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Twilight is searching through boxes in her storage room under the castle from salvaged pieces of the library. While looking through them she finds a tape. She invites her friends over so they can watch it together for movie night. What they see isn't expected.

A wonderful, fantastic VOCAL READING has been done of this by Flash Photo Reads. Please go to his channel and give him some love.exe.

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Hmm.... This was strange. I wonder how she made M.A.T. or could it be that he was already made but I mostly wonder what destroyed him. It's kinda surprising that Twilight would show feelings for an artificial intelligence.

Okay, see here, the problem is that you made me feel for a robot. And sir, if you can do that then I am scared as to what you'll do next. Really though, this was so... heartwarming? Sad? Uplifting? Some kind of combination of all three. Also, here's a small note: Don't make a sequel to this. It's perfect as it is. Granted, maybe a little short, but otherwise I can't think of much to change, aside from a few small grammar issues. Fantastic story. I do hope to see the next come out just as great.

The whole premise of the story was to get people to ask those questions. Is it possible that a truly sapient artificial being could exist at some point? And if so, would it be a great help to society or our doom? I'm glad you consider this strange, and I am aware that there unanswered questions, but please remember that every good story has unanswered questions.
Thank you very much for that, and I'm glad I was able to accomplish such a feat of making you feel for the robot. I don't mean to scare you :twilightsmile:. I think I'll take your advice and not make a sequel. I like the idea of people deciding for themselves whether or not Twilight went back and found him. If you are curious the next short story I write will be about Fluttershy and Gummy Bears. Heh heh. Anyways, have a good day.

I liked it, sad but touching.

Thank you. I try my best.

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