty indulgences that would trip him up in the end. However, releasing a mocking ‘lost files’ video sassing an embodiment of chaos and disorder for his reformation at the hooves of pastel ponies was probably not the best idea. Then again, nobody had ever accused Black Hat of wisdom.

Discord, needless to say, was not best pleased by the horror’s razzing, and decided to take matters into his own claws. What Black Hat failed to take into account was that, while silly a lot of the time, Discord possessed fewer of the limitations keeping him in check, and a penchant for warping the existence of others.

So Black Hat scoffed at the notion of those pastel ponies? Why not make him dependent on their saccharine sweetness to feed? A changeling, after all, could hardly deny the value of love. The idea was quite appealing, and while Discord was now under expectation of not causing havoc for Equestria, someone from outside couldn’t possibly count, could they?

Discord seized Black Hat while the horror was asleep and drew him into the world of the pastel ponies he’d so mocked, altering and binding him into a new shape - that of a changeling egg, in a hive just far enough in the past that he thought he'd be able to enjoy the entertainment in the present without having to wait. He couldn’t make the change total, some aspects of Black Hat’s nature too intrinsic to remove, but he could make sure the new equid could not simply shrug off the change. Stranded in an entirely different life, Black Hat would need to learn how to live it.

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